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12-21-2004, 01:42 PM
The movie will be a collaborative project.. it will be about the lives and times of the people who participate in an online Conspiracy forum.. their interactions and their get together at the first year anniversary of the sites opening.. ( I'd like it to be a musical comedy).. But if it turns out to be a tragedy, or a drama, that's O.K. too.. I'm easy.

As a collaborative project were we all can take part in its development.. Henry Makow will own the copy write, and have the final say over the script..

There is enough talent and brains here to make this happen, and it will be fun in collectively creating something..

All input will be considered and agreed upon by consensus.

Id like to help in the music department..

How can you help..

(I haven't checked with Henry to find out if we can do this, but if he doesn't evaporate the thread, then I imagine it is O.K)

12-21-2004, 01:55 PM
I guess the hardest part about this, is making the initial plans, scripts and what have you. I'm not sure what to do yet but, I'll be around if I see opportunity to help out. :-P

12-21-2004, 02:37 PM
Nohope.. Write a brief description of your home setting scripting out how you would like to be portrayed in the movie.. There is definitely a part for your character.. I imagine you will be the doom and gloom type.. : ) .. Go ahead write a little scene including you going to your computer and logging on to the site.

Try to imagine the camera angle.. or shoot the sequence with a cam and we'll figure how to use your input in the project...

I have no idea how to put together a movie either.. I'm hoping for input.. believing that collectively we can figure it out.

12-21-2004, 03:40 PM
ConspiracyClub.com.. The Movie

Scene 12???

The club members plot to save Houston after receiving the potential bomb threat.

(camera showing forum thread communication)


nohope187: DUUUUDE, we gotta save Houston and be heroes! 8-)

sablefish: I agree nohope, something must be done! Perhaps we can round up enough members to picket Washington and congress will be caught off guard and back off. Better yet, perhaps we can all picket naked like back in the 70's. What fun!

marypopinz: OH MI GOD! OH MI GOD! What can I do? Oh I know, I'll withdraw a hundred dollars in American singles and write GET OUT OF HOUSTON on them...wait..how am I going to distribute the money there?? Oh well, no time to think about it now, gotta get to the Nazi Scotia bank before it closes.
This is going to be Mahoosive!!!xoxox

rushdoony: I was speaking to some people from Houston last night and I warned them about the potential threat but they just wouldn't listen. Well..er..ah..perhaps I should've told them about it BEFORE telling them my world in no motion theory. (sheepish face) Hey Mary, why don't you save your money and buy some breasts if we're going to picket naked!

madkhao: What's the point? We're all gonna die sooner or later. Let's say a prayer. Dear God,
If we're gonna die, please let it be quick and painless and please don't leave our souls in Hades. Amen.

(camera goes to different shots of different members. Some madly rushing to save lives, some still poking through forums, some resorting to the fetal position in their closets, all in the name of humanity.)

12-21-2004, 04:53 PM
Mary and I could do ‘The London Connection’ when she comes to over this summer. We could embark on action packed visits to elitist buildings, we’d have to do some research and choose our targets carefully as we would like to get some sort of verbal response and not be thrown out by security!

We would need to go for the Charlies Angles or rather, Henrys Angels image to add some glamour to this male dominated cause. We could carry Henrys Angels gadgets like walkie-talkies (in the unfortunate case of separation communications must continue), handbags to disguise our mini video cameras and large sunglasses. Hitting a few obstacles on the way for that element of suspense, dramatic dashes across the street, hailing taxis and saying “Follow that car!” As it’s a musical comedy Mary will burst into song every ten minutes and I’ll join in on the chorus (I’d supply the comedy by going out of tune), we also need a mini love affair in our movie so one of us could be chatted up by one of our elite targets, being talented secret agents we would never fall for such emotional blackmail and be professional at all times. Logging on and submitting our report to Henry would complete our mission.

:-D :-D

12-21-2004, 05:04 PM
Sign me up on the project.

I've had a thought on other similar type projects- ones that would be used for de-programming of others. One possible story line I've had some rough ideas on for a de-programming piece could work as a movie. The story is based around the behind the scenes workings of a sadistic group who are the puppet masters of a CEO of a huge company who are in the process of working on a major power grab and money scam. Dealings of all kinds of corruption are going on in an escalating fashion- talk of bribes, threads, extortion, media spin, fabrication of scientific data, disinformation, vote rigging and assassination. Anything to meet the agenda. For added effect, there could be involvement with hardcore drug use, Satanism and prostitution. In the end, the efforts of the elites pay off with a major win for themselves.

The final scene however shows the elites with the CEO before he has to make a major public address (to the shareholders)- they have some laughs before the CEO leaves and as he does the camera follows him where he ends up in front of Congress making a State of the Union address- the audience then realizes that they have been mislead and that the CEO is actually the president of the USA and the corruptly controlled cooperation is actually the USA itself.

BTW- if anyone wants $$ distrusted in Houston just mail them to me! LOL

12-21-2004, 06:08 PM
O.K. This could work out real good.. The only voters that we have in the project at this time are those represented here now...

I propose that this, in the spirit of collaborations be divided into tasks..

1. Script.. including plot.
2. Character development (We want a wide variety of viewpoints, within the conspiracy framework.. We are not lockstep)
3. Tech support (people who have graphic and cinema skills)
4. promoters.. (people to raise awareness on the web) that ..A PROJECT IS HAPPENING.
5. Money gatherers for the project...( these guys are the key)

I am not a great organizer.. If I am correct in my faith, This project should be self organizing.. and because of that, and, We are not into this project for financial reasons.. I suspect that the NWO will put us on their shit list.. Are you ready?
for a Great confrontation?.

I am asking for volunteers to take on the responsibilities of each of the five tasks.
.. and if there are no volunteers in one of the areas.. I will do it.. This project needs to be done

It is kind of like a rock band, where I am forced to play guitar when I am best as a drummer...Hey it's O.K with me.. I don't care, I get to play in "The Band"

We are all equal here .. Henry gets the final edit...O.K?

12-21-2004, 06:43 PM
Ana.. Please choose one of the 5 areas you would like to take part in..

The fact of the matter.. With the brain power here.. The script could be done in a week.. The music score in the same time frame.. And if we have some great pimps around here, helping with the financing for the movie.. We would have it in a week. (but that is dreaming)

So let's start small.. and imagine that we can collectively put together a bunch of video cams and act out the moves and motives of the participants in our drama/forum..

Why not collect, and organize the efforts of "The Project".. in video.. shot on cams, or digital cameras (in movie mode).

The idea is to get the storyline together.. on the cheap..

We need someone who can splice the stuff together for a very low budget presentation to Money People.. Those who will put Real Money (Big Bucks) into the production.

That is the way we will get our ConspiracyClub.com movie .. into the mainstream.

12-21-2004, 09:31 PM
Wow, that was quick . . . I just posted a reply in the original forum.

I guess I can be the lead animator, and compositor . . . I have voice talent in my corner, and some of them owe me favors . . . so I got a bunch of bases covered.

Does anyone else in here use 3D Studio Max 4.0, Adobe Premiere 6, Adobe PhotoShop 7? Or, an even better question is, does anyone have any experience in animation at all?

I'm a moderator for an art forum, and maybe we can make this a collaborative work between the two sites . . . I gotta talk to my admins first, and I'd like to have at least 3 full pages of script to take to them. But for right now, lets make this ours.

Who has Computer Generated Art Experience?

12-21-2004, 09:34 PM
BTW . . . to make this easier, there is usually a certain schedule to follow. I do have a LOT of experience in the animation department on all levels, including Project Lead. I'd be more than happy to be either an advisor or the Lead Project Manager on this. It's no big deal when you've done this as long as I have.

12-21-2004, 10:19 PM
DarkChilde3D... When we were yakkin' a few posts ago is when this thing started.. I am counting on you to do the tech (visual) department.. and anywhere else you want to participate.. Good to see that you are on board.. Ya' know.. I read your first few posts and you were saying that you would like to join in a project.. where you could express your creativity.. I am the same kind of dog.. only, what I do is music..

What we gotta do is let everybody else have an opportunity to express their creativity in the project too.. The more input the greater the project stands as a work or art.

Lookit' we are just two guys with opinions.. Let the collective mind of the hundreds of us write this script.. Let us be the background guys who do the work to make it happen..

All I want to do is help with the music.. You and I are like individual fingers ( you being a visual guy)..

What we really need is a brain.. and I have been around long enough to realize that.. If we could enlist freeman into this project.. He would be a very good brain.. and he is, for the most part in sync with Henry Makow.

If we cannot get freeman. We will do it anyway.. This project will continue...( if not on this forum, then on another).. somebody is going to do a movie about a website. and it will ht the Big Time.. We might as well do it.

I am easy.

12-21-2004, 10:20 PM
The basic levels of production:
1) Writing
2) Concepts/design
3) Modeling/texturing (turning concepts into VR)
4) Animation/Sound Production
5) Post Production (piecing it all together)

Under each of these headings comes subheadings

1) Writing
a) collaberation
b) Script first draft
c) Script review
d) Next Draft
e) Repeat a thru d until
f) Final draft (is achieved)

2) Can be done during Phase 1)
a) Concepts of characters
b) *Concepts of objects (non organic)
c) *Concepts of objects (organinc)
(*) Animate and inanimate
d) Concepts of environments (also referred to as the sets)
e) finalization(s) of all steps above.

3) Modelling/textures
a) modelling of objects
b) modelling of characters (inanimate at this point)
c) modelling of environments
d) creation of textures (2d images that account for color, shininess, specularity, bump, displacement, reflection, refraction, opacity, etc) for a, b, and c.
e) fine tuning and test renders of each

4)Animation/sound production
a) sound recordings and musical score production
b) boning of character and animate objects
c) sychronization of lips to spoken words
d) general sound effects
e) visual effects
f) first generation final renders

5) post production
a) taking renders and sounds and putting them into a timeline
b) adding credits, splashscreen(s)
c) adding musical score
e) adding additional overlay effects
f) transitioning of scenes
g) Final production render

I know this looks like an intimidating list . . . It's really easy once you get the nuts and bolts down. it's tedious work . . . and I just want to let you all know what you're getting yourselves into BEFOR you get all of your hopes up. A 10 minute movie with 6 characters can take up to a year to do, considering that all of you are, what are known as, noobs. . . and I know that some, if not most of you, have no experience whatsoever. And its okay. Anyone can learn what to do. The bulk of the rough stuff I know I'll be doing. But things like color maps for basic objects can be made, 90% of the time, by getting images from photographs or web images and turning a perspective view of an object into a straight up view of the surface.

I'll post some examples. But I need to know what you guys want from me first. If you want me to take a lead position, I'll do it. If you want me to take a co-lead or a collaborative-advisor, I'll do that too.

I can say, just from experience, that we'll need an entire forum for this work, with topics that are similar to the following . . . one for Writing, Concepts, models, textures, pre-production, post production, scenes, and final render. . . and then from there, based on how you want to distribute this, will need to either stream the video or you can press it to disks, but I reccomend starting out just uploading it to whoever clicks on the link.

Well, what say you all?

12-21-2004, 10:32 PM
Well, above is what needs to be done . . . everybody list what their talents are, and I can make a reccomendation on what can be done.

If there is something up above that really turns you on, even though you have no experience in it, (and so long as you have ACCESS to a program that can create such materials) you're in business . . . I'll help you out along the way.

It is important that we take our time . . . no one aspect can be rushed. For the first few learning periods for each, we'll have no deadlines. Once everyone is up to speed on certain topics, we'll push forward, but without impossible deadlines.

For the time being, forget about the story. Lets build a team, first . . . and lets get some character descriptions, maybe some images of your basic setup at home (if you want to be depicted) and we can start on characters, and then we can see how we can fit them into the story. A stroy is almost always easier to write when the character's attributes have been established. If I have some environments to work toward right away, I can get to work on those . . . while I'm doing that, the story can start to be written.

Believe it or not, it's not as tough as it sounds. Its just tedious as I said before.

Ya know, if this really takes off, and if we can get a production done, we can expose other truths in the same way. This may be the revolution that I've been looking to join . . . this could be the reason God gave me my gifts. I can't imagine that He gave me talent to be out of work.

But seriously, lets make a dry run at a fun project, first. Just to see how we work as a team. Why don't we try something along the lines of a clubconspiracy splash screen?

BTW, does the admin want any art to spice up the page with? I can make some kickass butttons for the main menu for starters. Lemme know.

12-22-2004, 07:56 AM
Let's see, make worthless paper or read up with you fine folks... I can't stay away.

I'm in. I write lyrics and i sing. I love to write period.

I've decided what my gift to this forum is going to be.

