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05-10-2006, 08:59 AM
The other day at the laundromat I was watching some kids play the two video arcade type machines.

One machine was themed with planes bombing the 'enemy' (I guess).

The other one was called 'California Speed' and it was about speeding and avoiding hitting people. (How nice)

Buy anyway...afterwards I got up to read the credits and "warnings"...well, the 'warnings' were very serious. It said that 'some' people, particularly children ----- while playing these videos might experience seizures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come again? Are they for real????

Then the other video machine (after the credits) has a message for the little kiddies:

"winners don't do drugs"

Well, I know you and I would know that what the message is saying is that if you Don't Do Drugs...you are a winner!

However to the child/young teen reading this, it is taken by the actually placement of words in that sentence: "winners don't do drugs"....Especially after or even before a 'game'.

So, if you didn't win at this video, are you a 'loser'...therefore----sorry kid, go do drugs, that's your destiny???????????????????/

05-10-2006, 09:30 AM
Blinking Lights & Video Causes Brain Seizures ???- :-o :-o :-o

Blinking Lights & Video Causes Brain Seizures ???

The refresh frequency (in cycles per second) of some video devices, & fluorescent lights have been known to cause seizures in some people, including children whose brains are yet not fully grown & fully developed. Most people don’t seem to be affected by this, although if studied by an independent & trustworthy group, I could show otherwise, at a subliminal, subconscious, & physiological level. Other people are definitely more “sensitive” to this “apparently invisible blinking” (since their brains are most likely “more perceptive”), & then in a smaller group, their brains are “triggered” by this “blinking” & behave erratically from then on. Sort of like an “unexpected glitch” in a computer or electronic equipment could cause that system to go into a “mode” it was not designed to handle, thus it will behave “erratically” or “unpredictably” from that point on.

This knowledge have been used for mind control, for subliminal induction, disorientation, torture, & to make the victims further susceptible, vulnerable, & physiologically weaker to other attacks.

Why do you think that police cars have blinking lights? Is it to make their subjects feel comfortable, or otherwise?

In this site there have been many posts dedicated to the discussion of this particular subject, although not to any tremendous depth of understanding.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...