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05-17-2006, 10:30 AM
Don V.Greenwalt
May 16, 2006
Although the GOP has been the most secretive, destructive, fascist government body America has ever seen, and they have seen their poll numbers drop to numbers that will almost guarantee that they will be destined to lose atleast one of the houses of congress, the question must be asked, will the Democrats fall upon their own sword in November?
Although I'm no fan of either party, because both have shown so much disregard for WE the people, I'll put this question on the table.
At this time the Democrats have a chance to regain control in November, and start investigating the deals and deeds the Republicans have done in their reign of terror in the name of America, but they have a major flaw and that is illegal aliens, they have a death wish for their party, because they think America should be open to anyone coming from south of the border, and here's the rub, so does big business , and secretly so do most Republicans, who drool all over themselves that wages and benefits can be contained and curtailed from what we have accomplished in the many fights against the globalistic tyrants,
For the Republicans who have been absent on the illegal invasion issue for the whole time they have had control of both houses of congress, and the Whitehouse, knowing that their in deep trouble if they don't find a platform that they can beat the Democrats on, considering most Americans are against amnesty, they know its their best ploy to put forth.
So the ever devious pResident in an effort to lift the republicans up in the coming elections, puts forth a plan that implies that they are serious about stopping the hemorrhaging of illegals coming into this country, problem is, as those informed already know it won't actually accomplish anything, it is an amnesty first security whenever vision, that will only guarantee that those now in this country, (government estimates at eleven million but is more likely in the forty million range), will with their new citizenship be guaranteed that their rights are not infringed upon, and thus they can take any job out there, and with it also be eligible for social security, and eligible for grants because their a minority for now.
Two questions must be asked, Will the Republicans pull the wool over the eyes of an already illinformed and gullible public again making them believe that it's not an amnesty plan, and will the Democrats who have continually shown to be self destructive knowingly kill their chance at gaining the congress back?

05-17-2006, 02:41 PM
Sure, why not?

Another formula that worked in almost every presidential election is to introduce a third candidate to divert and dilute the Democratic vote. Result: Republicans win!

05-18-2006, 02:49 AM
Another thing that seems to work is make people think there is a difference between the two. As if the politician is something other then a politician. As if there is such thing as the Republican and Democratic parties and they are not just ploys for the globalists to make it seem like you have a choice and for there to always be someone to blame. Aka 9-11 blame the CIA for not preventing this peice of the terrorist plot or blame the FBI for not preventing that terrorist plot and blame this or that for not "Connecting those Imaginary Dots" instead of figuring out there where no terrorists and that the towers where brought down with demolitions and not silly little jetliners.

05-18-2006, 01:10 PM
Sure. Makes sense. Choosing a candidate based on his (or her) political party is like choosing a cannibal based on his table manners.