I wrote a book that I've been sitting on for a year that is good. I'm not gonna sell it! I'm gonna give it. God inspired me with a story that has greatly helped me in my life and I'm going to put it on the net... free just like it was given to me. Thanx for that inspiration freeman.

Sable, pick any song and do what you do. I'd love to hear any rendition of those words. Put them on the net and let others hear our music too!

The Rose is not a long read and I am told is quite entertaining. A rose who wants to break free from her roots and see others gardens, she has only dreamt of... the characters she meets...the lessons she learns. It has a nice flavour.

Tis', not just the season but, always a time for giving.

Count me in and I'll do whatever I can to help.

Mary XXX

12-22-2004, 11:19 AM
DarkChilde3D.. I'm for the most experienced guy in the lead position. It sounds to me like you are the lead.. You have my vote.. and input.

I agree... I wonder if we should request a forum for the project from administration.. It would make it easier to manage if we could break the information down into separate headings..

MaryX.. Why not write a poem about your relationship with your computer and keyboard.. Then perhaps if you like my interpretation of melody and instrumentation.. We might be able to work the song into the storyline.

I think you are a very strong character, and should be be one of the characters in the movie.

I imagine the main storyline as being about people who get to know each other in an conspiracy news forum.. and finally get to meet the people that they have been typing to at the first annual ClubConspiracy meeting.. (I imagine that they are all arrested and tortured at that point)

So I suspect that each of the participants would write individual sketches of their home life, and how their internet habit effects those around them..

I/We are open any suggestions.

12-22-2004, 05:35 PM
Well, I'm fairly new here..

I only joined yesterday..

'Though I do have some writing background, actually..

And I do have some background in the performing arts..

And I am a fine artist..who has done theatre in the past..etc.

And we do know some producers in the Christian film industry..through some previous business acquaintance..

And well..


I have done some broadcasting too..and sing as well..

The perspective would mean a lot. It would determine who you could get support and funding from, and not..

The man we knew in Arizona did productions with a Christian theme and flavor..mostly for evangelistic purposes..I think he did one Bill Baldwin vehicle but not sure..

The theme would need to be redemptive I'd think and not just informative to fly..

Gathering artists and writers of FAITH would not be a problem I'd forsee. I don't know how personally committed I could be if at all. My Husband and I would need to pray on it. But it does seem like a good idea. :lol: Just MHO :)

That's interesting I was just saying to my Husband the other day I wish I had a screenplay to write..:)

"I imagine that they are all arrested and tortured at that point"

Uhm..not necessarily ..or all..

P.S. If you peppered the music with Keith Green I might think on this more strongly :)

12-22-2004, 05:58 PM

Keith Green's music would be PERFECT for the film..I think it would be interesting using some of his tracks on that..
The man was a gifted prophetic genius gone too soon at 28



That we henceforth
be no more
children, tossed to
and fro, and
carried about with
every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men,
and cunning
craftiness, whereby
they lie in wait to
to deceive; But
speaking the truth
in love, may grow
up into Him in all
things, which is
the head, even
Ephesians 5:14-15

Yes Keith's ministry isn't done :)

12-22-2004, 06:11 PM
Mini bio on the very gifted Ketih Green


12-22-2004, 07:36 PM
lynns_shadow...I/We are hoping for all origional matieral.. or else the music police will be all over Henry.. With lawsuits.. and expensive looking lawyers..(sharkskin suit types)

For the project to work.. it has to be all origional.. It cannot be plaqerized from anywhere..

lynns_shadow.. I think what we are creating is charcators that would likely show up at a "conspiracy" site.. Your origional input is wanted..

Can you write lyrics to a song that would describe your position?.. If you can, MaryX and me will put music in back of them in MP3 format.. or if you have an origional song that might fit into the framework.. Post the link here on this thread.

I/We (and you are included) prefer that the end result of our project is uplifting.. elevating spirituality over the matieral rhelms of societies that have been over taken by the NWO.

I am just one of the music guys.. If you want to talk to the director of this project.. contact DC...

12-22-2004, 08:02 PM
madkhao.. Your in.. Thanks for the input... I don't want to shape it. (The Movie).. The shape and the plot should come from everybody.. I am just collecting lyrics for songs that might be used in the project.

Don't tell anyone else.. O.K.?.. But I would like to see this project to be a combination of "Chicago" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

But that is just my vote in a forum with 200 plus members... And my take on it is prejudiced by my slant towards music.. It could very well end up as a tragedy.. or drama.. But I want to have fun.

I don't care.. I just want to be a part of something that is Great entertainment... (with a message from the heart)

12-22-2004, 08:13 PM
As I've said before in a couple different threads of old, "Darkness always comes before daylight". So, we should make it a tragedy IMHO. Besides, happy endings are usually way too cheesy and way too fairy taleish. Keep it real and make it dark and gloomy with 2 cents of hope. :-P

12-22-2004, 09:12 PM
nohope.. I kind of agree.. I was thinking it could end up at the first year's annual meeting.. and that's when the BATF guys show up and take everybody to GITMO for a torture session.. Where everybody under torture confesses to being the "real" Ossama bin Laden ..or something like that..
I think torture should be brought out in the open for what it is.. And it will create a bunch of controversy.

But that is just my opinion... of one member of this project.. Thanks for the input... You are in if you want to be.. I like you..

12-22-2004, 09:17 PM
Here, I'll even start off with my character. Here it goes:
I'm 27 years old and I'm a US Navy veteran of the Clinton regime. I live at home with mom and pop and I work part-time at Mcdonalds flipin' MSG laden burgers while attending Jr. College. Yeah, life is shitty, but it could be worse if I were still in the military.
I come home from school, fire up the computer and look over the usual websites I visit, like infowars and etherzone and I'm reading one of Henry's columns and I click the link and I land at this place called club conspiracy. Most everyone there is fairly like-minded. We all hate the NWO. Also, it feels like we're just preaching to the choir. There's a few people here who're exceptionally cheery despite all the bad shit that's happenning. We also got some damned intelligent people here too! Even though, I'm the most depressing person here, I'm probably the most comedic too. Common themes that go around are,"Nobody fuckin' learns from history!", "Boy, those elitists sure are evil bastards!" and we toss a few ideas around about activism. We're all just like a bunch of Winston Smiths who're frustrated, burnt-out and quickly running out of options as tryanny grows stronger every day. Right now, were fighting with 2 cents of hope. Pretty soon, in the not too distant future, we'll be fighting with no hope at all, hence my username at this site. And this is the begining of the Club Conspiracy story. :-P

12-22-2004, 11:09 PM
Personally . . . I like the Save Houston idea. I would ask that we change the name to a fictional one, and not use any real names. I think the key charachters would be as such . . .

10 generic henchmen (NWO)
2 leaders (one fat, one skinny, NWO USA and CANADA)
3 to 5 forum members/heroes
1 VERY gay aids victim as a judge, representing agressive, anti-male feminism.

This is A LOT in the way of charachters for one person, and this will take some time. That's why I'd like to build some sets first. Where are these scenes going to take place? Be realistic as to how we're going to fit this into the story.

As far as the 'theme song' so to speak . . . I don't think it should be actual scripture. I think it should be a parody of 'Hail to the Chief.' We can make it dark and gloomy . . . but the silver cloud thing is a good idea. We wnat to bring the truth, make people want to fight, abolish feminism (against men, anyhow), and re-attach the balls of otherwise emasculated men, but in a way that their wives understand.

So whose going to write a VERY basic story movement? By this, just for an example, I'll write the basic movements of, "A Christmas Carol"

Ebineezer and Cratchit are introduced.
Cratchit stays late
Cratchit goes home
Ebineezer goes home
Ebineezer goes to bed
Ebineezer woken by wind
Ghost of Christmas past visits
Scrooge remembers happier times
Scrooge goes back to bed
Ghost of Christmas Present visits
Scrooge visits Cratcjit house
Scrooge sees misery he is not a solution to
Scrooge goes back to bed
Ghost of christmas future shows up
He doesn't talk, and looks like the Reaper
Shows Scrooge his grave
Goes back home
Changes his ways
Goes from unliked to liked and is now generous and happy about it.

Something like this, just to get a general direction.

And who is going to send me sample pics for me to use as a set for out heroes? I'm not going to be using the pictures themselves, just the basic setup of the furniture, furniture types, etc. I'm almost done with my setup already . . . I'll post renderings ASAP.

And . . . if anyone has any Computer Generated art experience, especially texturing, please post here.

If anyone can draw especially well, we need a story-board artist, as well as a concept artist.

Writers . . . everyone/anyone can post ideas, but it will be up top the lead writer to get the script done. The admin, the moderators, and myself will serve as colaborative directors.

I noticed that there is a 3D Devil clasping the earth in his hands. I recognize this as Poser 4 rendered image. Can someone tell me who rendered out this image, and get in touch with this person, and ask if he/she wants to be on this project?

12-23-2004, 12:41 PM
DarkChilde3D The admin, the moderators.. aren't involved in the project.. It is just us and the people who want to help..

I think the idea is to get as many people's input, and involvement into the project as possible.
I think the forum user names could be used in the script.. and if the user helped write his own script, I doubt they would complain.

It is possible that the script could be self organizing.. where each contribution by us posters might be shuffled into a storyline.

By calling the project clubconspiracy.com.. If the project succeeds tens of thousands of new lurkers and posters would gravitate to the site.

madkhao.. Has suggested the Houston script

nohope187.. What kind of a storyline would you support?

MaryX.. If you had a storyline what would it be like?

lynns_shadow.. What ideas do you have for a script that would involve a conspiracy news group?

12-23-2004, 01:07 PM
Ok sablefish, but I was not suggesting you use "plagurized" music or take it form anywhere.

Naturally you'd have to get certain permissions (Kind of thought that was understood in my sharings :))

I think the ONLY way to slant this film is hopefilled. Why? Well first because dark perspectives are what "they" stand for.

Here is some of what I think should occur in the film. First, I think it must serve as a tool to not only strip bare the mindsets and MO of these folks, shining a LIGHT on them, I think it should greet them as well with an opportunity, at some point, to move from their way of life to a higher place and choose LIFE (Christ/God), as opposed to incrementialism and a compromised spiritual life and life.

The kind of symbology for this film would best be similar to The Lord of the Rings. I do not mean the staging or time frame or wording or anything. I am referring to a somewhat thinly veiled tale about good verses evil. This would be different, in that it would be occuring today, maybe popping in and out of the past and very near future for informaion and illustrative purposes.

Why I say more broad spheres or "good" and "evil" is that it frees up the viewer, because not everyone viewing may have made a decison for Christ and may be in a different place spiritually speaking.

I think it should serve, this film, as a gift, a warning and an exposer. I think the perspective should be one of revelation, information, establishment of one large theme with several sub themes and the characters filling in from there.

Ask yourselves this. What would I like (fill in the kind of person or group) to walk away from feeling during and after seeing this film?

For me, I would like those who run these dark themes and those in new world order to be:

1. made aware they are part of our audience
2.shown through the illustration of film what they are doing (for the benefit of those who do not know or are blinded..)in a way that is clear, and effective.
3. given an out or alternative for them and the viewers, the Truth in love and personal redemption.
4. frankly making them walk out of the theatre with the "eyes" of the audience, and their own, now looking at them. Or at least a clear awareness of such powers and proncipalities and where they are emanating from and what they say seek and promote.

I think, not unlike what they do in Hollywood and on tv, many characters must literally be spokesmen exposing these agendas, and serving as it were, as the Fear of God on them. Yet I think Love will disturb skae and REACH them MUCH MORE.

I think this idea is bigger than just one city.

There's more but that's what i can say for now.

P.S. You know last night on CBS news "gay''marriage was discussed and I saw THE most DISGUSTING thing in that clip.

At the end of the clip CBS showed a man hugging the other man and THEIR CAMERA closed up on the man's HANDS around the toher man's WAIST and then it closed UP on the one man's hands clasping in a COMPLETE embrace on major network tv news.

Now WHY? are we NOT supposed to hate them? I forget..THAT is the challenge..loving the sinner hating their SIN..I tell you it is your challenge TOO not to hate these folks though we HATE what they DO and dont do and stand for..

Yes these are some of your MOST huge weapons against these folks and ALL that that entails:
The TRUTH spoken in LOVE. DO that and you will have much more than a chink in their armour.

12-23-2004, 02:49 PM
I think something that would really be helpful in the storyline is exposing how the Hegelian Dialectic works- showing how the right and the left are one and the same. What the left can't do overtly, the right does covertly and still claims righteousness even after the damage has been done. We should be exposing the lost meaning of Fascist Dictatorship- corporate government complex. with that, right there, I think we can unlock many minds. I'm not sure how to convey that yet. :-?

