View Full Version : Wheelbarrow ride versus F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Aircraft

09-25-2006, 11:34 AM
Revealing true story:

In the hours and days following the
911 attacks, CNN would show so-called Arab terrorists in training
camps do advanced military exercises with such sophisticated
technical equipment as raised wooden beams to run on
and ropes to tarzan swing across. Apparently slow motion makes them
look even more menacing.

I literally fell off my chair onto the floor laughing
after what I saw next. In groups of pairs the bad Arab terrorists
would train by doing that "frog" or "wheelbarrow"
game that we all played as kids. You know when one person lies
down on their stomach and the friend
lifts both your legs off the ground and
the layed down person starts to walk with their hands.
This training exercise was going to transform these men ( teens )
into mighty warriors.

It was shown once and never shown again.

I envision a possibly not fictional story of the panic at CNN. The CIA media handler
at CNN is say ten floors up from the TV control room. He sees this video that
CNN news is playing. The phones and elevators happen to be malfunctioning.
He jumps out of his chair and races down the fire-escape stairwell,
using the railing post on each level to swing him down the next flight even faster,
with feet moving so fast he actually "skis" down some parts of the stairs.
Finally arrives ten stair-flights down, exhausted and panting he says,
"get that video off, that should never have been shown, give it to me right now."

F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Aircraft: