View Full Version : in need of recruits

07-15-2006, 10:36 PM
hey my group and I are looking for some new members. its mostly a group of neonazis. you gotta be white to join. We prefer you not have a religion we just think they cause trouble. We have people located in Rhode Island, Florida, California, and Tenesee so it'd be cool if you lived in the state so you can meet with some of the members. if you wantto know more about the group you gotta contact me. My aim, yahoo, and msn screen name is PaulH12546 so it should be easy to get to me. We have a guy who knows a lot about the NWO he has his own public tv show so you can always discuss shit like that with him. He also has special ops training if you want to learn some stuff or for when the rassenkreig comes around if you get me. so yea contact me if you have any interests but dont waste my time. you also have to be willing to move around a lot if you really want to be dedicated.