12-23-2004, 11:47 PM

12-24-2004, 02:08 AM
To nohope . . .

please write out an example of how this dialect works . . . I'm not familiar with it. Is it known as another name that I would recognise?

How would you exactly expose it? What would that portion of the script be like? Can you, wusing 3 characters, form a conversation script of what is actually being said . . . amd then make a seperate script of what was really said?

Please get back to me on this, because although I do not know exactly what you mean, my instincts have perked up their proverbial ears. Please elaborate on this topic.

12-24-2004, 02:21 AM
I have an idea . . . and it would take a VERY long time to make, unless I had other 3D artists to help me out . . . which isn't a problem, but we want to make this all our own.

It will take form of a series.

In the pilot of the series, we start out with a few different families. Each one has a different plight. One of which is a family where the mother feels so empowered by her feminism, she abuses the husband, because she knows that if he defends himself, she'll have him locked up. Another is a family where the son or daughter has a drug addiction. Another is a family that has a child with aids who is suffering to no end (and they noticed that Magic Johnson, after going to Europe for a few months, has NO sign of the disease, and they know the cure is out there somewhere) and the hospital will neither give him drugs (due to the insurance company not covering the drugs) and who will not allow him to die.

What all of these families have in common is one member of each belongs to a 'support' forum through which they all meet at a conspiracy forum (this is part of the backstory, and besides that, its how I found this place.) And then the worst happens in each. The abused husband is hospitalized, the drug addicted son dies, and the mother in the family with the AIDS case just cannot take it anymore. So they all get together in real life, in the battered husband's hospital room (because they all heard what happened) and they show the abusive wife what the real purpose of the feminist movement was intended to do.

And now someone else can contingue the story exactly as I have left off . . . where can we go from HERE? What other families can be introduced? Maybe a victim of police brutality is in the bed next to the battered husband?

So tell me . . . what's next?

12-24-2004, 03:29 AM
OR . . . as an alternative, we could shoot into the future, but I think that it would be less effective. I think we should stick to the current events . . . maybe place the 'head' of the NWO in . . . looking pleased as punch at the suffering of the people . . . as the new figures of earnings are brought in to him . . . expose assasinations and plane crashes. Things like mentioned above . . . I'd like to go as deep into the cracks on this as possible, while making it entertaining and dramatic enough for people to actually watch it . . . and believe the truth.

12-24-2004, 08:57 AM
O.K. I think we are starting to make progress.. I like the Idea of a series.. Like what DarkChilde3D suggested.. When we get a body of works from the series we could combine them for the movie.. Or the movie could be a series of issues or events... That's what Pulp Fiction was.

I have a question.. How many words should be in a segment?.. How do we develop a segment?

12-24-2004, 11:33 AM
Okay . . . well as many words as you want to put in an installment is fine . . . just remember that I have to cover all the material with visuals. A good guideline for web-related content is between 5 and 10 minutes per segment.

When writing a script, each camera change should have as many descriptors as possible in order to assure I'm capturing the writers vision, while keeping my own creative lisence.

Then a storyboard is created to get the general details for each individual scene. . . this is reletively simple to do.

Then a bunch of sets are made in 3D Studio Max(the program I'm using . . . which is also known as 3DS or simply Max) where all the objects, that surround the characters and such are made, and the set gets light sources, environmental effects, moving backgrounds (if necessary) lighting effects (like volumetric lighting, comparable to a streetlamp in a fog) . . . this should take no more than a week per set, no more than 3 weeks, if there are a lot of objects in it.

Then there are test renders to be made, and environmental motion renders to make sure the timing is correct . . .

So all in all, it's far better to make the content really count, and not expect to put a whole lot of dead-air in it.

Then, there are certain shortcuts I can take to make some of the rendering go by faster, but this cannot be done all the time.

So I'm estimating that I'll need 2 lead writers, one male and one female. The reason for this, is that men and women tend to talk differently when in social situations, and this is to keep it realistic. Basicly editors, if you will . . . who are also responsible for rewriting parts of the story that are unrealistic, deleting scenes that are unnecessary, and adding content where appropriate. Also, will be responsible for creating back-story, so the writers, animators and artists have a basis for the design of characters, sets, and all other things. Any aspects left out are left to the designers who will use their best judgment to create something appropriate. The Leads will also create the general outline, flow, and circumstances of characters and occurances surrounding the story, and will be written in the form of an outline, or other similar organized format.

And I'll also need 5 or more scene writers, any gender(s), to do the general writing once the backstory has been established.

So, as of the moment, what is most needed is:
2 Lead Writers
5 (or more) Scene Writers

Do I have any applicants? And do I have any other ideas about where we are to go from here?

12-24-2004, 01:28 PM
I'd like to put my name into the hat as a male lead writer.. I am willing to stay on board untill the completion of the project.. Even if it takes a year.. I'm excited.

There are many great writers here for you to chose from.. If no one else volunteers, I will start out as a temporary lead, untill a more talented person takes charge..

You are the project leader.. It's your choice.

If not the lead writer, I would be happy to be a support writer.. I want to learn the process.

12-25-2004, 02:04 AM
Okay . . . sablefish . . . can you provide a 2-3 page sample of script, adhering to a sample script that I gave you?

A few basic questions that require an answer befor I give you the sample . . .

1) Do you have Microsoft Word? Relevance - If not, I just have to put it in a different format for you to view.

2) Do you have any samples of creative writing? Although your posts are very well written, You will need to make a script that is dramatic . . . and even sometimes exaderated on certain aspects (I'd prefer these aspects to be not pertinent to the actual topic, but usually in the characters' personal behaviors and/or settings in which they are in. The historical facts I wish to remail unchanged, save for the names. I would like to make these characters as true to life as a 3 dimentional characature is meant to look.)

3) If you had the ability to take only three wrongs in this entire world that you can make right, what would they be? This is merely to see exactly what you will be focusing on so I can do whatever research I have to in order to make the visuals properly.

Anybody wish to represent the female Lead Writing position? Personally, I'd like to hear Mary and lynn's response to the exact same portion above. Both of you have impressed me with your knowledge, as well as your ability to 'sniff out the contraband' around the web.

I have a good feeling that this can turn out to be a great series . . .

One question I have to all the rest . . . would anyone object if I were to bring people over from another site which I moderate on to assist in the technical stuff? I have some really good people that would support this, reguardless of what they're beliefs are.

Admin . . . Thanks for emailing me back . . . I actually found it before you got back to me :) I do appreciate the lookout, especially on the eve of a holiday.

And . . . we're all of a common cloth here, peeps . . . I DO hope that we get this production off the ground. Does anyone have access to 3D Studio Max 4.0? Even if you don't know how to use it, I can be of assistance in getting you started and taking some of the work off of me. Like I said before . . . this is not going to be easy, and its going to take time, but I believe that this will be, in one form or another, a work of artistic, yet truthful cinema, that is dedicated to our respective higher power . . . no matter what name we call him by. God, Lord, Jehovah, Allah, or Jah . . . They are all names for the same creator . . . our creator. I'd like to make this in such a way that God Himself would nominate it for an emmy for the exposure of the demonic pigs that have come from the trough of Hell to feed on the Earthly grasses.

To end this I just want to let you all in on a bit of something.

I went to church today for the first time in years. Now I haven't been back to my church, which, incidentally is, Roman Catholic, in such a long time because of what happens between little boys and the Nambla-Card-Carrying-Priests. But I figured, what the hey. . . let me see if God wishes to speak with me.

And I PRAYED. I prayed hard, too. And i asked him, "God, if the reason you gave me this gift of 3D animation was other than to make a boatload of cash . . . please tell me. I should be making millions with the gift I have, according to anyone who actually sees my work . . . yet I find myself in a position where I work long hours, and I make barely enough to live on. Can I do this project with clubconspiracy to gain recognition I need to get a bit further ahead than I am now, as well as do your work at the same time? I mean I don't want to be selfish, but lets face the truth here . . . my little girl is going to want to go to college someday. And I don't wish to have her go through what I did . . . I'd like her to have it better than I had it. Can you point me in the direction that you wish me to go if not this?"

And immediately I felt joy. Not the type of joy you get from riding on a roller coaster, but the kind of joy you feel when, for just a moment, all the worries you have, and the wrongs that you have been done to you just seem to lift off of your chest and shoulders for a minute, and it seems to last forever.

I know that this community can, in fact do the work of God. I don't think that we'll be writing any new bible, but I'm sure he'd like us to inform those who wish to listen, and allow those who wish not to to exercise their free will and face the concequences late.

I don't jumop into any venture without looking . . . but this one is the exception. I want to actually give something back to God for a change. Its not like I've been bad, but I haven't exactly been good, either.

Thank everyone for being here, and Merry Christmas to all (even to the muslims and all the rest of the denominations here . . . Yeah, I know it's my holiday, but if there is any way I can share my joy with you, and make your day just a bit brighter than it is, I'd like to do that.)


P.S. - Sorry I keep going on so long with some of my topics . . . but you guys have been the only people I've felt free to speak to about these things. I feel better . . . and I know that I am no longer alone. Thanks again. DC

12-25-2004, 07:27 AM
Merry Christmas All and God Bless us, Everyone!

Darkchild. You are the man. Just like I told Gary Beals he was gonna make it when I went to my first "black" wedding... he made it. I hear him on the radio now.

I told my friend Jin-Hee from Korea she'd make it and she's working WITH Vidal Sasson now. She said, "I hope you don't mind and I borrowed your design layout you showed me for your shop, for mine." I was thrilled and their is a beautiful shop in Soeul, Korea named the Iris, that I designed... go figure!

My daughter's friend Lew... was fuffing around with Goldsmithing. At the hotel, before we left, I sat with Lew to give him some motherly advice.

I told him. "Stop fucking about with your life. Get on the ball man." I flicked through a magazine and their were several beautiful ads for prominent jewelers in London, that had bases all over the world.

I pointed to the Graff ad and told Lew, "That's where you should be working!"

Guess where he works now? Graff in London. He did it! I told him to write them a letter and ask for a job. He got the interview and he got the job that wasn't there, before he asked for it. They love him!

He is such a character and I guess... so am I.

You are gonna make it. The next Pixar productions is you, my friend. I can see it, and you, in my mind. That's the way I work, a bit of a visionary, I guess.

My eleven year old son just made momma a cup of tea! Merry Christmas everyone again! Life is precious.

Three things I would change...

1) Segregate and isolate all...ALL...pedophiles from societies children. That would pretty much clear up the most corrosive element of society. That would pretty much get rid of every corrupt politician, banker, judge, doctor, teacher, police... and monopoly player going. The rest of the cockroaches would scurry in the light of that ugly truth. Destroy all hard evidence of pedophilia. Let them bastard images burn once and for all time.

2)With all the monopolies broken down... free trade would begin. A gold/silver standard would need to be re-introduced on a global scale. All debt would be absolved, from personal to foreign debt. Also, bank accounts would be irrelavent... not worth the paper the shit has been printed on. A re-distribution of the worlds global assets that have been pillaged. Share the diamonds, share the gold, share the wealth... per capita, per country. Now we can each start building our sovereign nations, protecting our cultures while celebrating others. All utilities must be domestic owned - the days of the CEO circle jerk are OVER! Responsible management of people's necessary assets - utilities. Insurance to be included in the former category. It's a fresh new start! New grass roots people to re-build democracy as it was intended... electing people who care to do a job that must be done diligently and paying a fare wage. I could be wrong and I think we need devolution. The three cities they amalgamated to hide their cookbooks of corruption here, HRM, need to broken down into smaller manageable entities, as before - two cities and a town. A good business friend of mine, said once you are dealing with over ten million...there is too much room for cookbooks and accounting. He is right. Limit the amount and opening accounting available on internet. Cameras in the government halls. Transparency is what is called for to get to a better way of doing things. Honesty. Where are the problems and what needs doing - a parental approach to governing the future.

3)Education. Perhaps with a flat tax of 10 % for all earning over $25,000.00 would provide the necessary funding of schools and hospitals and necessary societal provisions. With the corruption gone, more money would flow from the people's hours spent labouring to the entrepreneur selling his wares. Education would be the priority of society. To give every child a decent basis to develop independent thought and the ability to rationalize situations and create a good life. (Freeman would have a better grasp on the fixing of the finances.)

In conclusion, in my mind - if we got rid of the real sicko's in life - the perv's, worked within an honest open monetary system devoid of debt and usury with transparent governance, and gave all of societies children a really good fun education... the ills of the world would melt away. We'd all be working, we'd all be enjoying our life and our families, and we'd learn to appreciate the differences God created in each and every one of us.

