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05-15-2006, 07:33 AM
from his latest article:

When Muslims in Afghanistan heard that the Koran was being flushed down the toilet in far away Guantonimino Bay, they rioted. For them the battle against Satan is very real, and they are willing to sacrifice their lives. This is why they pose the last remaining religious obstacle to the Satanic New World Order.

From what I gather, Henry's saying that since the muslim world faces the brunt of attacks it is an obstacle to the illuminati, and that they might be one of the 'good guys'.

I'm not sure that is the case.

We have to remember that the Illuminati are the masters of the false choice, and that the paths they offer are deliberately meant to fail, or at least conflict with another opposing paradigm. A good example of course would funding Bolshevism and Nazism at the same time.

Certainly we can not say communism or nazism were one of the 'good guys' despite the fact that they got pounded in WWII and afterward.

It's my belief that the truth is too powerful for the illuminati to attack or set against one of their phony dialectics, so they don't even put it on the agenda. And so what we're left with 'Political Zionism' vs 'Arabic Islam', neither of which is the truth, but the plan is that nuclear war between the two will result in world conflagration, and in the ensuing chaos, THEN they will pounce.

Kind of like how both the Nazis and the Communists began rounding up Christians even though it wasn't so obvious that those were 'class enemies' at the time.

05-15-2006, 11:39 AM
Thumper- I’ve yet to research any meaningful Illuminati conflict where they did offer the truth as a choice.

While I don’t think the Muslims are by definition the “good guys” they do seem to be more willing to stand up to principles that are counter to the long range plans of the Satanic New World Order- it isn’t that their faith is somehow correct in that it posses a threat to the Illuminati.

05-15-2006, 11:46 AM
The Globalists AKA the NWO are the Nazi's eh. They have used capitalism to basically consolidate all the peoples wealth and now they are funding the Communists reveloution as a way to trick the people back into serfdom. Its nothing but facist corporate welfare and the people are losing their rights everyday. As soon as the Sears tower is attacked you can bet the DSEA will be passed and everyone that has posted on here will now be considered a terrorist.

05-15-2006, 12:08 PM
Max wrote:
Thumper- I’ve yet to research any meaningful Illuminati conflict where they did offer the truth as a choice.

While I don’t think the Muslims are by definition the “good guys” they do seem to be more willing to stand up to principles that are counter to the long range plans of the Satanic New World Order- it isn’t that their faith is somehow correct in that it posses a threat to the Illuminati.

Doesn't their fanaticism play right into the illuminati's hands of creating a police state? isn't their violent reactions are also 100 percent being cultivated by the ruling elite?

I'm reminded of Henry article where he writes about Muslims starting a riot because Illuminati controlled NEWSWEEK reported that a Koran was flushed down a toilet.

So isn't it obvious they are being played like a fiddle here?

05-15-2006, 12:16 PM
moveover the muslims believe that their mahdi is coming soon, a king to rule over the entire world, and so in a certain sense they can be credited for wanting a 'world government' of sorts, just like British Israel movement. These religions have an inbuilt mechanism that tries to tranform the world through imperialism and domination.

the very last dialectic I see taking place are the various world religions who will try to enthroan their own particular 'savior' to the throne, never realizing he will be satan.

So far I only see Christians who have a strict prohibition against this (the Tower of Babel parable) and are against world government and have been forewarned about an anti-christ, which the other religions will embrace as their messiah.

05-15-2006, 02:41 PM
The problem is there is no real problem with Arabs or Muslims. That all world leaders are corrupt and the people are for the most part just fine. When they attacked Fallujah for instance there where no insurgents. Just civilians that they toasted with MK-77 their loophole for napalm and Whiskey Pete Aka White Phospherous which burnt them all inside out in alot of cases. Normal civilians. They claim it was to light up the battlefield but if you have the real footage from the incidents you can clearly see no battle and they are just blanketing the whole city with it. Leaving chared basically mummy looking bodies all over the place.

