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04-07-2006, 10:49 AM
Like most of you, I will never get 9/11 out of my mind, or out of my life. Though I still have many (hopefully) good years ahead of me, I wonder if at all I will see the possibility of 'them' faking a second coming. After re-reading the following: www.uruknet/info/?p=m21547&l=i&size=1&ha=O ---- I feel like there is so much that they can 'create', fake, hoax!
Even for those of you that are Catholic, please forgive me but, did you ever think that any of the 'visions' of the Blessed Virgin were the 'work' of the 'master-minds'?
Some even believe that so much is hidden from us including the real BIBLE!! Not that King James one, or the New International, or whatever version. Please, I don't mean disrespect, but, the true holy books are under raps! They contain information that has helped the technology come about that we see today, and the technology that is already known but hidden from us.!!!!!!!!!
My God help us all....who knows (if indeed) that they can transport the 'chosen' to a remote/hidden place. (And I don't mean on earth!)
No, I'm not a fantasy fanatic. But, we are all very aware of things that might have even taken place in our lives that we can never tell anyone about. How sad, but you know what I mean...who ever you are.
Let me ad this FYI: www.911falseflag.net

04-07-2006, 12:08 PM
Everything that you have the ability to imagine has been done and will be done. Even your science does not dispute this it just restricts this.