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09-04-2006, 07:29 PM
Stranger wrote: Homosexuality is clinically and medically an extreme health hazard. Worse the smoking, obesity, etc..... There were not many medical journals back in the day warning of the dangers of this behavior.

then spectre respondedI hope you are being sarcastic.

Absolutely not, actually, I think I am even more surprised by your response.

I would be interested to know what about the above statement do you think is false. I can give you a bunch of boring research findings (Iím sort of in the field) but it might be best to first understand why you think this is not true.

I canít think of any of any issue in society that has been so masterfully and deceptively woven into our culture. I give them credit, their propaganda campaign has been brilliant. Not only have the powers that be convinced the population that homosexual behavior is as healthy as apple pie, but if you donít accept it, then you are the one with psychological issues. Brilliant strategy I must say.

Please give your feedback on this spectre (no I am not being sarcastic). Truly curious on what is shaping your opinion. This topic might need to become a new post. In factÖ.

I welcome everyone's input on this (this is not intended to be a gay bashing post, just interested in what is formnig people's views on the subject)

09-04-2006, 11:57 PM
I believe I took your statement out of context. I thought you were stating that homosexuality was worse and/or equal to cancer and obesity. I've nothing more to add to the topic.