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I am a former reporter for the N.Y. bureau of the Associated Press so I know the media. People have this idea that reporters for big outlets are these super-hip, highly educated people. They're not! They are mostly low-grade careerists who eat junk food and have filled their heads with conformist crap since they started college. They are rubber-stamped from a mold. They have no curiosity because real curiosity is dangerous -just ask the late reporter Don Bolles who got car-bombed by Barry Goldwater's pal Kemper Marley. Bolles was a very curious reporter! The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind ---Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman, II

It's all connected, we just need to hone our holistic vision to the point where we can see the whole cobweb. Look at the movie "The Matrix" in the wake of Columbine. Look at "The Wicker Man" movie in the same time frame as Son of Sam. The themes of the killings are in the movies. The consciousness and secret gnosis of the killers is there too.
The processing is almost all out in the open in this era of the Revelation of the Method. Al Gore's pal Tommy Lee Jones did a movie called "US Marshals" in the aftermath of the capture of Kaczynski. In the movie there's a US Federal agent named Kaczynski (I don't know how they spell it in the screenplay but that is the exact sound of the agent's name in the film. Rent the video and you'll see what I mean). Kaczynski, the government agent in the movie, is at the center of an incredible double-cross. The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind ---Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman, II

When Chevie Kehoe slaughtered William Mueller and his whole family in Arkansas, he eliminated the last material witness who could have connected McVeigh to the US government and the US government's own pseudo-neo-Nazi terror gang, the "Aryan Republican Army." When Kehoe perpetrated the killings he was wearing an FBI tactical command jumpsuit. The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind ---Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman, II

Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them - murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it - and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject.
This part of the motivation for the occult processing of America through ritual murder etc. The Cryptocracy carries out "cereal" murder crimes attended by archetypal signs and symbols which the dreaming mind of the Group Mind groks at a certain level. Next they confess in the Videodrome that it is the police and the authorities who are behind the crimes. Then they let the whole stew percolate into the psyche of the masses until the next covert sting operation.
This is partly why we have the least revolutionary and most passive population in recent memory. I'm not advertising the invincibility or genius of the Cryptocracy. They are succeeding by default and by dint of their great gambler's instincts. It's a huge risk to reveal to people what you've done to them. Somebody who can decode this for the masses can short circuit it and turn it against the Cryptocracy.
They guard against this by seeding all kinds of X-files style "noise" into the ranks of conspiracy students - all intended to mislead and to muddy the waters so that one clear voice of discernment, one vision for decoding the story, can't be seen or heard amid the competing din. That's what has happened thus far, but I believe that it is inevitable that my work is going to gain more currency. Give me two hours with any group of average intelligence and I'll have them reading twilight language and decoding occult rituals for the rest of their lives.
When that happens the Cryptocrats become transparent and they're in quite a spot of trouble if you ask me, because all they have is this Oz game of the man behind the curtain. It's a huge con. I am synchronizing people with reality and there's power in that because reality is truth.
"What is truth?" asked Pontius Pilate. Truth is what the universe operates on. It's what fuels the sun and makes the galaxies spiral. It can be known and it can be surfed, and it can help and heal us all because it's the motive force of what brought us here in the first place. The Cryptocracy can be diminished and shifted out of the way with this power. But to use this power people have to love truth. Most conspiracy researchers these days don't love truth. They love novelty. They love to contemplate a million fantasy scenarios and theories rather like an enchanting flower garden. The Cryptocracy has got those people right where it wants them. For such people my ideas will be merely the latest strange novelty. I will fascinate them for as long as it takes for someone else to come along and hypothesize about Martian vampires infiltrating Microsoft.
But my work is not a hypothesis and I'm not seeking to entertain or divert. My work is for those who can bear the full glare of reality; whose heart and mind and soul have been sufficiently cleansed that when certain truths are articulated these truths "speak" to that person in a profound way. Such truth is discarded for the next novelty only at the peril of the person who received this gift sinking back - perhaps irretrievably - into the chaos and confusion which is the hallmark of one of the many viruses seeded by the Cryptocracy during the final stage of the alchemical "Must Be" - the Making Manifest of all that is Hidden. The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind ---Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman, II

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<a href="http://www.revisionists.com/revisionists/mccalden.html">David McCalden</a>

David McCalden, founder of the <a href="http://www.ihr.org/">Institute for Historical Review</a>, was an energetic intellectual gadfly who made a career of discomforting the comfortable. A creative and prolific polemicist with a punchy, urbane writing style, he delighted in combatively challenging orthodox assumptions. He was fervently anti-authoritarian and anti-Nazi, a freethinker, and an uncompromising supporter of free speech and open inquiry.

