View Full Version : Become anew, time is crashing down around you

10-08-2006, 10:09 PM
Are you confident that you are without fault, do you spend your day wondering if you should have helped that person at the side of the road that they might be you in a percievable future, have you squandered the belief that it is good to help others that have fallen into a less fortunate future, have we become so programmed that we look at them with suspicion first, and forget their need, we have let the globalist dictate our future, and it doesnt look anything reminiscent of god, how far should we fall not to realize that, we have chosen to trace our liniage back to the middle ages, without question or reasonability.
we have succumbed, we have not been steadfast, we are in denial of our best attributes, why are we allowed to exist.
God must always be important, and this god also goes by an unknown name, he passes on what he has learned and ponders our interpretation.