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10-16-2006, 04:10 PM
"EGYPT", is Nowhere in The Bible.

12-15-2006, 08:03 PM
Strong's Number 04714 (the same as NOW written "Egypt") matches the Hebrew Mitsrayim

mizraim occurs 4 times in 4 verses:
Gen 10:6 And the sons 01121 of Ham 02526; Cush 03568, and Mizraim 04714, and Phut 06316, and Canaan 03667.
Gen 10:13 And Mizraim 04714 begat 03205 Ludim 03866, and Anamim 06047, and Lehabim 03853, and Naphtuhim 05320,
1Ch 1:8 The sons 01121 of Ham 02526; Cush 03568, and Mizraim 04714, Put 06316, and Canaan 03667.
1Ch 1:11 And Mizraim 04714 begat 03205 Ludim 03866, and Anamim 06047, and Lehabim 03853, and Naphtuhim 05320,

BUT, look up "Egypt", and you get;
Mitsrayim (Strong's 04714) occurs 681 times in 602 verses: Page 1, verses 1 - 25
So, WHY are 677 mentions of the word, turned into "Egypt"?

Egypt = "land of the Copts"

1) a country at the northeastern section of Africa, adjacent to Palestine, and through which the Nile flows

Egyptians = "double straits"

2) the inhabitants or natives of Egypt

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count Total: 681
AV - Egypt 586, Egyptian 90, Mizraim 4, Egyptians + 01121 1; 681

And this (at below link) is what we're given, in answer to the meaning of the word, still written as Mizraim, NOT Egypt, as it's CHANGED to in all other references.
It only has one little bracketed mention of "a son of Ham"?!?


12-15-2006, 08:04 PM
Yes edit, the RED sea isn't in there either, but;
1) reed, rush, water plant

a) rushes

b) sea of rushes

which is then 'interpreted' as;

1) of Red Sea

2) of arms of Red Sea

3) of Gulf of Suez

4) of sea from straits to Gulf of Akaba

so why is so hard to picture crossing the shallow, "REEDY" sea, between the still moving and changing land masses and ocean floors, and WHY CHANGE it to "red", if not like all the other 'wrong' translations, to shoehorn The Bible into a little corner of the VATICAN (anti-Christ) OWNED 'holy land'?

12-15-2006, 08:05 PM
Thanks Lill..

those birds sound interesting. Do they taste good?

Easter Island has always been an ignima to me. do you have a take on that?
Also the roads under the sea at Bimini..

Ah, now we come to Hiram, the great ocean traveling merchant, rewarded with a load of cities for his help in providing City building materials from around the world.
Now, he (his people) is still a 'friend' of Israel, despite being given crappy cities.
Could that be because he understood, from traveling the whole, still 'settling' world, Solomon wouldn't easily recognise lands Hiram had seen collaps into the sea, so didn't take it as a deliberate insult?

Hiram I read as our 'yellow' Asian cousins (Japan/China area), who today are still such 'friends' of Israel, we trust China with our uranium and still have the northern half of Australia marked off to GIVE too Japan (that great FISHING nation), since WW2.

Again, the discriptive meanings of Mizraim, fit the two halves of the Americas and the greatly narrowed lands between them.

And there is a very "real world" reason, Masons go on so smuggly, about the "secrets of Hiram", and you know Masons; it's nothing to do with any of their 'spiritual BS', as even their obsession with the occult, is just to accumilate ever more "real world" luxuries, riches and power.

12-15-2006, 08:07 PM
Now you'll notice, the earliest map of "Jerusalem" (from Israel's own site), doesn't appear untill about 1500 after Solomon (wow, and how WRONG has our modern science, got 1500 y.o. 'history!), and around the time Islam was invented by Counterfeit 'Christian' Rome (The Whore who rides The Beast), who already relied on the "tourist trade' to their regions of control.

The Madaba Map is the oldest detailed cartographic document in the word. Made about the year 565 CE from over two million colored stone cubes, the map formed the mosaic floor of a Byzantine church in the biblical town of
Medeba, today Madaba in Jordan. It depicted the Holy land from Lebanon in the north to Egypt in the south. Jerusalem, the Holy City, constitutes the earliest urban mapping known.
The Peutinger Map was discovered in Germany in 1507 as a long and narrow parchment scroll. It is clear? that the map was made in the 12th or? 13th century as an apparently exact? copy of an ancient road map, now lost, which portrayed the Roman Empire in the fourth century, with paved roads clearly visible. Jerusalem is prominently marked "Formerly? called Hierusalem, [now]? Helya capitolina", with the Mount of Olives nearby.
The 10th and 11th centuries were the era of the "Atlas of Islam" - collections of maps which usually included representations of 17 Islamic countries. The Arabs never regarded the Land of Israel, which they called Falastin, as a distinct geographical or political unit, and mapped it as an integral part of ash-Sham, Syria, as in the example shown here. Jerusalem is represented by one of the circles in the upper part of the map (which is directed towards the south-west and is named Bayt al-Maqdas (Hebrew: Bet haMiqdash, the Temple).