McCalden was born on September 20, 1951, into a working-class family in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He attended the University of London, Goldsmiths College, graduating in 1974 with a Certificate in Education (Sociology).

He helped organize Hunt Saboteurs, an anti-fox hunting group, and edited its journal. During the mid-1970s he was active in the National Front, a British nationalist group. For a time he was editor of Nationalist News, and was a regular contributor to Britain First newspaper.

Proud of his Ulster heritage, McCalden was an ardent defender of the rights and interests of northern Ireland's Protestant population.

In October 1978 he moved from England to southern California to work for <a href="http://www.noontidepress.com/">Noontide Press</a>. At a small meeting in December 1978 in Torrance, California, McCalden laid out a proposal for an Institute for Historical Review, which was accepted by the others present, including Willis Carto, LaVonne Furr and Tom Marcellus.

For two and a half years, and working under the pen name "Lewis Brandon," McCalden served as the IHR's first director. He organized the first "International Revisionist Conference," the IHR's premier public meeting, which was held in September 1979 at Northrop University, near Los Angeles. He supervised the production of revisionist books, tapes and flyers, and made appearances on radio talk shows. In 1980 and early 1981, he edited the IHR's Journal of Historical Review.

In 1979 McCalden announced an IHR reward offer of $50,000 to anyone who could provide proof of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. Mel Mermelstein, a European-born southern California businessman, who had been deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944, claimed the reward, but without offering any real proof. He then brought a lawsuit, which set off a protracted legal battle that generated great media attention, including a made-for-television movie, "Never Forget," that featured Leonard Nimoy as Mermelstein. (For more on this, see: <a href="http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p25_Okeefe.html">"'Best Witness': Mel Mermelstein, Auschwitz and the IHR"</a> and <a href="http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v16/v16n4p-2_Okeefe.html">"History and 'Memory': An Examination of the Evidence of 'Holocaust Witness' Mel Mermelstein"</a>.)

After leaving the IHR in April 1981, McCalden published revisionist material under the imprint of Truth Missions, including Revisionist Reprints and a 'Holocaust' News broadsheet. From October 1981 until June 1990, he issued the David McCalden Revisionist Newsletter, which enthusiastically reported on his own activities, and critically monitored the broader revisionist scene.

McCalden was the author of several booklets, including Nuremberg and Other War Crimes Trials, which appeared in 1978 under the pen name of "Richard Harwood," Exiles From History, and The Amazing, Rapidly Shrinking 'Holocaust' (1987). He also produced a video based on his visits to Auschwitz and the sites of other wartime German camps, and his skeptical examination of the "gas chambers" there.

In 1984 McCalden sued the California Library Association (CLA) after it had cancelled contracts authorizing him to present an exhibit and program on his revisionist views at the CLA's 86th Annual Conference in Los Angeles. In his lawsuit, McCalden charged that the CLA had conspired illegally with the City of Los Angeles, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the American Jewish Committee, and others, to deprive him of his First Amendment free speech rights through "extortionate threats." McCalden's suit, which generated considerable media attention, was carried on after his death by his widow, and eventually ended in an out-of-court settlement.

At a public meeting in Los Angeles on June 7, 1989, McCalden was attacked by Irv Rubin and other thugs of the "Jewish Defense League." They beat McCalden badly, inflicting bloody facial injuries.

David McCalden died, at the age of 39, in El Segundo, California, on October 15, 1990, from complications due to AIDS. He was survived by his second wife, Viviana, and their daughter.