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01-17-2007, 10:20 AM
If you have'nt noticed the past month or so, the U.S. has suffered over 10billion dollars in damage due to WEATHER related losses. Follow the Storm Tracks. Retaliation from the U.S. HAARP system wll come in the form of a earthquake in CENTRAL ASIA soon.

WEATHER CONTROL AND WEATHER WARFARE (http://cuttingedge.org/news/n1694.cfm)

Weather warfare (http://twm.co.nz/wxwar.html)

DRUDGE REPORT 2008® (http://www.drudgereport.com/)

01-17-2007, 10:55 AM
Oh, so Russia and China are responsible for the manufactured weather disasters that the US experiences.

Why doesn't the US do something about it?

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01-17-2007, 11:10 AM
Following excerpt from "Cutting Edge" link:

"We now believe that American and Russian scientists can and do control our weather. They can and do create much of the disturbances seen in nature for at least the past several decades. How many times have you heard the weatherman say:"

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05-13-2008, 07:33 AM
Oh, so Russia and China are responsible for the manufactured weather disasters that the US experiences.

Why doesn't the US do something about it?

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They just did, the CYCLONE IN MYANMAR(BURMA) and the mag 7.2 EARTHQUAKE IN CHINA...Targeting Chinas NUCLEAR WEAPONS UNDERGROUND INFRASTRUCTURE "Be Careful what you wish for"...

05-13-2008, 09:52 PM
Ah, what does that mean?

"Be Careful what you wish for"...?

Don't worry, WE won't hold our breathe waiting for an answer from you.

So, your assumption implies that WE are capable of producing a 7.2 earthquake, but apparently Russia and China do not have the same capability.

And, you know that THEY were targeting China's Nuclear Weapon's Underground Infrastructure because it came to you in a dream????

I never said it came in a dream BA, harness and use your GOD GIVEN INSIGHTS BA! As far as the "be careful what you wish for" phrase BA, it can mean whatever you 'perceive' it to be, however, it applies to everyone reading this! Are you angry at me? Now, that's a silly question.

05-17-2008, 11:31 PM

back in the 80's I got a packet of info from an obscure group,

and in that packet was info on the U.S. soviet weather wars.

it seemed possible, but I really didn't know what to think about it until recently.

apparently there is a U.N. resolution [ circa 1979 ] banning countries from doing this [ lmao ]

[ talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing ]...DUH...but of course

how else would this [ worldwide ] insanity go down, but by the left hand never knowing what the right one was doing!!!!! it all makes sense, eh?!?!?!

I also heard that in the 90's, that malaysia was having smoke problems in the city [ kuala lumpur ] due to forest fires and were going to contract russia to make it rain...I never saw a hard copy nor could I find it in the wall street journal archives online , supposedly where the story broke.

but I don't doubt it. the technology is off the charts.

I remember the tv show, mission impossible having a little round disc [ like a mini-disc disc/ also marketed as mini-cd ] that would self destruct after the message, that disc replaced the tape that self destructed.

so the info was valid at the time of M.I. production, late 60's-to early 70's, but they didn't pass it on to the public, til they milked us for all they could get on audio cassettes....lmao, what a bunch of whores....lol

and the public is damn near clueless...

05-18-2008, 09:03 AM
Hence the term "Comming in from the Cold"

05-30-2008, 01:33 PM
I told you so, I can tell you which Military Base possesses such a WEAPON, but, NAH, I don't exist remember? I would really, really, really, not consider retaliating if I were the Chinks. Go on over to What does it Mean.com to Read all about it??? Your dealing here with "other worldly" powers of darkness. NOTE: THIS 'EVENT' IS NOT CONNECTED TO CERN ACTIVITIES, NOR "HAARP" ...... also I see Hal Turner.com has some commentary on this??? pics too NOTE AGAIN: when this same "dark-force" weapon was used in the city of BAM, Iran where over 60,000 died, the Iranian economy was skyrocketing into the stratosphere, then afterward it never reached the same level, so in China, with near 80,000 dead, (granted, a country of over a billion people, mostly peasants) and a 5 trillion dollar economy, this loss equals nearly 1/5 of their economy loss. So what is the message here? well, think of this, if GOD FORBID this type of 'event' were to happen here in America, (11 to 13 trillion dollar economy) and lets say 75,000 dead in a Los Angeles quake, well, you can now see how this 'event' would DWARF the economic loss caused by 911, there would be no more economy for years, remember, the same magnitude quake in LA, would be less severe, but, with everything else going on, that would "sink the boat." these "people" have this power???


