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The True Origins of Terrorism
Interview with Dr. Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.

"The function of terrorism is to destabilize the country and drive a wedge between the people and the government. The function of organized crime was to corrupt and compromise the leadership and provide an important source of intelligence and influence. The function of drug trafficking is to corrupt the youth, decrease their long-term leadership, and weaken the future leaders of the country."

"A...factor...was deception, the purpose of which was to mislead people about the instigators and organizers of these activities, and blame the activities on problems internal within the culture of the country. And especially, as Jan Sejna said, "to prevent the spotlight of publicity from falling on our friends, the banks."

"A main Soviet tactic was to recruit non-communist agents and send these agents to [Islamic]religious schools (seminaries) so that they would learn the religion from the ground up and be accepted into the religion for the long term. These people were both witting and unwitting agents with ideologies designed to support Russian strategy rather than Arab interests; or to manipulate Arab interests so they supported Soviet interests. The idea was to build a batch of instructors or teachers who would then dominate the teaching centers and schools, which are one of the main sources of terrorist recruitment.

"The bottom line is that the Russians have been intimately involved in the corruption of the Islamic teaching centers and schools, through them and recruited clerics, as well as the radicalization of Islam and its anti-American hatred."

"Note that misleading the American public about an ideology is not new. Communism was misrepresented, as was the disintegration of the Soviet Union. As indicated in "The Black Book of Communism", there was nothing but silence from academics, politicians, and the media on the crimes of Communism for eighty years, and that is still continuing. Respecting the Soviet use of surrogates has been a common practice."

"There was, and still is, a major effort to suppress such intelligence, i.e., it is still politically incorrect to focus attention on the crimes of communism."

"Organized crime and drug trafficking are regarded by professionals as even more important than terrorism, and a massive threat. When you recognize the size (revenues of over $3 trillion and capital assets in the $30 to $50 trillion range), it does not take much imagination to recognize this means the total corruption of financial, business, trade, politicians, law enforcement, justice, law, and intelligence. This was even laid out in a US interagency study published in unclassified form on the Internet in December 2000. Its title was International Crime Threat Assessment."

"As Gorbachev explained in his book, Perestroika, "We will never forsake our goals set by Lenin (i.e., global conquest)." What we see being launched in 1989 is a new strategy to accomplish this same goal. Arbatov foretold the new strategy -- he explained it as follows: "We are going to do a terrible thing to you. We are going to take away your threat." My belief is that Russia will be anti-American until America has been undermined to the extent where, as Rowan Gaither explained in 1953, a comfortable Russia-US merger were possible."

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The Many Faces Of Evil: :-o :-o :-o

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