View Full Version : Future of the internet on tonight Oct 18th

10-18-2006, 02:21 PM
Just a heads up, tonight on PBS, Bill Moyers on America, will be discussing the FCC and the mega corporations that are trying to take over the internet, also locally and probably around the country is a show directly afterwards called Granny D goes to Washington, a show about needing representative government is what it says its about.

10-18-2006, 10:00 PM
Watched it, and it was pretty good, you can bet that it won't be shown again, any good program on PBS is shown once and then gets shelved for fifty odd years.
For those that didn't watch it, it dealt with internet neutrality, and the big conglomerates, like clear channel going on a buying binge to take over your local airwaves, and take away local broadcasting.
The show afterwards was pretty incredible too, it was called Granny D Goes to Washington , about an 89 year old woman that walked across the USA, coast to coast, to fight the corruption of campaign finance reform lies, this one brought a tear to my eye, it was uplifting with pride for representative government and knowing that she was 89 was inspirational.
On granny D, I noticed that not one regular sponsor of PBS that usually says their for promoting programs like these were mentioned, it was sponsored by groups I've never heard of, and I do watch my share of PBS.
So what was it that they did not want to promote?
Representative Government?
I also did a search on Granny D, on PBS, and guess what, they had nothing listed, and they just shown it.
Another mini documentary that will no doubt be gathering the dust of the ages, after tonights showing.