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07-13-2006, 07:00 AM
In a more perfect world, those who profess the Christian view as their cornerstone , but refuse to see that the direction of our world is heading in a perilous way, must be made to understand that they may be the first in line to be repremanded for not following their hearts, but from following the empire of the beast.
The fact of the matter is the religeous right do go out and vote in large numbers, in their fall to their knees beliefs and support of these leaders, they will continue to cause our world to succumb to a false idiology.
The world is in a rapid tailspin down, and the only way America and the rest of the world will ever survive the lunatics in power, is if someone comes along that can convince all of the splintered groups out there, that we need to put aside our differences and fight this oligarchy together.
Who is to convince them that when Jesus said on the cross, Forgive them father, for they know not what they do, is something they need to consider is also aimed at them?
This is my attempt at putting together a flyer that would be distributed at churches, how would you improve it?

In 1961 President Eisenhower in his farewell address to the nation, warned that there were powerful people that worked in the shadows who were intent on destroying the power structure that created this nation, thus setting up an all powerful Military Industrial Complex ruling all aspects of Americas future, his warning has sadly become propheticly true.
America has not lost its way, it has been stealthily and unyeildingly usurped , and it has been steered down a path arbitrary to its founding, it has become a corrupt corporation intent on selling out its people to enrich those who would erase its soveriengty to welcome in a one world government, the New World Order.
Although America was once the light of the world , championing the cause of the oppressed, it's now become the oppressor, full of corruption, arrogance, and avarice, and sadly the list doesn't end there.
Whether or not you believe in the prophecies of Revelations or not, the fact remains America has become the fallen, once it was a virtuous beacon that was held high for the world to see our righteous resolve, now we see that our government has extinguished this light and has instead caressed the power of its oil.
It's elected and unelected leaders are guilty of treason to God and country, in part, that they profess to want to help the poor of the world but pass treaties that continually damn the already downtrodden while enriching the already enriched, its peoples rights once considered granted by God are now only laws that they can rebuke at whim, besides other fascist ideals they now respect the communist Manifesto as the new law of the land, whether they say so or not, their deeds show the truth.
In a country where its leaders profess their belief in God, and that the goodness of man shall win against the darkness of the world, should we wonder if the new Army motto, (An army of one) is a sacrilege against God, because who is the one ultimately leading them into a trumped up illegal war, should we then worry that our military may be considered a force that no army may defeat, should we ask ourselves who is like unto the beast?
Like it or not, we are all being conditioned to believe that the times have changed and the rules must also change.
Even in our bibles, it once proclaimed that we should honor and serve a righteous government, in many present day bibles we now read that we should be subservient to government period, have they no shame or fear for changing the meanings of the bible?
Who should we blame for this sad course of our indignity, first we must blame ourselves for not being steadfast in recognizing that the powerful in the world will always want the power and glory , rather than who deserves it, and they care nothing about doing the right thing for the benefit of all, because they care not for a good country unless it gives them more.
But in fact we don't need to feel the full burden of this because they did have a major jump on the world, they knew they could control the people just as easily as it was to put their forces in the media, the fourth estate is now a den of vipers, that only spew out the state sponsered false patriotism.
The Beast is accomplishing world domination, and it continues to force the world to submit to its global strategy, thus riding the backs of the poor, while raising the powermad to unprecidented heights.

It is time to scrape the sleep from your eyes, the future of the world demands it.

07-13-2006, 01:06 PM
Dear Torchlithill:

I can see your passion for the bible's true meaning and message.

Unfortunately, most Christians are walking in their sleep or hypnosis and easily swayed (some innocently) towards a evil agenda. To me, the Bible's message is so simple...to respect/love one another, and of course to acknowledge the one true God.

The majority of the Christians today whole-heartedly believe that their leader of the free world is so into the Christian teachings, that they just go along with whatever their ministers and pastors say on behalf of him---why? because they are all in the same game for the same purpose...to build up the Christians as an 'army'. And what they are saying/swaying/teaching has nothing to do with the true message of the Bible you and others want to bring forth. Sometimes I feel like it's a lost cause. I firmly believe in 'Those that have ears let him hear' are for you and me, and others that can see what's going on. We might very well be the chosen when all is said and done.

If I were you I would start out slowly in small circles in regards to getting your message out to other Christians. Passing flyers out 'here and there' can get you into deep sh--. Be careful.

They just don't see! Ok, let me add: in the Bible it says for one not to be mesmerized by any teaching or worship, including Christianity
because what good would it benefit them not to know what they believe they 'think' they know. So what we have is a mass of people who have taken Christianity and pounded it into their heads like brainwashing. Yes, brainwashing! Try getting a 'die-hard' 'don't-talk-to-me-about-anything- else' Christian and you have the makings of someone that would be more than happy to follow the leader's instructions! Yes, instructions!

And...if some 2012 prophecy researcher have it right, the Christians by then might very well be so brainwashed that they would throw their own mother into the pit. Christians will be the one's to 'sort' people out! Think I'm crazy?

Study some Christians today before you take a leap with those flyers. See how 'deep' their 'faith' is! See what they would 'do' for 'Christianity' sake! No where will you see an iota of compassion for the human! They are bent on 'oh well, if you don't "believe" and "this and that"....well, we warned you! WE 'told' you so!!! Ugh!! This subject can make my skin crawl. Kudos to you for taking up this plight, but start small, like a discussion group...and then let it 'sink' in.

07-15-2006, 11:09 PM
Religion has done nothing good besides give people false hope and start holy wars. It's best to just figure out what the truth is when you die instead of dwelling over this pathetic shit.

07-16-2006, 11:09 AM
The point is that they have their beliefs and they have become blind to what their vote is doing to this country, my point is to try to get them thinking they are screwing up the future of the world by staying ignorant.
We all need to start doing something instead of just talking about it.
Personally if I could wake up one person I dont think it would equate to pathetic shit.
You need to get off your ass and think about informing people, and not just on a forum.