View Full Version : On Killing: The Psychological Cost Of Learning To Kill

03-30-2005, 10:08 PM
By Lt Col Dave Grossman.

Details how the U.S army got it's firing rate up from 25% at WW2 to close to %100 during vietnam.

Also details how these same 'operant conditioning' reflexes are being replicated in the video games young males are playing.

He forgets to mention the adverse reaction of teenagers to psychotropic prescription medicines.

It may encourage you to know that before advanced 'brainwashing' techniques were formulated for soldiers, it was common for 75% of infantry men to fire into the air or not at all.

%90 of all casualties in war were the result of crew served weapons such as heavy machine guns, artillery and bombing from the air.

It's VERY hard to kill. The closer you are to your target the harder it gets.

U.S army scientists are trying hard to make sure the MTV generation are the best killers EVER.

Grossman is all for the use of 'Amnesics' for the troops to help them get over the results of their slaughter. So kind of him.

Grossman tries hard to explain to soldiers who bring up the commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill"...that it actually was thou shall not murder. Never let a commandment from God get in the way of a good excuse to kill he should add.

Overall a good read allbeit i cant stand Grossman personally. I've seen him interviewed many times. He loves war and I bet he wishes he'd been in one.

Veterans I speak to (including SAS), who've killed are complete mess up's. Alcoholics, mentally ill and one famouse special forces guy i knew was heading off to get his sex changed.

Chapters available for free here...