What a beautiful life it would be if we celebrated the goodness and the beauty of life and the difference experiences we have lived - history.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mary XXX

12-25-2004, 01:46 PM
MaryX.. Why don't you volunteer for the female lead writer? You could learn about scripting, and be a part of a team effort.. I would love to work with you on the project. How would you put the ideas that you just expressed into a story line? I'll work with you on it.

12-25-2004, 10:00 PM
Sablefish, how would you like to be a co-male-lead-writer with nohope187? I think I'd like the two of you to work together, if he would like to Lead with you. I think the two of you have made points that are great on exponetially high levels. I would also like to see mary and lynn together as the female lead writers, if they both so agree on working with this project together.

You four seem to be extremely active in your B.S. detection, and will most likely be the most powerful when it comes to exposing the NWO and other affiliated organizations. Do you feel that you four can write up the scenes without the aid of other writers, assuming that you four would like to be the sole writing team? I will not post here until I either have answers from all 4 of you, (except to bump the topic) or if/when I recieve the first answer of, "no."

I have a very good feeling about the four of you. . . and pray that you all choose to become the writing team. I'll take care of any dramatics that are needed to be inserted, if, in fact, you are stumped with how to depict a scene that would be beneficial to the story telling.

I'd like it, if at all possible, for written screen segments to be made up in Microsoft Word. If anyone does not have it, I know of a software wholesale place that may be able to get you what you'll need at a cheaper price than normal.

I'll transfer completed versions of the story into an html format for everyone's viewing pleasure, so long as the moderators can restrict viewing to those that are members of this site. If not, I'll have to figure out a way to put the versions on my webspace, and members will have to contact me for the link. . . either way is fine with me.

12-26-2004, 07:02 AM
D.C... Fine no problem working with nohope187. Some good news.. I got an e-mail at home from the Administration.. They really like the idea of what we are doing.. somebody there must have read this thread.

Generally I use Front Page as my text editor.. I do use Word now and then, At one time I was quite good with Photoshop (layers), I'm fair at Sound Forge and Cakewalk for music projects.

As far as three problems are concerned, The main one is the financial system of fiat money, the second one is the destruction of the ecosphere, The third is man's inhumanity towards man.

And yet all of these are a direct result of the NWO. Usury and fiat money is first because it creates the means to do the rest.

As an exercise in writing I'll do a draft of a whale that has washed up on a beach.. It may take the better part of a day to do it.

Standin' by Sir.

12-26-2004, 11:10 AM
I'm in, Ill do whatever with whoever.

Let everyone see the scrpit is my vote. Then we have input along the way which is very valuable...

I hope Ana will write too! That would be a real hoot.

Don't we need some kind of plot to follow andwrite to? I'mopen... just let me know what you want me to write and it's there.

Thanx 4 vote of confidence



I saw dude's short film on funyjunk.com site called "the end of ze world" and I high-lighted to ya'all. This is the kind of short sketch thing I envision, to start with. Then maybe something bigger andbigger until a fool length movie.

We can do anything, given time.

Last night I watched a Nike ad it it was dude's work! Was he working for them on funnyjunk.com or did they nab him up when he was flyin well solo? Just something I noticed. Curious.

Mary XXX

12-26-2004, 08:08 PM
I have no qualms workin' with Sable. He's pretty cool dude. I've never been good at writin' my own stories, though. But, Yeah, I'm in. 8-)

12-26-2004, 11:57 PM
I have just one person left to hear from . . . lynns shadow, whadya say?

12-27-2004, 12:20 AM
Ughhhhhh... check the christianity thread

i'll do my bit, whatever bit you want me to do. I'll write with whoever. Ana from London would be my choice. Anna makes me laugh, she's really smart and witty; cowface just annoys me.


12-27-2004, 01:02 AM
Okay mary . . . just to be fair, (and since lynn hassn't replied yet,) try to point Anna to this thread, and lets see what she says.

12-27-2004, 01:18 AM
I don't mind who does what. I am game for whatever.


12-27-2004, 04:24 AM
This is what we have so far for teams.

Project Lead:

Lead Writers:
no hope187

Mary poppinz

Texture Artists:

3D Artists:



Who else wants to work on this? Someone has to have some experience in any of the other job listings. Get back to me in PM or in here if you wish to help.

If I missed anyone, let me know also.

12-27-2004, 04:14 PM
Thanks for your message Sable, I feel all important now! Hahaha.

When you started this thread I thought you were joking about making a Club Conspiracy Movie hence my jokey response. I have no writing experience, film or animation so really don't know what I could offer other than a wacky imagination and a transfer of my drama queen character into text. If someone could make the first move and create a template things would become a bit clearer, I could then look over it and figure out way of contributing as at the moment there are lots of ideas floating around and me being a girlee I've gotten all confused by all this techno babble!!

Mary??? Where are you? Get your cotton socks onlilne girl!

12-27-2004, 08:22 PM
Good... I figured Ana and Mary Poppins are soul sisters..

To D.C.. Right now I have writers block.. I am like Duh..

Here is what I can, and will do though.. What I would like to do is use the writings of the people on this forum (Their writings are on record)).. and use the people that we have here, and write poems using their words, I will organize their words so that they rhyme, and the people who wrote them get credit for the words that they wrote... All creative input (copy write) from this project is owned by the Administration... That, I hope is understood by all.. Yet, I'm sure that Henry.. errr ... Dr. Makow would be glad to share any royalties to the contributors if this project generates real money.

I believe that my efforts in describing the people here will help in developing three dimensional characters...

D.C.... I am more of an editor.. Let me experiment with writing poems, that could be put to music.. in order to express my interpretations of the characters that we have here... There will be no writers block if I can describe Mary Poppins in verse.. Using her own words... from her file.
And she will get the credits when the credits come onto the roller at the end of the film... and maybe a few bucks from Henry... Like the rest of the contributors.. but only if a buck is made.

D.C. .. I am into this for the long run... If you have a copy of Max and can mail it to me.. I will return it... If that is illegal I'm sorry, I said it... Write me.. I'll give you my home address, and send it back to you.. I know how to work graphics programs..

My first project will be to explain Mary's point of view in poetry.. and she can help me on this one.. After I post it, she has first right of refusal to be connected with the poem... ..O.K... Like you said, this project could take a year to complete... I can work with Mary , nohope , and Ana.. no problem.

And, Then we gotta find a buyer or moneyman.... God willing we will succeed.. But no matter what happens.. The Project is one more brick in the wall to ward off the NWO...I'm not gonna stall no more.. The Mary profile is next...

12-27-2004, 08:55 PM
Hey DC3D, I guess you already know I'm pretty good at trying to figure out general story lines but, when it comes to stuff like dialogue and drama templates, that's usually when my head starts to hurt. So, as long as we have I ideas to kick back and forth, then I can work with that. I was guessing that you wanted a feel of realism that the masses of sheeple could identify with in every day life. Check out the latest column at Etherzone.com called "The true state of the nation... beware of false prophets". I think you might get a few good ideas from that. :-P

12-27-2004, 09:47 PM
Will do, nohope, thanks . . . lemme go update the list.

Welcome to the CCC, Ana. the Club Conspiracy Crew. . . SEE GUYS, NOW WE HAVE AN ANOGRAM! WOO HOO!

anyhow . . . I just wrote out a HUGE post, but for some reason, it didn't go through. I think the admins should enable the remember me mode as well as the logged on mode to be indefinite . . . it will make life easier on guys like me in the long run. I hate using notepad to write my posts.

I'll get ta y'all later.
Lemme get back to work.


12-27-2004, 09:48 PM
This is what we have so far for teams.

Project Lead:

Lead Writers:
no hope187

Mary poppinz

Texture Artists:

3D Artists:



Who else wants to work on this? Someone has to have some experience in any of the other job listings. Get back to me in PM or in here if you wish to help.

If I missed anyone, let me know also.

12-28-2004, 07:50 PM
sablefish wrote:
O.K. This could work out real good.. The only voters that we have in the project at this time are those represented here now...

I propose that this, in the spirit of collaborations be divided into tasks..

1. Script.. including plot.
2. Character development (We want a wide variety of viewpoints, within the conspiracy framework.. We are not lockstep)
3. Tech support (people who have graphic and cinema skills)
4. promoters.. (people to raise awareness on the web) that ..A PROJECT IS HAPPENING.
5. Money gatherers for the project...( these guys are the key)

I am not a great organizer.. If I am correct in my faith, This project should be self organizing.. and because of that, and, We are not into this project for financial reasons.. I suspect that the NWO will put us on their shit list.. Are you ready?
for a Great confrontation?.

I am asking for volunteers to take on the responsibilities of each of the five tasks.
.. and if there are no volunteers in one of the areas.. I will do it.. This project needs to be done

It is kind of like a rock band, where I am forced to play guitar when I am best as a drummer...Hey it's O.K with me.. I don't care, I get to play in "The Band"

We are all equal here .. Henry gets the final edit...O.K?
I am new here and I am not sure what level did this project reach but I would like to take part in chracter development and plot. I am Arab Muslim so I be part in the plot and chracter based on this aspect. Let me know if I can help

12-28-2004, 09:02 PM
Well, Al7 . . . we have a whole lot of stuff ope . . . I'd like to consider the lead writing positions closed, but we have scene writing available as well as everything else. Where are your strengths?

If you're interested in scene writer, you'll be given situations that have to be written for. The leads basicly head the story direction, and the scene writers take care of the specific details.

If you have graphics experience, I could REALLY use your help in that department.


12-28-2004, 09:21 PM
Yep.. Al7amdlellah.. You can be a part of the show.. all you have to do is write a story about your daily living and how it is related to the clubconspiracy forum and, I (and the rest of us) will help you edit it.. to be apart of... The Project.

We are an international website, and would love to have your contributions..

Please tell us about a day in your life..

Al7amdlellah.. I have writers block at this time.. (I am supposed to put together a profile of marypoppins ).. But I will be glad to help you participate in the the project..

Start typing like crazy and give us something to work on.. We are supposed to edit writings from the rest of the forum.

You have as much right to be a part of the final end product as anyone else..
All I/We want is a typical day in your life.. The good, the bad, But have it ending with your need to not be alone, in your thoughts.. And please paint a picture with words, of how you approach your computer and turn it on and come into The Forum... Your feelings about.. Will you be rejected?.. Will you be able to be accepted?.. But mostly just tell us about your typical day.
If you help us, and just write about your world.. you are a part of us.
And for that matter you will be the first person to put original content into the project.. Go for it.
Be the first to tell us about your life.. Go for it.

12-28-2004, 09:28 PM
D.C...What do these people actually do?

Texture Artists:

3D Artists:



What programs are appropriate for these headings?.. If this is how to make a movie I want to know. (although this is not about how to make a movie, this project is to make a movie)

All my graphics programs left when I sold my last computer.. I need some more.. What should I get?

Where can I get the programs I need, without breaking some kind of law?

I know how to do graphics.. Photoshop, and Illustrator ..But I have no programs for them.
But then again.. I can sniff around on my own to find them.

12-28-2004, 11:30 PM
Texture artist:
Definition: A person who creates images that can be used as surfaces of 3D models. There are different images for, primarily, the following type of surface attributes. (Map is also another way to say image.)

Diffuse map - this is used to depict the color of a surface.

Shininess map - this map is used to show how shiny or dull certain areas of a surface are. this map is typically a grayscale map.

Specular map - this is the map that shows the intensity of the light source reflected off of a surface.

Specular color - filters the color of light being reflected . . . as if the light was being filtered through a clear-coat of a color other than white.

Bump map - used to simulate a rough surface.

Displacement map - used when a bump map is not intense enough to accurately show a course, rough surface . . . or if the geometry of a model needs to seem intricate, but when time is too much of a factor. Not good for most applications of texturing.

Reflection map - usually a 'raytrace' type map, it differs to that of a glossiness map in the way that the environment is seen in this map, but shininess does not mean reflection. In the real world, these two items go hand in hand, but in the 3D world, they are seperate entities, and must be simulated accurately for a realistic appearance. Also, a grayscale map can be used in conjunction with a reflection map when intensities in reflection differ from place to place on the same surface . . . ie, a dirty mirror . . . steel that is scratched, or highly polished.

Refraction map - used with a raytrace type map as well, this is to refract, or bend the appearance of an environmnet as though seen through glass, clear plastic, etc . . . the Index Of Refraction also must be set to simulate different types of materials. Water, Glass, and Diamond all have different refractive properties, and the IOR simulates this property.

Typical Texture Artist programs - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, etc.

