View Full Version : Two Year Pilot Program of Human RFID Chip Implant Underway

07-20-2006, 08:31 PM
From Prison Planet

VeriChip Corporation announced that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the largest health insurer in the state, has agreed to a two-year pilot program of VeriChip's VeriMed Patient Identification System in conjunction with Hackensack University Medical Center and its physicians. In this new test program, participating patients suffering from chronic diseases would be provided with the VeriChip implantable microchip, to provide emergency room staff easy access to those patients' medical information, as well as to help avoid costly or serious medical errors.

Under this trial, participating Horizon BCBSNJ members with chronic illnesses will receive VeriChip's FDA-approved, human-implantable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips inserted just under the skin of their right tricep. Each patient's unique 16-digit identifier found within the microchip will then tie into their individual electronic medical record stored within the VeriMed Patient Registry accessible by Hackensack University Medical Center's physicians. Each record will contain vital information related to the patient's condition, family contacts, lab test data, and pharmacy records helping make the difference between life and death during an emergency.

"This two-year collaboration is a milestone for VeriMed and for our implantable identification technology marking the first time a health insurer has sponsored such a program," stated Kevin McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer, VeriChip Corporation.