View Full Version : Footage Of Ground Penetrating Radar. Crisp, Clear Image Through Motor Vehicle Trunk

04-01-2005, 10:40 PM
Taken from Alex Jones's "Police State 3".

These are mounted on Police choppers in the U.S and can see through 4ft of concrete.

A friend was telling me they have a version mounted on 50cal rifles that see's through walls.

Oh is'nt Big Brother SO CLEVER!


04-02-2005, 12:25 AM
Don't mean to burst your bubble, but as a 3D artist, I can tell you that the footage of that is a fabrication. based on the density of the human body, and the fact that the heels of shoes appear as they do . . . and the fact that the frame for that car type is WAY off . . . that its not real. I'm investigating the other stuff on that page . . . maybe we have some truth elsewhere.

04-02-2005, 12:37 AM
I dont mean to burst your's DC but have you ever seen footage from ground penetrating radar?


I have. It's authentic.

This is a pic produced by millimeter wavelength radar waves. NOT LIGHT WAVES...you should know the difference. The distortions are simply due to the fact that you are peircing, and then recieving back through a solid material what amounts to a radio wave. Densities are purely to do with how the software interprets the data.

Hope that did'nt hurt.

As for 'investigating' the other stuff on that page...it's mine, what do you want to know?

04-02-2005, 04:41 AM
I know . . . and the radar waves would bounce off of the metal . . . and those waves that penetrated the metal would be tossed aroun the trunk . . . and the body would not be shown as being more dense than the metal. It would show depth . . . but It would not show things the way it does . . .

As for the other materials . . . I thought you had more on that radar.

04-02-2005, 04:42 AM
are you sure its not an infrared device?

04-02-2005, 05:39 AM
Sorry for my aggro...seriously, MSG!!!!!

I had 4 instant soups in a row. I was absoloutly ROPEABLE that you'd questioned me!

No joke..MSG is death!...anyway.

I got to speak at length with a woman operating one at an old graveyard we were restoring.

She was using it to measure how many bodies were buried there.

The 'look' of the image is totally dependant on the software interpretation.

It can be be customised to show up different densities in any way you want.

Much like the different black or white contrast that can be used on infrared.

The images are really crisp even when buried underground though distorted.

I'm sure it's authentic...i mentioned this image to her and she showed me images of crispy clear wiring in a wall she had been marking.

I've no doubt they're authentic.

Best to you DC.

P.S I'm not joking about MSG...absoloutly messes me up.