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03-08-2005, 03:31 AM
The Pentacle, originally the symbol of the devine feminine. Cast as a demonic symbol by the Catholic Church.

The original symbol of the masculine or phalus /\ which also symbolises warfare. Still seen upon the sleeves of our armies and police.

The original symbol of the feminine \/ otherwise known as the chalice (or grail?)

The Egyptian sundisk, recast by Emperor Constantine (the editor in chief of the bible - a pagan) as the Catholic Halo.

T or the Taw becoming the Christian cross, or should that be the Ankh?

The cherubin of the Ark of the Covenant - Sphynx?

Easter? Easter is a wonderful mix of Pagan, Hebrew and Christian traditions

Pagan symbology of firtility in the shape of the easter bunny and easter eggs are still part of our easer tradition, while the word Easter itself may be a derivation of Eostre, Goddess of Spring. (The Sacred Feminine)

The Jewish Passover festival was translated into a new form by early Christians, who fixed the date of the anniversary of the cruxifiction of Jesus as occuring around the spring festival.

Easter marks the end of the Lent, the 40 days of fasting. This has an equivalent in almost all middle eastern traditions where there is a period of abstainance at the very time of the year when food is most scarce.

Christmas? The Sabath?

Churches? All Saints Church stands close to Carfax in the very centre of Oxford on its own crossroads formed by The High Street, The Turl (Thor) and King Alfred's Street. It was designed by Henry Aldrich, composer and Dean of Christchurch Cathedral in 1776 using in some measure the ideas of the Freemason, Nicholas Hawkesmooor, principally in the tower.

Nicholas Hawksmoor was a protege of another Freemason, Christopher Wren and a prolific architect designing a number of Gothic style buildings around England including Blenheim Palace (begun 1705), the Clarendon Building, Oxford etc etc.........

Delicious! I wonder if it is co-incedence that at the end of the age of Pisces (religon) that there is sooooooo much information now concerning the Truth?

03-08-2005, 05:52 AM
Peace Yeoshua,

I read somewhere that the word "Amen" has a pagan origin.

It is interesting that both the Christians and Muslims use it. It was even injected into the Submitters' contact prayer (http://www.usn2161.net/salaatprayer.html), but the mathematical structure of the prayer exposed it.