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07-29-2008, 09:46 PM

told ya so....
Epoch Times | Earthquake Destroyed China's Largest Military Armory, Says Source (http://en.epochtimes.com/news/8-7-9/73205.html)
Earthquake Destroyed China's Largest Military Armory, Says Source
By Zhang Haishan
Epoch Times Staff Jul 09, 2008

Picture showing how the mountain area in the earthquake region looks like after a big explosion. Local villagers said the explosion was so huge that the big mountain seemed to be cut in the middle. (Photo provided by mainland Chinese Internet Users)

Related Articles
- Nuclear Explosion Occurred Near Epicenter of the Sichuan Earthquake, Expert Says Tuesday, June 03, 2008
- Earthquake Parents Appeal to the Provincial Government Sunday, July 06, 2008
- Earthquake Epicenter Contained Again to Prevent Plague from Spreading Wednesday, July 02, 2008
- China Still Faces Flooding Risk From 'Quake Lakes' Wednesday, July 02, 2008
- Chinese Falun Gong Practitioners Donated Money for Earthquake Relief Monday, June 23, 2008
- The Grief of Earthquake Parents in China Remains Unanswered Saturday, June 21, 2008

A high-level Chinese military source secretly disclosed last week that the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province caused a chain-reaction of explosions in the Sichuan mountain areas. The explosions destroyed Chinese army's largest armory, new weapon test bases and part of nuclear facilities including several nuclear warheads. This information is considered China's top military secret.

After the earthquake, Chinese authorities had ignored the disaster victim's initial calls for help. Only after the first critical 72 hours had passed did the authorities allow international aid to be delivered to the disaster region. Military analysts believe that this delay occurred because Mianyang City of Sichuan Province is one of important areas for the Chinese military nuclear industries and also its largest armory. The Chinese regime did not want potential spies from the outside world in this very sensitive military area during a time when there may have been a nuclear accident.

"I went to see the site of the explosion again. Villagers on the road told me, 'These concrete blocks and soil were from the explosion,'" said a medical team member. (Photo provided by mainland Chinese Internet Users) According to sources, a nuclear accident did happen. On June 27, the Chinese military disclosed that 2,700 chemical cleanup workers had been sent to earthquake disaster areas for nuclear chemical emergency rescue.

A villager said, "At that time, I heard a huge explosion and saw red substances tens of meters high rising off the mountain. This scared me to death." (Picture provided by mainland Chinese Internet Users)After carefully analyzing seismic data, military experts in southeast Asia confirmed a non-geological shock had occurred at the earthquake epicenter. The energy released was equivalent to that of an underground nuclear explosion.

China News Service (CNS) reported earlier that some Chinese experts had made a seismic analysis and suggested that a nuclear explosion might have occurred at the epicenter. At that time, it was said by official military sources that the readings were due to a huge explosion of a large-scale military armory in Sichuan.

On May 23, 2008, a chemical defense troop of the Chinese army was deployed to Chenjiaba Township, Beichuan County. (The Epoch Times)According to a CNS report on May 31, titled "Suspicious Epicenter of the Epicenter Was Found," on May 23, a medical team, consisting of paramedics from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) hospitals and psychologists from Beijing, found onsite a one- kilometer (0.62 mile) wide and two kilometers (1.24 mile) long valley on a hill close to the epicenter. The long ravine was found to have been covered with concrete debris 10-20 inches thick at its bottom as if large cement blocks were tossed about randomly surrounding the immediate area.

A team member said, "Where did those concrete blocks come from?" Since there were no large buildings nearby, everybody was curiously talking about it but could not find an answer. A local resident surnamed He talked about what had happened.

He said many villagers were working in their fields at the time of the earthquake on May 12. The earth suddenly shook and shortly afterwards, a thunderous sound came out of the mountain. Immediately after the explosion, they then saw a huge hole form at the top of the mountain. Many things were pushed out of this hole like toothpaste being squeezed out. "Was it magma?" somebody asked. "No, those were concrete blocks," said He. "The eruption lasted about three minutes," he added.

Earthquakes may sometimes result in a volcanic eruption, but no concrete eruption has ever been recorded, said an expert. Based on the CNS report, several experts have suggested the eruption could have been caused by a huge explosion beneath the mountain, which shattered the concrete cover of the underground facilities and pushed them to the surface. The thickness of the concrete blocks pushed to the surface seemed to match the cover layer used in China's underground military bases.

The safety of nuclear facilities located near the earthquake epicenter was bound to attract international attention. Many countries are monitoring the area closely for radioactive fall-out. In a recent press conference, Air Force Major General Ma Jian, a military spokesperson said, "The nuclear facilities are safe."

lost in space
07-30-2008, 11:02 PM
nice pic!