View Full Version : Appreciating God in Hard Times

10-08-2006, 08:14 PM
As an American I consume things around me, were actually good at that, but I question motive and response , I consider what ifs, and I ponder the revine of perpetuities , we don't let the logic of the true American Indians, those that have their long held beliefs flow through our concience, we silence their voices, because we have the power, because we have become as the jews or any other race only interrested in the conquest of the past, and sadly the present we obediently fall down to the idea that those people didn't give us anything, nor will they ever, we must there for write them off as barbarians that we allow to live in our land.
This part is about jews.
yes I said jews, but only because right now they say that their being persecuted, I say no, they have not seen the relentless attack on those that still deserve this land, or a land once theirs.(Palestinian Arabs),
I believe that when the jews required a land , they chose not Madacascar which was offered as one of the lands that they could begin anew , instead they chose a land they knew was going to be a point of contention in the future, the pivot point of world domination, 1948, spelled hell on Earth, good jews lost their voice and a tribe called zionist became the voice of the future, nonetheless, they were not interrested in building the world around them, they instead made the true israelite people subserviant to their world without a new messiah, all things were put on hold, and the peoples of the world must wait for them to say,,,,, hey, this person or possibly entity is what they were working for, as for me< I have been breathing for a fair amount of time, I have become more suspicious of the world around me adinfinitum, I want to know what they think their new messiah invisions as their future and the worlds peoples should be subserviant to.
I wasn't born yesterday.
If their idea of the messiah arises, are we allowed to question its intentions, belief system, or what goals it has for the rest of us.
Personally I have no problem with jews, if I am introduced to someone I dont know, and they have a jewish sounding name , I dont think that the person is a jew and must be looked at with a squinting eye, I look at the personality, and thats all.
We have let the darkness in the world dictate the future of the world on what might occur in a desolate and insolent people and land, we have let them scream on high that if you speak against their proto vision you must be considered anti semitic, why does the world not care the arabs are semitic?"
I'm not sure jesus will save me, but for the worlds sake, we better not stop ignoring evident truths.
For instance my name is Greenwalt which is considered german, greenwald is considered jew.
I would rather have a greenwald that is protecting my back against snipers and the NWO, than I would with another greenwalt that only wants to watch his tv.
I will get back to the topic of the American Indian later, not any less important, but I got into this rant.