3D artist
Someone who creates 3 dimensional objects with a computer and a program designed to create such objects. Using this program, the person creates objects by manipulating points, segments, faces, splines, atmospheric and deformation gizmos, along with a whole bunch of other complex geometric operations. Some of these are boolean operations (operations that deal with the intersection of geometry) FFD, UVW Mapping, Unwrapping of UVW, slice along plane, etc.

If you are totally lost by the way I've described 3D artist, you are probably not cut out for charachter design, but you can learn the basics to create many of the objects that would be in a scene. Do not be intimidated.

Programs used, 3D Studio Viz, 3D Studio Max, AutoCad, etc.

Using either a 3D program or a compositioning program to provide movement to certain objects within a timeline to create a motion picture. Things that are animated include . . .

Particle effects, fog effects, fire and combustion effects, animated noise, camera in motion, characters, animate objects (machinery such as an automobile), Animated title, animated logo, rolling credits, fade in, fade out channels, etc.

Animation Programs, (3D) 3D Studio Max, (2D) Macromedia Flash, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects.

Compositioning is where it all comes together. Animation is originally rendered in individual 'movies', usually between 30 and 1000 frames. Then all the footage is placed, in order along a timeline in a compositioning program. Additional effects, such as lens flares, transparency overlays, scene transitions (such as fade in/fade out), and others, are also put in at this time. Credits, and other text can be added here as well. Sound is added in this process as well. Once all the aspects are put in here, the timeline is then exported, or compressed, to a single image layer frame by frame, and a single or dual (depending if it is exported to mono or stereo) audio channel. The result is a movie that hopefully captures the vision of the director.

Common programs, Adobe aftereffects, Adobe Premiere.

12-28-2004, 11:37 PM
yes sablefish, we can use 'day in the life' stories, but we also need some people with graphics backgrounds as well. . . lets not forget that the visuals is a HUGE job . . . and although I'm capable of doing the entire thing . . . it would be much faster if we had some people, even if they have only minor experience in the 3D or 2D garaphics field. If we don't have anyone else besides me at the end of the writing process for the first 3 scenes, I'm going to have to do some recruiting. especially since the typical scene (being anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds) takes about 3 days to a month, depending on how much detail is needed, and also due to the fact that the average movie short has anywhere between 500 and 1000 of these individual scenes.

12-30-2004, 12:53 PM
DarkChilde3D.. Finally, I realize we are doing an animated movie.. And I thought we were doing a movie movie..

In that case my idea for a script must be changed, in fact it would work real good with animation, Here's the idea.

Imagine that there is a conspiracyclub, a high tech site where instead of writing to each other we have a forum of video cams.. Where the screen is divided into blocks where perhaps ten faces are looking at you from their boxes, suppose they had audio, so you could home into the person making a comment, Suppose the moderator is a computer, and it is run kind of like Roberts rules of parliamentary procedure.

One of the members gets a news flash from Germany that a terrorist is going to nuke an American city, so the members sniff around and find all sorts of clues, from the web.. and from real life because it is an international forum.

Eventually it is discovered that the U.S. Government itself was planning to nuke the city to blame it on another country that has oil, perhaps Venezuela.

At this point a new member is admitted to the group.. (as an example notice that there usually only about three people on line at any one time) So different people could rotate in and out.
The new member seems too friendly., also the other members notice he looks like an Arab.

Next the users are getting signals that their firewalls are heating up.. So they think the new guy might be some snoop or something..

But the guy is a brilliant hacker, and he manages to find out where the bomb was built and also track it's movement on towards the American city,

He sniffs, while the other members are doing helpful things like screwing up the navigational systems, the boat's auto pilot, and trying to ram other ships into it.

The new guy realizes that the bomb can be set off by remote control.

Finally the bomb blows up somewhere out in the ocean with all the villains evaporated.

The world is saved, and the Conspiracy club members get tossed in jail on hacking charges.

I also think the club members would be able to commutate with their cell phones and be able enter the forum from anywhere.

Now I realize why we needed all these graphics and 3D animation software.

If you give me the go ahead I will start refining the script. I will start with the first quarter of it and add detail.. perhaps the others could grab a piece of it too.

You are going to need a lot of graphics help.. I'll see if I can find a copy of Photoshop, or illustrator.

12-30-2004, 01:24 PM
Personally, I believe we need to brainstorm a plot that will educate simply in all the keys factors we have learned here as well as a story line to save the world from the NWO. I like what u r suggesting sable and I think we can develop more from that idea, as a group.

my 2 cents, as always.


12-30-2004, 01:35 PM
Okay . . . I like that for a first episode, but there are a few things we need to ask ourselves first.

first of all, who are the characters?
where are they?
what is their background?
Why are they members of the club? What has transpired that they were blessed with the truth?
When does the story take place?
What are their names?
What do they look like?

The first thing I'd like to see, before the story even starts, is a cast of characters. Write out short bios, basic descriptions of each like vitals, markings (earrings, tattoos,) what music and style their into, etc. Get as in depth as you wanna go. Chances are, we'll use these characters again. Because if they're going to jail, I'd like to see a 'keep hope alive' episode immediately follow, where they find a way to fuck up another conspiracy right in the prison. To teach the lesson that no matter how far the chips are down, a bright idea and a little hard work can overthrow a plan.

I like the current idea, and I'd like to put it not on the back burner but just turn the handle in. The first thing are exact character descriptions as described above. The next thing will be basic character design. We have to get a look going on with them, we have to get to know them, so we know what each one is likely to say/do in situations, so y'all can write accordingly.

Well, I've said my opinion, what does everyone else think?

12-30-2004, 02:11 PM
yip... sounds good to me.

I suggest that people who want a character in this, answer the questions on the last page. I think the new muslim dude would be a great asset! I also think the lovely lynn has her place here too. Her heart is in the right place.

I'll start.

where: I'm in Nazi Scotia... take it from there.

background: uneducated by societies standards and I read a lot of books and info on what interests me. I question everything. Had a fantastic mum, abusive father = dysfunctional home like everyone's, I assume.

Left home when I was 16 for California. Married a U.S. Christian Iraqi by 20, and had a daughter at 21. He found drugs. The marriage ended.

Back to Nova Scotia and on to England and husband number 2. Career change to working at home. 2 more kids, 10 years trying and divorce.

Back to Nova Scotia. Landed in government corruption - would not sell out. Bankrupt.

Back to England. Found out ex was a molester. Damn near lost my mind. Back to Nova Scotia. Found out about pedophile ring, cocaine and government involvement and I'm here, at CC.

I've been kicking and screaming and protesting the whole way through. Learned to sing. Wrote a few songs. Found my peace of mind.

I vote for a near future tense. Let them know what might be coming their way!

5'3" 130 lbs after christmas munchies.
auburn-brown shoulder length hair. Same colour eyes, with green around the edge. Size 5-7.
Pierced nose with small diamond. Butterfly tattoo on my backside, from when I divorced husband #2. I'm free!

Big smile! I am known to herbalize... read into that what you want.

Music: anything as long as it has good lyrics and a good melody. Love R&B. Not keen on heavy metal or rave. I can deal with rap and rock and country - it really has to be good country, though.

I love the old music from the days of the 78. Old wartime music. Vera lynn... Elvis too!

I love the old musical movies! I love Disney movies. The old ones used to have good morals, now they have become too sexy for the kids, if you know what I mean.

My eldest daughter borrows my clothes, and I dress kind of like a hippie, I suppose. T-shirts, jeans, and barefeet preferably, if not sneakers or flip-flops. I wear shorts, usually cut-offs, most of the year, when I can. I don't like being bound up in clothes. My daughter wishes I wore a bra more often and there isn't much left after nursing for gravity to grip.

I always stand up to bullies. I am not the girl who sits on the fence. I've squared up to many situations and held my ground. I've also looked back and thought, "What the hell was I doing?".

I am happy to be me. Please or offend. Take me as I am. I definitely have a red-head's temper. I wouldn't want to be on my bad side. I have a good habit of speaking the truth and am rediculously intuitive.

I get images of the future in my mind. Yes, I am a weirdo. I don't will any of this shit nor ask for it... intuition just happens naturally when it does. I don't hear voices and I do see images of people gone by in my mind.

I sculpt, I draw, I play the piano and I lovvvvvve to swim.

Miracles... let's not forget them and say thank you... to God.

Broke my back, cliff-diving, when I was 17. paralized for two days, backbrace for a year and I am fine as kind. Thank you God.

Diagnosed with lupus, many years ago, and have never danced with that bastard wolf since then... thank you God!

Tubes tied and 6 years of praying later, I got another beautiful, healthy child... thank you God.

4 c-sections and 1 without benefit of anaesthia... that was voodoo!

Any other info, I will offer up willingly.


12-30-2004, 02:25 PM
I don't want to sound rude . . . but what age are you? Or rather . . . what age is the character?

Can you also give us a ficticious real name as well as a screen name other than your own so we have an identity? I'll draw up a basic concept for the style of the character and you let me know if I got it something close to what you either represent or wish to represent.

And just as a suggestion . . . can we call the club the Army of Truth or something like that? Its just a bit more theatrical sounding, and no offence, but the 'conspiracy club' name may just remind people of the 'breakfast club.' Its not that I dislike the name, its just, from an ex-ad man's point of view, a possibly bad name as far as word association goes.

12-30-2004, 02:35 PM
Rude.... never.

D.O.B. June 7, 1966. 38 years old and still grinning.

I like the handle - Osama mama. My real name is Mary Anne. In life, I go by Mary, as I do here.

Howse 'bout we be "terrorists of truth!" the TOT's??? nahhhhhh

They use Al ciada - advertising works on keep it simple stupid idea, yes?


Could we mix up the alphabet soup letters to create something similiar to theirs?

Not the FBI or the CIA ... family for life... FFL? Something like that?

I'm sure someone has better ideas here than me.


12-30-2004, 05:03 PM
How about, Enemies of the State or Truth Underground Resistance. somthin' like that? :-P

12-30-2004, 06:15 PM
Start my character again: I'm 27 years old. I'm 5'11" 224 lbs.- muscular build, Blue eyes, shoulder length light brown hair-wear it pulled back in a tail.
I'm US Navy veteran of the Clinton regime. I live at home with mom and pop somewhere between the smoky mountains and Knoxville, TN. I work part-time at Mcdonalds-shoveling shit for the sheeple to eat) while attending junior college majoring in PE and Health Rec.
I listen to mostly heavy metal. It's good reminder of how fucked up this world is- Keeps me grounded in reality. My fav bands are, IN FLAMES, KATATONIA, SENTENCED, SHADOWS FALL and MEGADETH. When I'm not at school or work, I'm at home playin' frisbee with my dog-lab/shepard or execising in my home-gym that I built in the garage or playing my guitar or reading stuff on the internet. I still wear my dungarees-looks like prison clothes of old(blue long-sleeved shirt untucked and unbuttoned, white t-shirt and bell-bottom jeans) before they switched to the orange jump suits. I always wear tennis-shoes.
I first woke up to the NWO when I was in the military. The whole military experiance is a communist's dream come true. People like Stalin, Hitler and Mao would be proud of the US military in the way that it's structured. Anyways, I seperated myself from the non-thinking State worshiping fools and only hung out with other people who hated being in the military too. I can't think of anything else to write right now. :-P

12-30-2004, 06:23 PM
oh yeah, fake username: Caustic Escape :-P

12-30-2004, 06:30 PM
and fake real name: Tom Friden :-P

12-30-2004, 10:13 PM
I'm an old dog, 60 years old.. Did rock 'n roll for twenty years 'tween 1961 and 1981.. Been yelling at the establishment for ever.. Turned into a fisherman, for twenty years.. Turned into a full time in your face resistor to the NWO.. artist, poet, singer, madman.. Have artistic tech skills.. Programs.. sound forge , cakewalk, Photoshop, illustrator.. would like to learn more.

Have owned and operated hundred foot boats and know how to keep them running... Have had crews of 6 men and have grossed $10,000 a day for ten days running.. Have orchestrated ( Getting the permits sound system, and publicity out for several) rock concerts during the 60s and 70s.. some of them had 30,000 people.. I like big projects and am willing to spend time and resources on them, because they are worth it..

I want to be the old dog... Perhaps that's my moniker...Old Dog.

I still play loud for two hours a day on my guitar and played the Yacht club last weekend... No Sh*t.

12-30-2004, 10:19 PM
Sable... right on dude.

Hope... have hope.


12-31-2004, 08:21 AM
first test rendering . . . its nowhere near complete, I have at least 20 hours more work to do on it.


If anyone has a digital camera, can they take some pictures of locations that may apply to the story, so I can start developing some varied environmental feelings from them? Any location that looks good will do, but we want them to be true to the apparent story.

