View Full Version : Fascist or Socialist, Either way America is screwed!

04-25-2006, 10:25 AM
Republican or Democrat, either way, America will still be going down a path that is determined to take the rightful power from the states and put it in federal hands further erasing basic rights, although right now it appears that the Republicans will lose atleast one of the houses of congress and possibly both, the Democrats continue to sit on their hands when it comes to what they might stand for, the question needs to be asked what would they do if they did gain the majority in the house again, will they investigate the past goings on in the Bush administration, or will they continue to think that gay marriage and affirmative action are their main goals, will they try to end the illegal wars in the middle east or will they continue the neocons directive and possibly try to go into another country, will they listen to the people or will they grant amnesty to all the illegals presently here and those that will still come, will they crack down on the illegal taxing of Americans or will they turn a blind eye to the oil conglomerates that have proven to be an enemy of Americans?
Who will be the first to grab our guns, or will they work together against the citizens?
The people have lost their rights of redress of grievances, will the Democrats restore this unconditionally, or will it be more of the same?
Although this country and this world can no longer afford the Republicans flight to Fascism, can we survive a Democratic congress limp in their resolve?
On a personal note I will try to vote for the right person, and not vote for one party or the other, I hope to get the usurpers of America out of power, and thats from both parties, but it takes an informed voter to pick wisely, and so far although I won't be voting for any of my local Republicans, because I've found that their as crooked as Bush, I feel less than hopeful that things will improve much with the Democrats in power, what will they promise, , and would they do it on a bible, or will it be more empty promises of the past?

04-25-2006, 11:29 AM
Are They On This List?

I don't vote, never have never will, But if your gonna vote, or I should say if I was gonna vote I would first check what Organizations they belong to, If they belong to this organizationhttp://www.geocities.com/benribqqq/cfr2005roster.html or others like it then you know they're "TRAITORS"! And if your gonna vote for a DEMONCRAT let me know, I'LL Pay a Bum to vote for a LIBERTARIAN atleast that would cancel out your vote. And by the way Libertarians are "CONTROLLED" to. ;-) good luck! sorry that link is'nt working


there you go check the 2005 list of "PLAYUZZ"