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08-29-2006, 04:46 AM
Shocking election-theft testimony

Watch the movie:
http://politics.netscape.com/viewstory/2006/08/24/programmer-admits-creating-vote-rigging-software-used-in-florida-election/?url=http%3A%2F%2Falternet.org%2Fblogs%2Fvideo%2F4 0755%2F&frame=true

Posted by Evan Derkacz on August 23, 2006

Vote-rigging software written for Republican...

Computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testifies under oath before the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio (back in 2004) -- video to the right (partial transcript below). Stephen Pizzo writes:

If you can watch this entire video, and still use an electronic voting machine, you deserve the government you get. If your state or district has decided to use electronic voting machines this November demand an absentee ballot today. Watch this video. Then join those of us who have decided that since paper was good enough for our constitution, it's good enough for our vote too.
Oh, and when you're done watching the whole video... pass it along. November is only a a few weeks off and the last thing Republicans want to see is either house returned to Democrat control. Because if that happens, hearings happen. And if hearings happen... well, who knows - someone(s) could go to jail. So, demand a paper ballot or an absentee ballot in Nov. and leave the cheaters with a pocket full of worthless Diebold electrons.
A partial transcript:

Are there computer programs that can be used to secretly fix elections?


How do you know that to be the case?

Because in October of 2000, I wrote a prototype for Congressman Tom Feeney [R-FL]...

It would rig an election?

It would flip the vote, 51-49. Whoever you wanted it to go to and whichever race you wanted to win.

And would that program that you designed, be something that elections officials... could detect?

They'd never see it.

Evan Derkacz is a New York-based writer and contributor to AlterNet.

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