View Full Version : After six years on Bush's watch, North Korea goes nuclear

10-09-2006, 05:14 PM
After six years on Bush's watch, North Korea goes nuclear

Post by Bricktopp

9/11 happened on Bush's watch, New Orleans was lost on Bush's watch, Bin-Laden is running free on Bush's watch, record spending and deficits on Bush's watch, government started spying on citizens on Bush's watch!

But 36% of Americans still ignore the record and allow themselves to be manipulated by the rhetoric.

Most believe that either the lefties nor the rightwingers can fix this tremendous mess anytime soon...

10-10-2006, 02:20 PM
Post by Francois Cellier

Let's also look at the other side of the coin. Clinton signed an agreement with North Korea in 1994, in which the U.S. agreed, not to attack North Korea. In return, North Korea agreed, not to develop Nuclear arms. Bush repealed that agreement in 2002, placed North Korea among the "axis of evil," and started talking about preemptive wars. In 2003, he started his first preemptive war against one of the nations on his "axis of evil" list, a country that had never attacked the U.S. before, nor threatened it in any way.

Frankly, I can't truly blame the North Korean's for taking out an "insurance contract" against a preemptive first strike by the U.S.