Then pm me when you have something, and I'll arrange to get them via icq or aim.

I got the information here that you guys posted.

12-31-2004, 09:40 AM
And here is the second test render.


Now that the lighting is just about optimal, I need to put the rest of the objects in, texture the objects and buildings, and then blast out the final tests, and then we eill have an environment. Then, once the story and charachters are complete, I'll animate the characters inside the scene, and then re-render, frame by frame, the final scene render.

Please give me opinions as you develop them.

12-31-2004, 10:29 AM
I had a good gut feeling about you Dc.

Clever clever stuff.

it's a cross-roads.

all the exits from all the grey building leading to this one juncture, in time

I am intrigued by the meaning behind the four sets of lights. Green means go means action - motivation!

Generates a great facade... an illusion that appears real and suggests... the story begins...and ends right here. These meetings place of minds.

People esaping from many corners of many realities(generations) of corruption, to meet here in this hidden rip in time (like a ghetto stoop, where poeple chat and spread the news), where like minded people plot to create a new future, make a few new melodies and harmonies, therefore rendering the old model of an evil corrupt greedy miserable society obsolete... someone clever here explained that theory to me.


12-31-2004, 10:58 AM
Yes very impressed DC! Sorry for my lack of interest before but now I've witnessed the birth I promise to play a bigger role! The excitement has begun. I'll give you a character profile when I stop hiding :-D

12-31-2004, 12:23 PM
Thanks for that response, but if you think that this looks good now, wait until it's done.

12-31-2004, 01:00 PM
Just a thought.. Perhaps this could be an animated T.V series, where the club tracks down, a new conspiracy each week.. Just a thought, but why not have the characters, be youthful, like in their late teens.

We could put our messages in their mouths.. And I bet the kids would love it.. Their parents would hate it.. And some big Media company would buy it so they could shelve it.. In that case we could use the renderings in a computer game and sell them to the Japanese to turn into a Kill The Conspirators Game... Where The Club each get high tech weapons, and they flatten the town so they can save it from the bad guys.

Chuckle chuckle.. Perhaps I'm letting my imagination go to far..

Ech..Hemm... Were these renderings made with Max?
I'll sniff around and see if I can find a program.

I'll go and take some photos of a ship and post 'em.
(I think we have to use all original photos for the renderings, or else we could get sued.)

12-31-2004, 01:14 PM
well, it would be a great idea, but I would need a 12 person crew, 6 months to put all of the materials for all the episodes together, another 2 months to do all the animation and keyframing, 3 months for rendering, 1 month for post production, 13 workstations, 1 server, a 15,000 sq.ft. office, an additional 10 workstations for renderfarming, and about 1,500+ feet of networking cord (preferably fiber-optic).

At this time, that may not be possible. Lets go for the first movie, then the models will be established, and see how long it takes to get the second one out.

now I normally don't do any additional renders after my initial lighting until I'm done, but I'll throw one more in here with one of the buildings finished.


Just a note, sablefish . . . I am also into game development . . . who needs the japanese, specifically, anyway? LOL - they'd turn it into an anime game maybe?

12-31-2004, 01:21 PM
The renderings above, made with 3D Studio Max 4.0. Textures are stock in 3DS texture set default.

No major post production done . . . just the glow effects, which was also done in 3DS Max.


12-31-2004, 01:24 PM
Hey, while your on the topic of games, I bet DC could cut and paste map scenes and characters from games like Quake, Half-Life Team Forces, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. At least for police state/gulag scenes. :-P

12-31-2004, 03:09 PM
Why would I cut and paste scenes of things that I can make from scratch of equal or greater quality? Besides, that would be copyright infringment. I think you'll come to find that the slogan I use for a signature is as true as it gets. . . okay enough tooting my own horn.

Who knows how to draw in here? can anyone provide a few concept character drawings? Is there anything special that they would like to see as a symbolism within our truth?


12-31-2004, 03:19 PM
This is where the olddog has his internet connection (http://folksinger.com/sail.jpg)

(If we have to use this as the shooting location for the smuggleing vessel it's O.K. with me.. I can send more photos.)

I don't mind being one of the villains.. I don't have to be one of The Club.. I could be one of the smugglers on the ship headed to the Port of Houston.

I know wheelhouse talk and can help in writing that part and help it seem realistic.

12-31-2004, 03:31 PM
wow, i like it. can I have a bigger image though?

maybe also a shot from the side-view, the front, and the back? It may be a stretch to ask, but if I can have the images as large as you can possibly get it, and as close as you can get while keeping the whole boat in view that would be awesome. I can use side, front, and back as textures, and will save me time in the long run.

I also need an image of a port, or at least a section of one for a reference, preferrably from a point of view that's as high as possible, so I can get an idea as to what the basic layout would look like. . . I'm not too familiar with ports or boats, but this would be just another challenge . . . something I've come to grow to enjoy.

12-31-2004, 03:38 PM
Okay I'll toot.

I'm actually a pretty gifted artist but I don't have any of those programs that you require.

My scanners pfffffft! but I'm working on it. Once I get it working again I'll show you some of my stuff.

12-31-2004, 08:04 PM
DC.. I can give you huge files.. But I'm starting to get tipsy.. This is New Years.. Wait 'till tomorrow.. When I am sober.. Hic-up....

This is an edit that I'm coming from.. But I will send you stuff while I am intoxicated.. I don't mind.. The best tunes I ever did where when I was drunk out of my mind..

I doubt I can get anything together tonight..

See ya' tomorrow.. I think .

Heres an image from the interior (http://folksinger.com/_borders/Cabin.jpg)

01-01-2005, 11:30 AM
Photo From Stern Angle (http://folksinger.com/_borders/stern.jpg)

01-01-2005, 10:20 PM
This is getting too complicated, if I have to return to the basic idea of just writing a script.. I will do it... All I want is a script to induce someone, perhaps some Arab money to buy into producing a movie, that is against the NWO.. who are currently picking on the Semites..

Just a simple script would be enough... I'll do It alone if I have to, and if it's O.K. with you guys, I'll use your online personalities as characters in the storyline... Just a simple script for a movie...O.K.?

It might take several months (or more) to complete. I'll be here, standing by, adding to The Project day by day, week by week... Until it is completed.

01-01-2005, 11:01 PM
sable, what do you mean too complicated . . . what I was hoping to do is just as complicated as its supposed to be.

Don't be intimidated by it. . . its worth the wait. Once we get this out, it'll blow your mind.


01-02-2005, 10:40 AM
DC...I believe you.. In fact I was thinking about what you said about the non feeling tourists in Phuket. Perhaps there is a way to tie this kind of insensitivity into the storyline.. Perhaps one of The Club could represent this aspect of of unfeeling attitude.. And they could discuss it with the The Club members, or some how work it into the storyline..

Perhaps each of the members could represent an aspect of the NWO in their personality. On the other hand.. I think we should stay away from being preachy, perhaps done with a subtle reference to the problems.

Just thinking aloud.

01-02-2005, 03:19 PM
oh, if I only had a full crew . . . the tourists in thailand have fucked with my head. I would dedicate an ENTIRE episode to the subject. Shit like this makes me ashamed to be White.

But, unfortunately, I do not believe, as of right now, that there is a way to add this in here, beyond spoken reference, that can make this tasteful. But I would appreciate it if the writers would make one of the NWO heads in the story to make a deliberate statement to PUSH the vacationing to the affected areas . . . make it for the reason of 'keeping the money coming in,' and 'because the insurance wont pay to have thier favorite childrens brothel rebuilt.' I don't care if its slander, cuz its more than likely true. the hotel owners are still a part of the same eliteist bunch of faggots and pedophiles that have lost the whole of their humanity.

As a matter of fact, I'd like to start a worldwide petition to have these bastards fined for their non-humanitarian actions. After all, they are a part of the UN sanctioned country, right? These bastards should have been the first to dig deep and give till it hurts. If anyone can tell me how to set this up, or who to contact on how to set this up, please let me know. It would be awesome to have the UN. enemy of the world's commoners, do OUR work for us, wouldn't it?

Lets destroy an eliteist's fortune, shall we?

God DAMMIT! I wish I had some resourses to start up a cause. There has got to be some WAY of damaging this currupted system, even if its just a kink in the chain . . . if everyone was able to do this . . . a lot of kinks in the same chain will eventually stop the bike.



01-03-2005, 01:43 PM
Is there a public chat area that we may be able to get onto to discuss the project in real time? If so, what is the hyperlink to it, and, what time is good for everyone?

01-03-2005, 01:55 PM
Anytime, anywhere you say. I'm ready for directions.. Calling Mary, Nohope, Madkhao, Ana, and anybody wanting to help.

01-04-2005, 10:33 AM
What do you suggest?
I am unable to access the MS peoples and chat option and they are unable to help me fix it so that's out of the question for me
How about instant messenger??

I was wondering if it's possible to make an animated movie that people would take seriously, or would it turn into a joke like 'team america'

I guess if DC has the skills to infuse it with all kinds of GOOD subliminal messages.

01-04-2005, 11:38 AM
I was thinking more along the lines of aol instant messenger . . . you can sign up for aim for free if you don't have it, and you don't need to DL any software, just use aim express.

01-05-2005, 08:20 PM
I have yahoo IM but, I need to update my AIM.
Anyways, I came up with an idea for the movie.
I was watching this soap opera on TV called, "As the world turns" and thought, why don't we make it an anime soap opera called "As the World Burns"? Or just scrap the whole soap idea and save the title. One of the episodes could be about disruptors in the forum being homeland security snoops ratting us out to the government.

01-05-2005, 08:45 PM
I finally got my scanner to work but now I can't upload a painting I did that I wanted to contribute.

It's the most ironic thing nohope, it's falls right in line with your 'as the world burns' theme.

Anyways I need help uploading this image. The imgrsc only works with pictures from other websites and the manager isn't working for me.

Can someone guide me through this??

01-05-2005, 09:03 PM
nohope . . . just wait until you see the preliminary character concept I'm putting together. I think you'll like them. . . could be used as anime-type 'story charachters' (although not anime looking models in the end . . . but this is still possible).


Do you have any ftp space? If you want, when I get you on AIM, I can get them from you, put them on my ftp space, and give you the hyperlink so you can post them. Does that sound like a plan to you?

01-05-2005, 10:30 PM

I like ur idea!


01-06-2005, 12:24 PM
Darkchilde, what ftp?

I found a way anyway but I couldn't get the picture any bigger. Maybe you can. For those who can't figure it out, this is a map of the world madkhao style. I didn't take a good picture of the one on the right so the old world got cut off in some areas.

I don't know if you can use them or not. I just wanted to show I'm not a total retard when it comes to art so maybe I can help in that department too. The color quality turned out like crap cuz I took the picture with a 600 year old polaroid. oh yeah, and I guess I got photoshop at least, did you mention that one?


why the heck were you watching 'as the world turns'?

01-08-2005, 05:13 PM
Hey you guys.. Somehow I'm not going to have my laptop.. (The snow started falling and I won't be able to get it from my daughter to take it with me on vacation).. That leaves me with just an hour a day in a internet cafe.. I'll add what I can, while I'm gone...

Leaving SEATAC 11:00 tomorrow morning for France until March... I have budgeted one hour a day for internet Cafes.. I'll be standing by.

madkhao.. Great concept.. I always thought Africa looked like a scull.. Great imagination in your images of the other continents.

01-08-2005, 05:19 PM
I was hanging out at this cafe at a ski resort with my nephew and neice and "As the world turns" just happened to be on the TV in there and I got my idea 2 seconds later. :-P

01-08-2005, 06:09 PM
Merci beaucoup sablefish! Bon voyage aussi :-P

01-08-2005, 10:33 PM
Okay . . . I LOVE the ideas everyone has been putting out. Some are (sort of) off topic, but can still be used for side-stories.

I'm still putting together sketches . . . when I have something that can, as close as possible, convey the thoughts of the posters, (rather . . . how I interpret the look of the charachters through their posts) and turn them into a physical being. As I interact with you guys more and more, I'm gaining a more accurate mental picture of what y'all look like.

And when I'm ready and I have the images uploaded to my website, you may need a user/login to view them . . . not sure . . . but I'll let you guys know what the URL is . . . and I hope you'll all be pleased.

I have no one charachter totally finished yet. I'm making changes every day . . . but I do believe that I'm on the verge of finishing mary as well as sablefish as of now.

And the biggest chalenge will be how I want myself depicted . . . I'll probably put my likeness on a flukie or two, since, in my eyes, I'm not exactly [insert name of hunk here].

