View Full Version : Terri's Murder Will End the Political Legacy of the Bush Monsters

03-25-2005, 01:25 PM
Most of us here were never taken in by so-called President George Bush; we knew he was a compromised, stumbling, bumbling fraud (and a liar) from the beginning. He hoodwinked millions of discernless Christians into voting for him after his 'Jesus-is-my-favorite-philosopher' deception, and now he's bringing Israel to the brink of extinction by forcing her to give land to murderous Arab slime.

And now his little brother, Jeb, has shown his true colors as well--cowardice under fire. Jeb is the first governor to install government-sanctioned murder of 'the least among us,' something that Hitler's Nazi Germany perfected.

Not so shocking as the old saying goes, "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree."

Their daddy, George H. W. Bush, was once brandished as a "wimp" by a national publication; it was a slur that the old goat was never able to shake off. But this 'wimp' was also surrounded by various slimy Jew-hating Arabists, such as James Baker. (Some say that former CIA director Bush was involved in the Hinkley assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, and with this culture of death that now persists with the Bushes, I think there's some truth to it.)

And of course, H.W.'s daddy--Prescott--is said to have helped finance the Nazis under Hitler's reign.

Let's see, this family tree consists of a Nazi-supporting grandfather; a Jew-hating 'wimp' VP who 'may' have been involved in a failed coup against a president; a cowardly governor who supports Nazi-like murder of the 'least among us;' and then there's this evil thing called George W. Bush who is organizing the destruction of Israel through the US State Department!

What are the common threads with this bad family tree? Murder, lies, deceptions, genocide, coups, and destruction of nations.

Sounds like the prophesies spoken of in Revelation doesn't it?

And how fitting that both Jeb and George will never run for office again. Why should they? George is finished and little brother Jebby will now be opposed by millions of right-to-lifers but he has no need to run again anyway.

I only pray that Almighty God brings a torrent of suffering and punishment to this entire family of evil bastards. Unfortunately, God works in His time, which isn't our time. I believe that He will take care of the Bushes eventually, but I only hope that He does it before Judgment Day so we can gloat in their downfall.

I know that doesn't sound Christ-like, but I love my country, and I despise those who are traitors to this nation.

03-25-2005, 04:20 PM
The Bushes are not and never have been Christians. They only use the term because they need it in order to be elected and accepted by the Americans.
Check the expose at www.cuttingedge.org