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05-15-2006, 05:13 AM
The question is not what this man didn't know but how could people fall for this garbarge. Any of the garbarge dealing with Sept 11th. The attacks where obviously staged. Cell phone calls fake and impossible to have been made and quite ridiculous at that. How many of you call your mothers and say Hi Mom, This is Mark Bingham. Which brings up the fake Flight 93 passenger takeover. Not only was that plane shot down as seen by witnesses but the plane wasn't even a Passenger Airliner, much like the planes that hit the towers. It had no windows. If you take the time stamps of these calls also from these planes you will find that, obviously fake aside from the no screaming and what not, that in the descriptions the "Hijackers" have not even made it close to the cockpit yet and yet the planes deviated off course.

As flight 93 is concerned the man who shot it down already admitted to shooting it down and being ordered to do so. How is it that none of these supposed terrorists are listed in the flight logs or in the autopsys. How can they do autopsys when everything else is supposedly vaporized to explain the wreckage. More so then anything though you have to ask yourself why they keep saying Flight 93 was heading towards the White House. It was enroute to WTC 7 before it was shot down and that is exactly why the owner of all the WTC's ordered building 7 to be Pulled. Even though it suffered no attack it was purposefully demolished in no time at all in a way that would take weeks to plan and setup by skilled demolition artists. If flight 93 was not shot down then the owner would not have had to order the pull because he would of been able to do it like the other towers. Even though he ordered the pull he still got the terrorist attack insurance he put on all the towers. People still say it fell due to fires which is bogus like the other towers falling due to that.

Now Moussaoui was tortured into that confession and there is ample proof of that being put on the back burner. Worse yet his confession claims to be a part of a 5th hijacker conspiracy aimed at the White House. If Flight 93 was aimed at the White House. Then why would you need to blow it up again on September 12th. Wouldn't that also be stupid to jack airplanes the next day?

06-14-2006, 11:06 PM
Do you have any proof (real proof) that flight 93 was actually shot down. Any proof (real proof) the hi-jacking was faked and arranged? Those are serious allegations that should be made with hard evidence and not the weekly tamloid. If there were (real) witnesses then how come there has been so little said in the news? the stations like fox and the usualbush bashers would jump on this if there were any credence. I for one think that Moussaoui is guilty as hell and will get his just reward. Now if the plane that hit the pentagon was a fake then where are the real planes and the bodies? I'm asking a series of questions I know but then again I am just as curious as you are about it all. If someone "really" faked the wtc and flight 93 then someone should and must be brought to justice. I also understand that there are the usual conspiracy theories running amouk. However there should be evidence before weekly tabloids are quoted. I would love to see some real concrete evidence to support your claims. I admire you for taking the stand you have but not without some real evidence will I be swayed. :-x

06-15-2006, 10:29 AM

Try this site; it is one of the better ones, even if the theories are sometimes a little weak. Click on the "Shanksville" link to go to Flight 93 images. Seems little to doubt when you have all of the evidence . . .

06-17-2006, 01:28 PM
I feel rather stupid on all of this. After spending a great deal of time reading your suggested link I am more confused over this than before. My nagging question is this. SOme reports say they were able to identify the bodies of the passengers with DNA. I would venture to say that might be very difficult in that with the heat the organic materials would burn up first. So I am left whith the last question that is a horrible thought but one I am going to ponder for awhile over. Where are the real planes and the real people? I know the govt. is shady (polite word here) but that's a very ugly thought. Thank you my friend for the evidence to read on. It helps.

06-19-2006, 10:51 AM
Well, as has been mentioned previously, there are elements in our beloved government who can act with impunity regarding experimentation (polite word here) on civilians of all ages, including while in the mother's womb.
The credibility is lacking to support a total "Cleans Hands" theory; also, according to Ret. FBI man Ted Gunderson, we had advance warning of Pearl Harbor, the bombing of WTC in Feb. 1993, and the 9/11 fiasco as well. Not a very good track record.

Maybe we should hear about some sucessful captures, or something, to take our mind off of the failures?