View Full Version : Homosexual Hollywood's Plan to Make Ouir Kids Gay And Plans for Hetrosexual Genocide

12-14-2006, 01:38 PM
The homosexuals in Hollywood are part of Satan's plan to turn our kids gay. By making the gay lifestyle seem normal and happy, they hide the hideous aspects of this twisted and unnatural lifestyle.
Those who have spoken out against the Homosexual Agenda have bene blasted by Satan's minions in the Left and the hippy dippy New Agers (who are REALLY Satanist, but are fluffy bunny Satanists). There agenda of mass sodomy must be opposed by all right thinking people.
Let's not let the sodomites and the bull dykes win, people. Let's not the tree hugging Lefties and their fluffy bunny Satanism lite New Age crystal gazers pollute the mind of our young people with their messagge encouraging acts of homosexual promiscuity.
It is obvious why they want to do this. A.I.D.S was most prevalent in the Homosexual community. TRhe homosexuals then passed it on to those who followed the depraved bisexual lifestyle who then effected the unknowing spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends. This is because Satan hates families and str8 people so he wants us to all die from A.I.D.S. Hollywood knows this, and since the secret cabal who controls Hollywood are angry, depressed gays who are heading to Hell, they want to turn our str8 kids gay and make them get infected from the gayblades and raving homosexuals that stalk the streets looking for young and deluded youth to seduce and infect.
Say no to Hollyweird's encouragement of the Homosexual Agenda and their plot to spread A.I.D.S and commit genocide on us and our poor, defenseless hetrosexual children!!

See: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/news/060113d.aspx
See: http://www.thesleaze.co.uk/hollywoodhomo.html