But, be assured . . . once I present the characters to you . . . the writing will begin. (If you guys want to start writing now, you can . . . just so long as you don't put any character specific physical features into the story until after you see them)

01-12-2005, 03:59 PM
Can I be the one that says: "Quiet on the Set"! :-D

01-21-2005, 10:28 PM
Sure, send it to me in an .mp3 file, 64000 bps sample rate, stereo, panasonic codec, CD quality, enveloped to 50%; no pops clicks or hiss, filtered through a high bandpass; and with bass, trebel and all settings in between on the EQ set to flatline . . .

Nah, I'm just playing . . . send me a PM and I'll tell you where to email your sound file to. :)

01-31-2005, 09:53 AM
Ok guys, I just stared my eyes out for the last hour and a half reading swiftly through this thread and I'm willing to make a contribution, any contribution, to this project.

Although, I think it's kind of contrary to what's been my personal battle to make a serious anti-NWO attack via the very massmedia we love to hate (risking embarrassing questions like "so if you're so against media manipulation, how come you're making a film?") I think what this project needs is - apart from all the stuff you've already discussed - a visual, artistic, spiritual guide. What I mean is someone who's maybe not involved in the particular details of production, shooting, rendering, animating, script writing and such, but someone with a keen eye for the overall dramatic form, pacing, timing of the narrative; a person who's perspective is a bit more from above.
Someone who can have a look at the different drafts and just be very perceptive and open intuitatively to be able to see what's maybe unnecessary, beside the point, uneven etc.

I'm not saying I'm the definite one for the job I'm suggesting. What I AM saying though, is that I have a little experience with making short films, I have a few ideas for a couple of shorts that I've been having in the back of my mind, some I've even started writing scripts for.
I DO have a lot of stage and theatre experience though,(Shame for me you're making an animated film! ;-)) as well as quite a few years of music composing and production on computer and professional singing. I know music.
My father being a painter, (real stuff, not that bazaar, decorative crap) I have a good eye for esthetics and composition.

Anyhow, what I thought while reading through your posts was that it's all good brainstorming. I think you (we?) should be careful with being too obvious in the type of story we want to tell. I mean, the point is to wake people up, right? I think subtlety is very important. It's the final message that's REALLY important, not the way the film looks in the end. More SUBSTANCE, less FORM.
Don't get me wrong, the more professional the end result looks the better.

If you (again, we?;-)) want to really inspire people to wake up and do GOOD things, we really need to be careful so that it doesn't turn out to be a turkey.

One should never lose sight of the Reason for doing a project like this.

P.S. I'm selling my laptop to buy an iMac G5 in a few days so I might not be able to check in during that time. I have a few compositions though that might be useful for you. Also, I can write more music if needed.

01-31-2005, 11:00 AM
Another thing I thought would be cool, if you allow me to fantasize a bit, would be if this project really hit it on some film festival and no one actually knowing who made it. It would just appear, totally sweep everyone off their feet with brilliance and subtlety but no one actually picking up the prize for making it! It would be genuine guerrilla filmmaking: even in the face of success not compromizing our integrity. What a victory THAT would be...

01-31-2005, 03:04 PM
Draken.. Welcome.. We have many loose ends.. We should start to compress and agree on a script or else I'll just start writing one.. Draken why don't you and the rest of us each write one of about two thousand words. Then we could pick the best ideas out of all of them and create something resembling The Project.

We could each get a page at blogspot.com and present our writings there.. Pictures can be linked as well as MP3s.

Then we could look at each other's contributions. mine is http://www.richardreinke.blogspot.com
This is my notebook. Draken get one for yourself.. They are free and easy.

01-31-2005, 06:58 PM
We need two thousand word outlines of the script. Each of us needs to write one and we will pick the best parts of all of them.

I think this should be a musical stageplay..Like 'Hair' that stopped the Viet Nam War.. So that's my opinion, however there are many here who have better ideas than me.. So we will adjust the product to the best ideas.

To contact each other we should investigate Skype.. It is free telephone for us webdogs.. It will speed things up. skype.com.. free to anywhere in the world. We can give each other our telephone numbers in the inbox.

Yes.. Get_real.. Why don't you type two thousand words and get in the game? What are your ideas?

02-01-2005, 12:22 AM
I vouche for Skype - it's good stuff. I call my sister on it everyonce in a while. Sometimes there can be a few seconds' delay but no biggie - it's like instant messaging with sound. ;-)

02-11-2005, 02:19 AM
I've never laughed so much in all my life!

Do you lot of malcontents really think anyone would be interested in this movie?

Do you realise the competition?

Why would anyone come to see this movie when Hollywood is putting out high quality fair like...

Dickie Roberts Child Star.
American Pie 2.
School Of Rock.
Water World.
Blackhawk Down.

and other cinematic classics.

And lets not even get into the Bollywood Indian musicals you are up against!

Ha ha ha ha...

Watch 'Adaption'. A reasonable movie starring Nicolas Cage with twin brothers competing writing a script.

Good luck!

I have an idea i'll post a bit later. More of a thrilla.

You could do several variations including a comedy.

Watch out people dont steal your ideas!

Though I believe the posts would be evidence enough for copyright.

02-11-2005, 11:19 AM
OK ,let me say that this movie will need to be a real attention grabber. You have programs like unsolved mysteries, history channel, and the likes that do bring up conspiracy. However, they leave the viewer thinking "well, I'm not really sure", "what can I really do", "oh, come on now", "oh well".
So how about something like "man on the street" interviews (do not show face) with very direct questions for some serious answers/opinions. That would be the opening for the movie. Then flow into a "lets take a look at" subject..subject..subject. It truly needs to be a serious movie (as we all agree), to be concerned about characters really isn't the issue. I know we've been doing alot of
joking around, but getting to brass tacks is what we want. This movie needs to be the voice to bring out the VOICES. A writer, yes we need someone very direct and to the point, but to paint a picture of how people (with NWO concerns) feel about all this stuff. We want those hidden voices to come OUT!!!

02-11-2005, 02:54 PM
Get me some interviews in a typewritten format . . . either that or send them to me in an mp3 file, converted from cassette recorder. I have a brilliant idea on how to implement your idea, get_real.

02-11-2005, 08:07 PM
Hows about this.

George Lucas's classic Star Wars was a classic because he tapped into the archetypal background of human behaviour.

When you tap into the archetypal pattern of human behaviour you have a good movie.

Gorge Lucas was actually helped immensely in the script by a famous mythologist Joseph Campbell. By using the knowledge of classic myths and stories, as well as contemporary history, Lucas managed to make what is perhaps still...the best modern movie ever.

On that note...what is the myth we are trying to bring out?

For me it is the story of the loss of innocence.

That the world is not what it appears to be.

The dissapointment that comes from realising you have lived a lie and been duped. Everything you believe in is a fraud.

The story must go from True Believer to sunken and broken man who rises again to take on the world.

Born On The 4th Of July. Enemy Of The State are a couple of examples.

Hows this...

The story revolves around two main characters.

One is extremely idealistic and BELIEVES.

The other is old, worn and cynical. He's seen it all. He believes in nothing.

The clash of these two characters is the movies story and ultimate synthisis. This is the archetypal background.

For the idealist I pick Tom Cruise. He plays the blindly patriotic and nieve well, in movies such as Born On The 4th Of July.

For the worn cynic I pick Robert Deniro. A brooding and dark character.

Tom Cruise is an idealistic CIA analyst. He was former Special Forces but was injured early in his career and moved into covert opo's. Mainly analysis and planning. Computer literate, quick on his feet and quick with his mouth. He is the new breed. He believes he is working for the good guys.

DeNiro is the legend. Old school. Bend it here, break it there. He has no time for 'Laws', 'Geneva Conventions', he wants to win. Kill the enemy. Make the world safe then go home. He has no time for intellectual brats. He used to believe. But like former Marine General Smedly Butler (?) he realise he is nothing but a hit man for wall street and leaves the Agency in mysterious circumstances. No one knows where he is.

An old adversery returns to haunt the U.S intelligence community. He's so good at outwitting U.S intelligence, Cruise believes the only way to get him is to bring back DeNiro to the fold.

DeNiro was in Afghanistan and trained and equipped this man personally (sound familiar?).

Cruise goes to his superior with official recommendations for getting the 'Adversary' by bringing in DeNiro. His superior is a little like the bad NSA head in Enemy Of The State. He has his own agenda. He used to work with DeNiro, hates him for some reason and nobody knows why. He says to Cruise...

"Forget about this guy! He's washed up and finished and probably dead. He'd better be...he's a fucking traitor."...He tosses Cruises recommendations in the bin and goes on..."son, we have a 30 billion dollar budget and more gadgets than you can poke a stick at, use them! I dont want to hear any more talk of using washed up Agency staff who cant do as they're fucking told...get to it".

Cruise is mystified at the response...why such hatred for this 'Agency Legend'? He decides to do some digging in his own time. He cant let it go.

He tells colleagues what he's doing.

He digs deeper looking for DeNiro...amazing facts about the guy are revealed. Cruise is being watched by dark forces...an agency within the agency...foreign voices are heard watching him. This needs to be gotton accross that the dark forces at work are international in character.

Just like the main character in Enemy Of The State bad things start happening. His girlfriend leaves him etc...he loses his home...he is shot at...he calls one of his colleagues at home...he tells him he's in big trouble...his colleague replies..."you sure fucking are! What the hell have you dug up..." a sharp crack as the phone is cut dead....the audience is in no doubt his colleaugue is now dead.

Cruise is now frantic. He knows a little about what happens to people who cross a line. He now frantically attempts to get as far away as possible.

While watching T.V in a dingy motel room the news reports that an aircraft has crashed killing all government employees on board. ALL his work colleagues are dead. He realises powerful forces have been unleashed against him.

The cocky new age beauracrat is now at his lowest ebb. He is depressed and distraught. Earlier we see him in the movie mock people going to church as weak. He needs no one. Now he is on the verge of suicide.

Drunk out of his mind we see him stumble into a church in a small town in the middle of no where. It is dark. Rain is poring. He is looking for shelter from the rain and also from the world. The church is the only building open and with a light on at this time. Every where else is darkness.

We see him sink to his knee's before Christ on the cross. He blurts out half sobbing..."i need help..." Just then we hear a gun cocked. A Berretta pistol is placed against the back of his head. We see the tightly fitting black gloves gripping the weapon. Cruise does'nt even look up. He just smiles and gasps..."do it, just do it".

A voice says..."are you armed?"..Cruise reply's.."what?"...just then we see the gun shift to the left hand and the right hand is offered to pull Cruise up from the floor. A voice says..."i believe you've been looking for me"?

It's DeNiro.

The camera is at an angle so as Cruise is lifted from the floor, the image of Christ nailed to a cross is seen behind them. Cruise is redeemed.

Now Cruises education begins. In a safe place Cruise is informed about just how the world really works. He gets to know who caused 9-11 and why. He learns of the agencies with in agencies. The subversion of the Americasn political system. The selling out of colleagues...and on and on. Cruise learns that the adversary he was to eliminate is actually a CIA creation.

DeNiro comes close to breaking down when describing the carnage he's seen. The death of innocents.

The rest of the movie is dedicated to Cruise getting his life back. The usual close calls and Hollywood explosions can follow. We get to see DeNiro at his ruthless best...protecting Cruise at times. Cruise is a well honed fighter but is brash and flashy. DeNiro is a bruiser and street fighter. The movie should exemplify the meeting of the old with the new at every oppertunity.

DeNiro turns out to be the number 1 source for information about 9-11 for the internet community.

We get to see the GEEKS DeNiro has surrounded himself with. They are experts at electronics and know more than the spooks know. They are the long haired, geek, Lone Gunmen types.

They are the rejects of society but they are also the ones protecting it and trying to get the truth out.

The rest of the film is dedicated to Cruise getting his life back and exposing what he can.

In the end he is not out of the woods but enough info has been brought to the publics attention that Cruise can walk a little safer.

DeNiro and Cruise part company. Cruise tells DeNiro.."come with me, we can bust it wide open"...."No, Joe and Jill average ar'nt ready for the whole truth yet. I'll keep an eye out for ya. I like the shadows, thats where I'll stay. Thats where the SOB's operate. Thats where I'll be..."

The End.

02-11-2005, 09:06 PM

Man . . . I wanna start storyboarding this as soon as possible. I had to take a break from character design . . . and now I know why.

Okay . . . I definitely want to fuse this into the story. I also want to put the human element in here as well. I ALSO want to make this about the commoner.

How can we do this and still make it convincing? What exacly is the project that Cruise is supposed to be using the gadgets for? Lets elaborate some of the smaller points please?

