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03-12-2005, 06:15 AM
Israel's newly reformed Sanhedrin is the same body that condemned Jesus Christ to death nearly 2,000 years ago. It was disbanded in the 4th century A.D. but was re-formed in October, 2004.


Israel's religious lawmaking group, the Sanhedrin (the same body that condemned Jesus Christ to death) has made startling declarations in a meeting held on Monday, March 7th, 2005.

#1. The current Israeli government and institutions have no authority to render decisions that contradict the Torah. (The Laws of Moses and the first 5 books of the Old Testament).

#2. The implication here is that the Israeli government is illegal, immoral and antithetical to Torah code.
We've reported here at A-O last fall on a new movement sweeping Israel that calls for a return to a Monarchy-form of government so that the Messiah can return and reign on the Throne of David.

#3. This latest move by the Sanhedrin appears to be starting the ball rolling towards an eventual "overthrow" of Israeli "democracy." This must happen. Israel will need to have a monarchy in place in order to have a false messiah as well as a throne for Jesus Christ to rule from upon His triumphal

#4. The Sanhedrin's latest meeting results also included rulings on the entire settler removal issue. The rabbinic group ruled that the disengagement plan proffered by Prime Minister Sharon is contrary to Mosaic law and the Torah and if enacted will cause many Jews to sin by giving up land they are not supposed to give up.

#5. Furthermore, the Sanhedrin ruled that no Jew is permitted to cooperate with the program of uprooting whatsoever. Any Jew, (even military or police) who supports or assists in the uprooting either directly or indirectly sins against God's commandments. The group also rules that the actions of uprooting place the State of Israel in mortal danger.

Summary statement by the Sanhedrin:

"By this declaration, the Sanhedrin, as the link of continuity of the Torah received by Moses at Sinai, hereby expresses the stance of Israel's Torah... The Sanhedrin, as the representative of the Jewish people throughout history, hereby affirms that the Jewish people -- regardless of this or that government -- does not relinquish, and is not entitled to relinquish, so much as the span of a solitary man's foot of the Land of Israel according to its Biblical boundaries, for it is G-d's land."


The Sanhedrin appears to be indirectly leading a movement to overthrow the Israeli constitution and form of government.The group is looking to establish a theocratic monarchy in order to set up the prophetic condi-tions for the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy to the "nth" degree. What a dramatic move! For years, we in the Biblical Prophecy Watcher's movement have waited for signs of movement by Jews in Israel towards fulfilling Bible Prophecy. We only saw a few individuals moving towards that end, but nothing "official." While we still do not see Israeli government officials moving towards fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, we are now seeing "the people" themselves and their conservative rabbinical leaders now stepping forward to make the moves.

Last fall, we first reported on the Kingdom movement. A movement in which a growing number of Jews inside Israel are working towards the "overthrow" of Israel's constitutional democracy and replacing it with a monarchy with which the Messianic prophecies can thus be fulfilled. See link here.

Also last fall, A-O first reported on the formation of the Sanhedrin in October. No one, not that we know of anyway, on the Bible Prophecy websites reported on this development of the formation of the Sanhedrin. Even last month, noted popular TV lecturer and author, Hal Lindsey was still unaware that the Sanhedrin had reformed in October. In February, Hal was still reporting that the Sanhedrin had just reformed in January.
The Sanhedrin had a ceremonial issue in January but the actual re-formation came last fall along with a meeting in October and December. Lindsey missed it. It was a BIG miss too. For someone with such credentials and connections to the "Holy Land" we have come away amazed that Hal hadn't caught on to

this development until 4 and a half months after the fact. Even then, Hal was at least a week or more late in
reporting the Sanhedrin's meeting and vote to begin preliminary Temple rebuilding procedures such as the hunt for the exact location of the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount. But Hal was not alone. We know of no other Bible prophecy commentator who had jumped on that story. Although, we did not monitor Zola Levitt at the time.

It's amazing to us how this event has slipped under the radar screen of so many "watchers." Yet, in all fairness, it can be easy to miss a story. We've done so, but we don't have the tremendous number of insider contacts like Hal and others like him have. Perhaps another reason was illness or preoccupation with family matters for most of these "expert watchers." Hey, it can we happen. We can attest to that. Been there and done that before. It's hard to have enough time sometimes to catch it all plus do research on upcoming studies and articles plus hold down a real, paying job in order to pay the bills to support the website magazine such as AO.

So what does all of this mean? It means things are stirring in prophetic fulfillment circles and we anticipate the speed towards fulfillment of prophecy is picking up quickly. Here's what we recommend our fellow watchers to be looking for in the future:

#1. Look for more stories related to the Israeli government changing its structure to that of a monarchy.

#2. Look for more news about rebuilding the Temple.

#3. Look for the Sanhedrin to grow in power.

The Sanhedrin is shaping up to act as a central player in final preparations for the fulfillment of Messianic
Prophecy. Expect these folks to make dramatic prophetic moves towards fulfillment every month from here on out.
Of course, we'll keep you posted on developments as they come in to us.