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10-01-2006, 09:00 PM
Just as an excercise, what if all the evidence that has come up about the twin towers was planted to make us belive in a conspiracy.What if we where being played? Are there any ideas on how this could this benefit the iluminati or the powers that be?

Any theory?

Just a simple game


10-02-2006, 12:49 AM
55132 wrote:
Are there any ideas on how this could this benefit the iluminati or the powers that be?

Reaction can be guaged to aid in "thought control". Reactions gathered in controlled studies can tell them how many Americans will always blindly support the Government or could provide insight as to how many of us walk the fine line of opposition with our expressed doubt and ongoing questioning. There are unlimited possibilities with regard to the question you raise and very limited [dis]information on our end to be able to adequately reach concensus. I think the internet specifically, as well as other personal information [spending habits, communications], is the tool of choice at this time.
I know this sounds paranoid but I happen to know a lot about data mining and such data storage is indeed occurring. Comparing the spending habits of criminals [with bank accounts] could yield data via statistical analysis that could then be applied to all others... at which time the focus is shifted from the 'control' to we the 'free' people. I have many suspicions but obviously little supporting evidence.

It is VERY possible that Art Bell and Alex Jones are agents who's purpose is to spread disinformation and all the while encouraging us to purchase services from their websites and your credit cards can then be entered into a database for use beyond our current understanding. There are so many government funded data mining projects going on at this time it all seems plausible to me anyway.

The government undeniably controls the media and the media governs our mental state in more ways than most of us are currently capable of fully understanding or would be willing to admit.

The government holds no accountability as it is truly a 'corporation' whereby no one entity or individual alone can be held accountable. Enron was an interesting example... and the government will be doing all it can to help the individuals involved via the legal system. They're family...

At the end of the day, we are meant to dwell in a state of fear, confusion, and powerlessness and to say that the government hasn't singlehandedly played a role in it all would be rather foolish.

I love America and I have nothing but hope for the future... but the people of this country will have to take a stand together. You could speculate again that the government has methodically fed the division of the Blue's and Red's and this nation has never been as divided as it is today. Our rights are being trampled on and the unification of the American people would be the greatest threat to the system at this time... and so, we've been seperated. The moment you state your political affiliation, it doesen't matter what your point is... you've already lost support. These details are well thought out even down to the color of the tie on the president on any given day for any given speech at any given location. This is all a form of subliminal persuasion. You're either with this administration or against it. You're either a good sheep or a bad sheep. There are many projects currently underway, as there have been for far longer than the foundation of this country, to find these things out and to gain more and more control of the people. In the world of commerce, and from a corporate standpoint, this can simply be called good business and the true 'shareholders' will no doubt support it in every way. There is little room for morals in the business world. It is a matter of ethics and ethics are defined by corporate policy.


If Pepsico utilizes such technologies;


of course the greatest corporation of them all, the government of the USA, would do the same... only without any financial restriction.

The government already owns our labor and so it makes sense they wish to govern also our thoughts.

Were you to look into it, you'd find that there are many government programs and sectors researching all of these things. I wish to say more but it would all be purely speculative and make me sound outright paranoid... and there is some truth in that but I think I'm reasonable.