12-15-2006, 08:12 PM
those birds sound interesting. Do they taste good?



Great-winged Petrel Pterodroma macroptera. Flight: gliding, soaring, sometimes fluttering to pick up food from the surface. Diving: not.
The sternum of Pterodroma combines fulmar and shearwater characteristics that reflect its mixed type of flight.. It is high keeled but rather short. The anterior pillar of the keel inclines backward and the spina externa protrudes anteriorly which indicates this bird being foremost a glider, but it has also shearwater characteristics such as the prominent notches.


[i]Disperses widely in subtropical parts of Atlantic, Indian and W Pacific Oceans, mainly 25 -50 S; some birds near breeding islands all year round. Occasionally strays into subantarctic and Antarctic zones. (del Hoyo J, Elliott A, Sargatal J (eds), 1992)


Aren't they assuming that there has always been seasonal changes on the Earth? What if at one time there was only one season all year round? If that was the case there would be no growing seasons at all and trees wouldn't produce tree rings or lose their leeves.

It was when DEATH came into the world, that seasons started; the whole falling leaves and sprouting seeds, cycle, which in themselves are a reminder of Gods plan to end this 'season of death', and return the 'season of life.

But think about it guy; folk always complain God didn't leave us enough info. when it's just us, too careless or lazy to give every line importance.

Mutton Birds, the only birds to fit the Exodus story, ONLY nest and breed in the Southern hemisphere, across the shallow, once "REEDY" sea, between the once connected, Sth, America and Australia.

The Bible gives enough detail on these birds, to let us know it has more to tell us, where as shoes and clothes not wearing out for 40 years, get no detail. It was just a miracle of the time, not something to look for in other ages.

Though man removed markers, God did tell us the secrets (such actions buried) would be reveled in end times, so those 'called out' to 'watch', could warn the world there is a God to answer to, and time's running out, for 'balancing our accounts'.

Australian Aboriginals ARE the EARLIEST continuous race, which DNA supports (and so gets NO MS Press), yet you all still try to put mans origins in Africa, like the lies of the 'Pyramid Worshipping' "Illumed" have taught us to.

Egypt is NOT mentioned in The Bible, but those early translators didn't even know Llamas and Alpacas (a "joyfull, skipping" [the root meaning of 'horse] version of the camel) existed, let alone were ridden and used to transport.

It's all these, "lines, here a LITTLE, there a LITTLE", that untangle the lies told ABOUT The Bible, IF, you diligently search with your whole, honest mind and heart.

So why do so many people who hate and reject (a sign of the insanity of lies), The Creator and His Word, keep rejecting and attacking facts of natural science, just because they don't fit the "version" of The Bible that promotes Egypt and the Middle East as "special", even though accepting that makes a lie out of the body and purpose of the Good News Message ...yes the answer is in the question.

Sorry guy, sleep depravation and busy household, my focus is scattered, but I ment to correct the above bird with the correct, Exodus fitting, Mutton Bird.


The short-tailed shearwater of Griffiths Island (Puffinus tenuirostiris - Tasmanian Shearwater) is commonly called the 'mutton bird'. Given the name 'mutton bird' by early settlers of Port Fairy because of its fatty flesh, the shearwater was hunted as a food and oil source. Today the shearwater is totally protected in Victoria.

The short-tailed shearwater is the only petrel whose breeding grounds lie solely in Australia. Almost all colonies nest on islands off south-east Australia, concentrating around bass Strait.

The 'Pea Soup' colony at Port Fairy is one of the rare mainland breeding areas.

The shearwater is, perhaps, Australia's most abundant bird. The colony at Griffiths Island totals several tens of thousands.


This mutton bird may not be spectacular in appearance, but it has some remarkable characteristics, including annual migration around the Pacific Ocean, and an uncannily regular lifecyle.

Each year the bulk of the colony (the beeding age birds) return to the nesting grounds on almost the same day. Individuals return to the same nest burrow they occupied the previous year and generally mate with the same partner throughout their breeding life.

For a few weeks after returning to the colony, the birds remain busy digging or clearing out nest burrows. The burrows are tunnels about one metre long dug in soft soil or sand close to the surface (This results in nests being difficult to avoid and easily crushed by walkers). Mating occurs in early November, with the entire population then flying off to sea for about two weeks. Eggs are laid immediately upon return. Each pair has one white oval egg similar in size to a domestic hen egg.

