View Full Version : "You know WHAT? about me?"!

06-28-2006, 06:25 PM
OK, so we talk about 'chips' here ever so often.

BUT.....if ever we are required to, or forced against our will....(hey, it can happen at the rate things are going)....check out this article and you'll see how we are all going to become walking info's for anyone! (make that everyone!)

This is why I once said that it isn't God that I fear, but just knowing the fact that 'man' will walk this earth 'supreme' judging and deciding who to 'shove-off' OR 'discard'!


Just imagine for yourself (for your own personal self) why this is NOT a good thing!

Have anything to hide? ayyy!!??

06-29-2006, 10:03 AM
Why do you think that WiFi is now spreading across the globe like kudzu???
The global net concept, a virtual continuum of information exchange, is part of the domination agenda.


DARPA's original logo had the "All-Seeing Eye" positioned over the globe, but later was removed from the logo.

And remember that the time is coming when the medium of monetary exchange will be virtual, which means that if you're not "plugged in", then you're out of luck!!!

Sometime about 25 or so years ago, certain US government checks were issued that mistakenly had instructions for a prototype RFID system for benficiaries: a chip imbedded in the wrist! Inquiries regarding the instructions were dealt with quietly, and never got to the mainstream media. Sounds like echos of the CFR??