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03-22-2005, 07:55 PM
Hi im new to the fourmes here and i wanted to say some things about how i found out about the illumanti and stuff. I'm still in high school so ive been being fed the illumanti bull**** for a while and i always thought there was something wrong wit how the schools taught things and that the government was kinda messed up but i had know idea just how bad it really was untill just a couple months ago. The reason i found out is kinda odd but it led me to finding out none of the less. I was playing this video game called metal gear solid 2 and there was a big part of the story that foucused on these people who controlled the government called the patriots and the top 12 member were called the wisements commite (similar to the illumanti and the 13 main bloodlines) in the begging of the game u nor the main character has no idea about the patriots and the president was captured by terrorists(this game came out just after 9/11 so they werent the arab terrorists they were just people) and he tells you about the partiots and says that democracy is just a filler for textbooks and that he has no power at the time this came out i was still in middle school and i was appalled by the idea of democarcy not being real in the US but i have an open mind about things and im smart so i thought it was possible but unlikely then the next game came out november 2004 and they talked about it more and how the patriots made the cold war for money and stuff, and that somethign else was going on in the cuban missle crisis and stuff. After all that and seeing how everythign was going in the world i thought that might be true even more so i searched online for conspiriacy theroy and the governemnt and i found out about the illumanti and got linked over to savethemales.ca from there somehow and was amazed by all this and at first i didnt want to belive it because it went against everything i was told but then i looked at it unbiased and saw this reality was much truer then the one we've been told. Sorry this post was so long and u could give me your opionons on this and if nebody knows nethign about if the game director of that game Hideo Konami knows a lot about it or something u could tell me. I'd also like to know how the illumanti allowed this game to be sent wit that plot in it(my guess is that they think most people who play games or watch movies are too stupid to realize whats going on)

03-22-2005, 08:17 PM
hey man, there's tons of video games out there with NWO themes. They even have games based on police state urban warfare. These games are made to condition peoples minds into getting used to seeing militarized police everywhere and to be subservient to the fucking government. I think theres another thread on this somewhere in here. check the social engineering topics. :-P