The male and female birds share the duty of incubation, with the male spending the first 12 to 14 days on the egg, followed by the female for 10 to 13 days. This alternating duty continues until the egg hatches about mid January.

Two to three days after hatching, the chick is left during the day while the parents forage at sea for forrd. The food is regurgitated to the youngster at night. Progressively, the period between feeds increases until the chick can wait up to two weeks between meals.

Parent birds can forage up to 1,500 km from the nest during this period. Meanwhile, the chick gain weight rapidly and for a period becomes heavier than the adult birds.


In mid April the adult birds commence their Pacific migration leaving the young behind. Hunger begins to bring the chicks from the nest at night, until they eventually set off after the adults. Somehow they find the migratory route without the guidance of the older birds.

Mortality is high in thefirst year, with only about half of those leaving the nest surviving. The non-breeding young birds follow a slightly later migration timetable. Reproductive maturity is attained at about five years of age.

After departing from the breeding grounds, the birds fly rapidly north to their wintering grounds arounds the Aleutian Islands and Kamchatka peninsula at the most northern extremity of the Pacific.

The journey, of about 15,000 km, passes New Zealand and Japan and is completed in only two months.

The return journey follows the coast of North America to California, then south-west across the Pacific. Prevailing winds aid their flight for most of the journey but on the final leg, from the central Pacific, the birds battle across south-east winds. They return to their nesting grounds exhausted.

12-15-2006, 08:12 PM
Egypt is not called Egypt today by many. It is Miz-RA for obvious reasons. That is how we knew it. true-lilly, we are impressed with your knowledge of Peleg.

12-15-2006, 10:04 PM
Yes, edit! What does that mean?

Are you saying that the RED SEA is not in the bible?

In Peace,

12-15-2006, 10:25 PM
See, this is what gets me; The Bible tells us of our fellow man traveling over the Super-continant, yet we still try to make the 'modern' Euphrates, the same Euphrates of the four heads, of the river out of Eden, that became a sea after the division of the land.

But still, the Biblical discription of The Promised Land, is a geologically safe, rich in everything, land SURROUNDED (Girt) by seas.

There's just so much pulling and stretching you have to do to fit earthquake prone modern Israel, to the Biblical DISCRIPTION, that it's only by claiming Egypt is Mizraim, you get close (but still no banana), and we keep refering to relatively recent historic (MASONIC) OPINIONS to place Biblical locations, while continuing to ignor all the Globally Fitting location as Described in this Book written FOR and ABOUT the WHOLE World.

People always have and will, rename new lands after old lands and old 'heros', but the names of places and people in The Bible are DISCRIPTIVE, for God's purpose of REVEALING the HIDDEN SECRETS to ALL who search with their whole hearts and minds, as HE promised would happen before the end of this age.

But to me the most 'telling' proof, is that ALL the Occult, Anti-Christ and Counterfeit/Deceived 'Christian' religions, IDOLISE EGYPT and PYRAMIDS, and the most vile, Satanic Bible mockers, will defend the book they call toilet paper written by men to contol men, to the hilt as unchallengable, if you point out; Nile, Egypt, mentioned nowhere in The Bible.
"They" go rabid!

12-16-2006, 07:24 AM
But to me the most 'telling' proof, is that ALL the Occult, Anti-Christ and Counterfeit/Deceived 'Christian' religions, IDOLISE EGYPT and PYRAMIDS, and the most vile, Satanic Bible mockers, will defend the book they call toilet paper written by men to contol men, to the hilt as unchallengable, if you point out; Nile, Egypt, mentioned nowhere in The Bible.
"They" go rabid!

I would agree that it was written by men to control men.

Doesn't common sense tell one that too many "coincidences" sometimes equal conspiracy?

In Peace,

12-17-2006, 09:19 PM
BlueAngel wrote:
Yes, edit! What does that mean?

Are you saying that the RED SEA is not in the bible?

In Peace,

Yep, Red sea ain't there either, it was the REED sea, they crossed, but in order to ram egypt in as Mizraim, well the Red sea would have to do, yet that Red sea reading also creates alot of other 'problems' with tracing the movements of peoples around The WHOLE WORLD The Bible teaches us of.

Now imagine; the super-continant has broken up and divided, but many other earthquakes and risings and collapses of lands kept happening for throughout Biblical history, and even now if you get hold of maps of the ocean floor, you'll see where the shallow sea is, and geology, flora and fauna prove the connection, after the flood, of South America, New Zealand and Australia.