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01-24-2007, 11:34 AM
Israel faces nuclear Holocaust warns Gingrich

The Israeli people are facing the threat of a nuclear Holocaust, former US Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich warned the Herzliya Conference held by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, he said, the United States could lose a few million people or a number of cities to a terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction.

Gingrich, who addressed the conference via satellite from the United States, said he thought Israel's existence was under threat again for the first time in 40 years.

"Israel is in the greatest danger it has been in since 1967. Prior to '67, many wondered if Israel would survive. After '67, Israel seemed military dominant, despite the '73 war. I would say we are (now) back to question of survival," Gingrich said.

He added that the United States could "lose two or three cities to nuclear weapons, or more than a million to biological weapons."

Gingrich added that in such a scenario, "freedom as we know it will disappear, and we will become a much grimmer, much more militarized, dictatorial society."

"Three nuclear weapons are a second Holocaust," Gingrich declared, adding: "People are greatly underestimating how dangerous the world is becoming. I'll repeat it, three nuclear weapons are a second Holocaust. Our enemies are quite explicit in their desire to destroy us. They say it publicly? We are sleepwalking through this process as though it's only a problem of communication," Gingrich said.

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Newt really seems to be in the loop. I advise him to pass this information along to the military industrial complex and the "powers that be" so they can stop this before they ALLOW it to happen.

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israel rules the world...

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Pretty good movie about the Japanese/American war from the Japanese point of view.
Letters from Iwo Jima

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There might be a nuclear war. I believe that the Illuminanti are creating tensions between China, Russia, and the US, so that WW3 will begin. In this war nukes will be used, thereby destroying the three most powerful nations on the earth right now. Then it would be easier for the NWO to take over w/ what would be the most resistant people to the NWO on the planet, out of the picture.:cool: