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09-26-2006, 10:16 PM
This forum is a link to our insight, and although many post have worked well to bring us intelligent thinking, it has also been very divisive spreading us apart.
As I said before I put myself on the line, they know my name they know my location, they most likely know my fears, but I am still out front, I will not get tired of destroying their foundation, and you should feel the same.
This site needs a declaration stating that if your not willing to bring down a truely evil government, you should not apply for membership.
I have tried to bring in new members in the past to build this consenus, and many I invited probably tried to divert the message above, for this I'm sorry, but if only a few joined with a true belief in destroying the evil that surrounds us, I feel some comfort.
I've been also a drunken and extremely high person, that if this was my site, I would most likely ban my ass, but this site, although with faults, has only banned truely obnoxious people, I hope I can explain myself next time I really get obnoxious.
With that, I believe that those of higher standing, those who post pertinant thoughts and still never screwed up with antics I am guilty of should now be considered monitors of this site, they should be contacted and asked to regulate this site.
I've only had a few problems with a few people over my time here, and I'm sure I get on others nerves at times, I say we take time to acknowledge those who you would trust to keep this board directed in a most proficient way.
Excuse the spelling, I'm tired although not drunk or high.

09-27-2006, 01:56 AM
Dear Torchlithill

In my opinion its not about destroying evil, cause we cannot destroy evil, we should use evil instead to improve our lifes in the manner of being humble enough to understand the lessons of evil.

Its more about consciously learn to distinguish good from evil, to finally accept evil as part of our planetary evolution. God is evil and good!

We should try to be the change we want to see in the world... act individually in a better way... so we are forming a part of the positive change in the world...

Best wishes from Switzerland


09-27-2006, 08:25 PM
No Torched, you will always have SeC. On and on you will have SeC. Until the end of days you will have SeC. So you are not alone, it just seems like you are because you have SeC.

09-27-2006, 08:57 PM
And your an ass!

09-27-2006, 09:36 PM
No, no you got it wrong. You're not your. The bottle again!!! You're an ass is correct or you are an ass. Now feel better?

09-27-2006, 10:01 PM
I'm tired although not drunk or high.

For some reason i'm pissing myself laughing...said so "matter of factly".

I just wish I could get drunk and high! I can barely afford to get online let alone get high.

I reckon "forums" are the new unpaid therapist. More satisfying than rolling up a towel and beating the bed screaming at your mother for failing to breast feed you longer. :-)

Best TLT...i know what you mean. It's good to ease off the emotions as it allows you to get the message accross better. Better out than in.

09-27-2006, 10:12 PM
In my opinion its not about destroying evil, cause we cannot destroy evil

We can transform it into a third way beyond "good" and "evil". Tears and true penetance do this. "Pride" is the ULTIMATE evil and the door through which Satan enters. Tears and suffering cure all these things.

we should use evil instead to improve our lifes in the manner of being humble enough to understand the lessons of evil.

Agreed. Evil only prospers because individuals want to stay innocent. You cannot return to the Garden Of Eden but after much suffering we will have the Heavenly Jerusalem.

to finally accept evil as part of our planetary evolution. God is evil and good!

NO! This is a big mistake and the ESSENCE of the New Age movement. I found it EXTREMELY difficult to relate to God in the sense of a "wise old man" figure who had moral and ethical standards. However, since I have been led down this path my life just gets better and better. God is DEFINATELY a force that has definate moral and ethical standards. It seems when we genuinely align ourselves with this amazing things happen and time and again we are brought humbly to the table in amazement.

Jungians would call this simple "synchronicity". I just prefer to call it humbling myself to the will of God.

BTW...Jung would never enter an argument into God existing "out their". He considered it a metaphysical argument that went nowhere. But he did fully acknowledge that their was an "image" of God that existed in the human psyche that was changing, down through the eons. That image for a modern Westerner is Christian for me. Undoubtably. This is why Christianity is THE fastest growing religion throught the modernizing world from China to Africa.

We should try to be the change we want to see in the world... act individually in a better way... so we are forming a part of the positive change in the world...


I think that is what TLH is going through. Acknowledging his "shadow" as it were and retrieving it and owning it. Thats one less for Satan.:-)

Best wishes from Australia.

09-28-2006, 04:47 AM
God is the truth and the truth can hurt you. This does not make it evil. This pain is experienced when you have not aligned yourself with truth. Were you to come out of a cave after some extended period of time, would not the light hurt your eyes at first?

Misery loves company and therefore we are constantly tempted by evil. The truth will never send you an invite, persuade you, mislead you, manipulate you or tempt you... it just is and it speaks for itself. The very nature of truth should serve as evidence of itself...

In other words, there's a whole world of evil out there that will always come knocking on your door, leave you presents, offer compliments and basically try to suck you in.

The truth does not work this way. It is always there if you need it but will never manipulate you. The truth is tough love.

Darkness can never fully overcome light. What we tend to associate here in this plain to "evil" is for the most part finite where truth dwells in the infinite.

What defines your reality? Your five senses... or everything else? The five senses are perhaps our greatest distraction from the realities of both truth and evil. The five senses are of no use in this arena. While you could argue that you have "felt" love... you could never touch it. To me, the five senses are pure illusion. I believe that roses are red to the human eye ONLY. I believe that there are no truly solid objects as science has proven. I believe that most scientists are caught up in the senses to the point that there today exists the great debate of science vs. God in terms of evolution and the big bang theory etc.
Science will NEVER meet God nor will it come close to replicating ANY of God's creations.

I think Socrates rightfully deserves the recognition of being the first saint because he was the one to bring forth the concept of dualism and died without questioning the existence of God. He taught of the senses and their tendency to play their evil tricks on us. I would caution anyone before reading Neitzsche... as he believed that only that which the senses could perceive was real. He contradicted himself in that the senses cannot touch, see, smell, taste, or hear truth, love, justice, peace, etc. yet he entertains the notion that God, if he exists at all, is an "evil" puppetmaster of which pulls our strings for his own amusement.


If only we weren't as far removed from nature as we are... where the truth is explained in detail.

Just as there is night and day, there is good and evil or right and wrong. There are predators and there are prey. At night, while all the sheep are sound asleep, the wolves come out to hunt. There is no shortage of metaphor in nature. This is not to say that wolves are evil. It is a metaphor...
Interesting to me how various religions utilize the lunar or solar calendar and no religion using the lunar believes or accepts Christ. Also interesting is the fact that lunar eclipses occur ONLY on intervals of six...

"Like the first total lunar eclipse of 2003, which occurred six months earlier, this eclipse is entirely visible..."

"...lunar eclipses occur about every six months..."

"Four successive lunar eclipses can all be total ones, each eclipse coming at intervals of just under six months apart..."

"Six months after the of 1982 July 06 eclipse, a second total eclipse..."

This is not a reference to any "sun-God" but a simple observation on my part. If you consider for a moment what it must have been like thousands of years ago when we lived in harmony with nature,
the heavens and more specifically the sun and the moon must have been very prominent aspects to those around to witness their presence. I believe the foundation of religion itself started here... namely Christianity. It was noticed that plants grew toward the sun and failed to interact the same way with the moon. The sun was viewed as the bright and warm lifeforce in the sky. The moon however while somewhat bright produced no warmth and failed to yield the same crops or behaviour in plants. This was viewed as a false sun! Today we know that the moon produces no light whatsoever but merely reflects light from the sun. It is a cold dead rock mimmicking our sun. It is therefore deceiving -> a false sun -> a false lifeforce -> a false creator -> the Antichrist. Also worthy of consideration is that Satan was cast down from the heavens unto the earth, which just as we are, is made up almost entirely of water. With this in mind, consider the effects of the moon on the tide. If the moon can pull the tide, you better believe it can pull you as well. I am not a worshipper of the sun, or of Horus. Pure metaphor.