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04-05-2006, 03:07 PM
National Illegal Immigrant Protest


May 5th (Cinco De Mayo!) & May 6th 2006 - National Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest Rally Days!

What YOU can do TODAY!

FIRE your illegal immigrant gardeners, housekeepers and day laborers! Hire U.S. Citizens to support the great United States Of America economy!
We need protest rally coordinators in every state of the country! VOLUNTEER TODAY!


Here is a just a glimpse into the personal struggle that our family has endured over the last few years due to the influx of illegal immigrant criminals. I'm sure that many of you have suffered some of the same personal effects of these criminals. I would like to start this discussion by sharing my personal journey with you.....

I, (Kimberly) was hospitalized on Oct 15, 2004 with an acute appendix emergency. I had to have emergency surgery and was hospitalized for 4 days. While hospitalized, I was exposed to an illegal immigrant at the hospital who was infected with Tuberculosis (TB). This illegal immigrant was exposed to over 2000 patients and hospital staff.

Unfortunately, I was not notified of this deadly virus exposure for over 2 months. In Feb 2005 I received a letter from The Riverside County, CA Health Department officially notifying me that I had been exposed to the virus, and to IMMEDIATELY seek medical testing and attention.

I went to my family doctor who sadly confirmed that I had indeed been infected with the deadly Tuberculosis (TB) virus. I have been on medication for several months now, and we all hope that this infection will at least allow me to be able to see my children grow up.

Once the initial medical emergency and devastation feelings subsided, the ANGER set in!

We ALL need to do whatever we can, to STOP the illegal immigrant invasion of the United States Of America! This website is my small contribution, and I will work as hard as possible to make this National Anti-Illegal Immigrant protest rally a success!

Thank you so much for your time, contributions and LOVE for the United States Of America!