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03-07-2005, 07:31 AM
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From the website:

"The term RA is ritual abuse, the term SRA is link to Satanism or Sadistic abuse. I personally feel/think that the "S" is for Spiritual abuse. Because most abuse done at a level with a type of Ritual usually deals with some type of Spiritualism, or faith belief system. Any group, organization, or persons that uses any type of Spiritual messages, that cause harm to our Spiritual side, and we all have one, would be listed as SRA.

Not all religions, spiritual beliefs, groups, organizations, or clubs are wrong. But when any of the afore mentioned causes harm or controls our freedom of choice, freedom of actions, and our freedom of thoughts are wrong and harmful to any and all.

If people would look at the declassified documents that have been released, they would find that after WWII our government brought over not only the Nazi scientists, but also the Nazi doctors that did human behavior experiments in the concentration camps on human subjects. They were brought over here to our country (Project Paperclip) to continue into their research, so we would have the information instead of other countries. But, they kept this secret from the public and used their experiments on unwitting subjects. This started out as Project Bluebird changed later to Artichoke and then to the MKULTRA.

From my own research and from information that others have obtained and or experienced. I have found in that there are many types of programming, 3 of the basics MC/PROGRAMMING methods are COLOR SPIN and the TREE OF LIFE Or Kabbala. These programs are put in, in layers. Also along with those are some other common programs. Think of an onion and how it's formed and you will understand how this is, the basic foundation from my finding is the Kabbala, as that is how other things are moved into place. The Color programming is like a color coded file system that can group likes together. Then the Spin is place to keep everything fragmented. So there is not a complete picture of what is / was being done at the time and will make people think that we are crazy and don't know what we are talking about.

We also need to remember the people who raised us. As children we may have been taught/trained a certain way or certain belief systems by them.This type of mind control may not be as sophisticated as the ones mentioned above, yet it is still a form of "mind control," "old recording" that have may of harmed us. And could have been abusive. Changing something we have known since childhood is not an easy task before us. But it can be done.

The links here are for informational purposes and to assist survivors in their healing. By me having these links here I am not implying that any of them listed below have anything to do with SRA/MC abuse. There may be information in these links and archives that will help in the healing of survivors.

I also can't verify to the safety of the links or organizations listed here. So any survivor looking at these links should proceed with caution as any and all may be triggering to any and all."