Holy SHIT! True . . . what do you do for a living again? You should be a concept writer. This would make one HELL of a game, also.

Keep going with this. This actually has a potential to build an empire bent on strangling the NWO in a (sort of) robin hood sort of way.

What REAL events can we use to tie this all in? Fuck the fiction . . . lets make this a draminization of REAL LIFE. I'm SURE that there is a way to do it with this turn of events.

True, you are a genius. We just need to get out the references to other movies, and make it all original . . . while maintaining a premise.

02-11-2005, 10:58 PM
Wadda ya mean just a 'genuis'. I'm an incredibly handsome genius with a large hard drive!

A bit more respect! :-D :-D 8-)

Give me a day or 2.

I've already got it planned out with mnore detail.

I'm glad you liked it. My friends go yeh, whatever, yadda yadda yadda...conspiricy conspiricy la la la la.

02-11-2005, 11:28 PM
I agree that we make it a dramatization on real life events.

Heres a little scene betwen Deniro and Cruise in a safe house surrounded by geeks.

C:..."i know the Agency fucked up. They created the s.o.b and now we've paid for it".

Deniro jerks his head back and in a mocking tone notes...

DN: "What! You fucking nieve fuck. You believe that? You believe that piss ant camel jockey pulled this off from a dusty cave in Tora Bora? With his fucking mobile phone? What, the fucking Agency recruiting from the freakin Boy Scouts these days? What, you still believe in Santa Claus and Milli Vanilli singing live?"...Deniro starts to laugh and shakes his head.

Cruise gets pissed off, insulted he gets more aggressive...

C:"Dont fucking mock me! What, you with the Conspiricy Central Agency now? Shit happens, we fucked up, people got lazy and we paid the price. Dont hit me with this shit".

DN:"Hit you with this shit..?" DeNiro gets in Cruises face..."you already been hit buddy boy. What the fucking hell's been nipping at your bony ass this last week? You upset some people and now you pay the price for sticking your little nose in a big pile of shit! This piles so big you cant even imagine. Personally if you're alive in a week i'll take you to Vegas coz you're the fucking luckiest son of a bitch alive".

DeNiro is pointing his finger intently at Cruise as he says this, as only DeNiro can. He softens his tone and lowers his finger. He becomes more Fatherly...

DN:"Sonny, there are people in this world who play for keeps. They play on another level. You thought you were up with the big dogs, you've barely begun. There are people who own this planet. They own it and they plan on keeping it all to themselves. Two bit brats like you are a dime a dozen. You either wake up or you'll be dead. They own the cops, they own the fucking Agency, fuck they have their own Agency".

C: "I'll go to the fucking papers. They cant keep it under wraps forever..."

DN:..."Jesus H Christ...HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING! They own the fucking papers. And I tell you sonny jim, they will not stop until the entire fucking human race are kissing their jackboots like the feet of God. These people think they are God, ya got that buggalugs"?

and so it goes...

02-11-2005, 11:36 PM
Also, how about involving the militia movement?

They've been demonized by the media.

Lets show them hiding amongst them. Good God fearing people who will not back down from the State.

We can here stories of how the banking system ruined their lives, their farms, their community.

Cruise realises the common people he mocked are the life blood of the community.

Maybe a little love story...GROAN...between Cruise and a simple woman who's husband was killed in Waco? Off center maybe? Hmmmm...endless possibilities.

BTW...have the song for the end credits...

"Simple Man" by Bad Company.

"I am just a simple man, working with my hands, ooooo, it aint easy".

"I am just a simple man, working on the land, ooooo believe me". CHORUS...

"Freedom is the only thing, means a damn to me, ooooo oooo you cant fake it".

"Freedom is the only song, sing a song for me, oooooo oooo are we gunna make it..."

We should have 2 movies. One a drama/thrilla the other a comedy.

Comedy is a great way to get hard subjects accross to people.

02-11-2005, 11:51 PM
A WORD OF WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollywood is dead. They have run out of ideas hence the remake of the remakes. Dont think some skulking son of a bitch wont steal these ideas.

Over 800 views to this thread!

Keep copies and date them. Get a friend to sign and witness them.

If people really want to make something work then people may have to think about personal e-mails.

Food for thought.

Na stuff it. These posts should be enough evidence.

If we make a good script and sell it we should have a big party in.....

02-12-2005, 06:21 AM
Movie has moved through several phases.

9-11 is touched on but not the main theme.

The main theme is Cruises former boss and the Northern Allience boss who is eluding the CIA...eluding them because elements of the Agency have been subverted and are protecting him as he runs the opium trade for them.

The Agency has been subverted by a foreign power (nudge nudge wink wink). Cruises former boss is supervising the laundering process of the drug money as well as elements of the smuggling.

He is liasing with intelligence agencies (all subverted by a foreign power, (nudge nudge wink wink-now to be known as NNWW)such as the FSB (Russia) MI6 and Mossad as well as German Intelligence...all work for the same boss...European banking and finance.

The money flows through Switzerland and out into the Europe and U.S banking and brokerage houses nicely laundered. (If anyone out there knows the ins and outs of the Swiss banking/money laundering system please drop me a line).

Cruise (now believed dead by his boss, somewhere back in the movie) and DeNiro plan to find out all the banking details and blow it wide open by tracing the money. To do this they need to kidnap Cruises former boss. They also need to torture it out of him...payback for Abu Graihb...so they cant nab him in the States.

Cruises boss is flying to Pakistan and Afghanistan to attend an important meeting. He will be out in the field supposedly supervising the destruction of an opium crop which has been especially grown so as to be destroyed in front of the worlds media to give an indication that the CIA is doing it's bit against drugs...ha ha ha ha he he he ha ha ha he he he chuckle chuckle chuckle ha ha he he...ohhhhhh...sorry, ah em...where was I...

DeNiro is too make contact with old friends. He's heading back to his old stomping ground. Sort of like the Assyrians helping out O'Connor in The Mummy. Field work and getting down and dirty is where he's at. Some good guy Muslims are about to get involved. They will help DeNiro and Cruise get rid of the scurge.


On the night of the main event they are to don all Black Combat Gear. A Lone Gunman type geek is also along with them. They are deep in the heart of Afghanistan in a mud hut villiage....Would the sound man please cue "Back In Black" by ACDC!


Different camera shots show them packing and stacking their gear. Cruise is fit and rocking! Snap! go the buckles...rrrrrip go the velcros...clack clack goes the lock and load of their H&K 9mm's. Lone Gunmen can bearly tie his shoelaces and provides the frustrating but loveable idiot. DeNiro is rocking too but when Cruise turns to him DeNiro has a pained look on his face...Cruise asks..."whats wrong?"...DeNiro answers..."shit, I cant do this"...Cruise..."what?"...Back in Black music ends...DeNiro undoes his pants and lets his gut out..."whewww, thats better"...music pumps back in...

As well, somewhere in here, before they move out, they look for the Lone Gunman character...they look into a room and he's in his black gear with his 9mm Berretta gazing into a old cracked dirty mirror doing his best Taxi Driver impersonation..."you talkin ta me"...looking very stupid. Cruise comments..."should this man be armed"? DeNiro shrugs his shoulders and turns to his dear geeky friend.."Gerald, come on ya dont have the looks for DeNiro impersonations, lets go".

Cue music....

Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes, I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I've been looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse 'cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat's eyes
Abusin' every one of them and running wild

'Cause I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back, back
I'm back in black
Yes, I'm back in black

Back in the back
Of a Cadillac
Number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack
I'm in a bang
With a gang
They've got to catch me if they want me to hang
Cause I'm back on the track
And I'm beatin' the flack
Nobody's gonna get me on another rap
So look at me now
I'm just makin' my play
Don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way

02-12-2005, 09:03 PM
Don't worry about the copyright infringment . . .

There's a general international forum law, that states:

"Posted material is property of their original posters"

If someone steals the ideas, you can make a ton of $ on the lawsuits alone. However . . . If you want to leave it only for the voice talent, artist(s) and other writers to work with, get in touch with me via PM and I can work on distributing it to essential personnel only . . . or you can take care of that. Either way . . . I just know I can serve it via FTP with private folder/file options.

02-12-2005, 09:07 PM
Na DC thats alright.

I've run out of steam anyway.

Some one else finish it.

I like originating an idea then leaving the details to someone else.

it's my creative way...although my Mother says i'm just a lazy bastard.

02-12-2005, 09:09 PM
Now . . . lets get some basic descriptions of the charachters . . . I know you said a DeNero and a Cruise type . . . but since we can't use their likenesses, lets see what you can come up with as far as a description. (I think I already know what you're going to say, but humor me, plase.)

And also, the geeks, and the girl.

Lets get a full character list going . . . hopefully I won't have to start the characters from scratch . . . but if I do, oh, well. It's okay.

02-12-2005, 09:22 PM
Ohhhh you are a hard task master!

O.K...but I need encouragement.

Will work on it today.

DeNiro and Cruise are just ideas.

It helps me see in my head how they behave and interact.

02-12-2005, 10:33 PM
I must admit . . . I started laughing my ass off when you wrote the part about the DiNiro Charachter was talking about the "DiNiro impersonator" or however you put it. It would be a real pisser if that line ever came up in one of Bobby D's movies.

02-13-2005, 09:32 AM
how about the cruise character finds the following document on the DiNiro character:


and he wonders why the hell he's still 50 years old after all this time? It could be some sort of experiment he was working on . . . like some performance enhancer that made him age slower? Kinda like an X-File within the story . . . some sort of age-defying concoction that the NWO was working on so the powers that be could remain in power longer, only the Dinero character (or rather sheridan) didn't know what it was. He could have watched his family grow old and die while he is still young . . . and the NWO doesn't want the public to find out. There could be an existing hit on him, only the operation to kill him was hush-hush?

Thoughts? Comments?

02-13-2005, 11:44 AM
Listen, has anyone (of you) thought about starting your own (our own) conspiracy forum? Chat room? I wish clubconspiracy had a chat room.
(Sorry Henry, don't mean to steal your thunder)
How about monthly newsletters? Published anonymously. Distributed via low profile, nonvisual, can't let the public see who is tributing the newsletters.
Just a thought.

02-13-2005, 06:39 PM
Jeeeezuzzzz...we could dig all the way to China!

The possibilities are endless! But yes a good idea. We have to decide on the audience we wish to target.

I guess we just keep throwing in ideas and one day we will have to sort through the gigantic pile for a synthisis.

Our own Hegalian project.

I could write a few pages on what you've put forward easily. The X Files approach has huge possibilities.

Have to return to work. Who invented work?

02-13-2005, 06:52 PM
adam was put to work in the garden of eden before the fall. 8-)

02-13-2005, 10:27 PM
Thank you nohope187...I now have the ultimate excuse...now where is my dole form?

02-23-2005, 08:15 PM
O.K. Since all of the others have gone away.. With all their bright ideas.. I will come back to the original idea.. A stage/screenplay about a conspiracy website.. It will be a musical.. I have infinite patience and will continue the project.. Even if I am all alone..

My sound card is not ready yet to do the recordings.. But I will be keeping a profile on the main players.. and I will invent characters too...

The plot will be .. A bunch of conspiracy theorists from a website go to an annual get together and get put in something like Gitmo.. for rejecting the state sponsored news.

I have been busy researching neocon websites...

I want to write the new "Hair".. In order to change the American population's opinions on pre emptive wars.. and the NWO in general... I don't mind being alone.. I will use this thread for the above purposes... If you want to help without distracting from the end product.. I can use your input.


02-27-2005, 06:41 PM
my laptop worked.. I got a cut of an origional tune...While playin' on boat.. I
ll'L give you a link... in a day or two.. You guys can name the backtrack and then we will write our first song...together..

As sone as the first song is done (kinda).. We will go onto the second...third,and forth.

Meanwhile.. People who's
expertise is in dance/coreorgraphy... Please help.

Only the brightest and best are attracted to this website... Fr that reason,I think that we have the power and intellegfence to counter the worm..

It will be done in the format of a musical stage drama..(That can be played on ten thousand stages worldwide).. kWithout the influence of the media miesters..

.. only you know why I have to communicate like this...

My Computer has been Infected b.....
and viruses because..

The truth will never survive on the internet... They know it and I know it.

This song that I have is just me playing all of the instruments at the same time... It is just one.. of the twelve different song patterns of the musical.

I'll figure to give you guys an idea of the pattern in another few days.. It'l thakeme nsome time to figure out how to upload it inles then a meg and a half.

It isn't me talking in my regular voice ..It is the takeover of my computer by some kind of spy/add ware.. kThey have fucked my computer up to stop this project.. That is why we must go ahead.. God Bless.