People are so afraid of these Muslims and Arabs because the governments of the world want it to be that way just asmuch as the Muslim countries are afraid of the US because to them we are the real terrorists. We drop over 2400 tons of Depleted Uranium just this time on Iraq alone. The 400 tons we dropped in Dessert Shield and Dessert Storm was horrible enough. We did not even pay the benefits for the sick veterans of that 100 hour war. What do you think the outcome this time will be? Im sorry when you go to war and most of the people come back disabled or later die just from being exposed to the illegal weapons against the Geneva convention only to have their own government purposely lose their records and let them rot I find it horrible. Thats just the people in the 100 hour war that they where exposed to. Iraqians themselves are caught in the wind storms that constantly recirculate this illegal weapon that has time and time again been said to make food and water unuseable.. With a half life of 4.5 billion years there will be 1400 tons of it still in Iraq 4.5 billion years from now. Its contaminated for eternity.

The mothers of Iraq no longer even ask if their children are boys or girls but if they are normal and that sadly is no joke. What needs to happen is the people of all the world finally need to wake up to the things that go on and rise up against their leaders which are the true cause of their pain. The only reason they even war with Iraq and soon to be Iran and Kuwait is because they want to regulate the oil. Not have more of it but make sure it complies like the Kingpin Saudia Arabia to keep the prices high. The neocons failed in their bogus attempt to privatize it all and break OPEC to cause the price per barrel to plummet. After Kuwait and Iran are tooken out UEA and Saudia Arabia are not to far off because they too do not allow foreign investment which is also another reason they want to war with the middle eastern states.

Basically when people at least in America start to realize that those planes that hit the towers had no windows on them. That it was impossible for multiple hits of much bigger planes with more fuel to bring down those buildings. That there is no way in hell that a little peice of paper passport prooving hijackers could float magically to the ground unsinged when a black box supposedly evaportates from heat that could not have possibly been generated. When people start to realize how duped they are in just America maybe we can start showing the rest of the world how duped they are there as well by there own leaders.

06-19-2006, 02:24 AM
Speaking of the Sears Tower, supposedly it was called off because someone on the internet had cracked a code.

Furthermore, we all know the story about the Israeli art students around 9-11 being pulled over in a white van which had bomb material (I think) and box cutters. Let's see what else they had:

The Mercury, a news source out of Pottsdam, Pennsylvania, reported some equally strange things that added greatly to the puzzle?s pieces. The police had been alerted by a call about some men dumping furniture illegally. At first, the police believed it to be a routine call. However, when the police arrived, they discovered that it was a moving company (with its name printed on the side of the van-?Moving Systems Incorporated,? to be specific) that was dumping this furniture. This must have struck the police as certainly odd: a company that was supposed to be moving furniture for someone was throwing it away. The police approached the supposed movers but they quickly fled the area.[24]

Fortunately, the police were able to apprehend these ?movers.? What the police found was extremely interesting: the men had a detailed video of the Sears Tower in Chicago. This video had zoomed-in shots of various parts of the building. Were they planning something there? All the suspects were discovered to be Israelis, including one woman (not the typical employee of a moving company). The woman had a German passport in one name, and prescription drugs in another name, which logically leads one to believe that she was working under different names.[25]

The police began to question the movers who offered strange and contradictory stories probably as a result of being nervous with their cover blown. The movers said that they were coming from New York and said they were going to New York. The reason that they were in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, they said, was that they were supposed to be picking up some furniture. Certainly, moving companies often move furniture for people out of state (though they are not usually found throwing it away). However, when asked for the name or phone number of the person?s furniture they were to pick up, they could not give either. Obviously, a moving company would not offer to move someone?s furniture out of state without a phone number, let alone a name. Upon further investigation, the police discovered that the truck?s logbook was false too. Some of the so-called movers were then transported to a federal facility.[26] It seems likely that the crew had recently come from Chicago and had been casing the Sears Tower.

Other suspicious things continued to be uncovered about the Israelis involved with the company. Apparently, the owner of the company closed his business and fled to Israel. All the suspects in custody were given lie- detector tests twice, except for one who was given the test seven times. The ?art students?-what some of the employees claimed to be-had even been recently trained by the Israeli Army in ?signal interception and [demolition] ordnance.?[27]

Pause here for a moment and consider the company?s name. This is the company whose employees were jumping up and down in glee and taking pictures of themselves in front of the WTC when it burned and others were found to have a video that may have been part of a greater plan to deal with the Sears Tower. As you might know, many Jews like to play word games. This is clearly evident by their so-called ?mystical? works, like the Kabala, where the words equal numbers, which in turn stand for other words. Was this the case with the name of the company; did it also have a secret meaning?

Moving Systems Incorporated

MOving SystemS incorporAteD