View Full Version : 9 Australians Dead. Bringing Indonesia & Oz Closer Together - Eh?

04-04-2005, 11:33 PM
What the fuck is going on with this terrible NWO script?

Whenever a theme appears there's something up.

9 dead Australians in Indonesian aid "Sea King" crash.

Just some quick observations for those interested...

When after the initial report, immediately, ALL media are reporting that the 'tragedy' will bring Oz and Indonesia "closer" together.

The President of Indonesia is in Oz. First time in 40 odd years.

Media are glowing about him.

Strange crash. Helicopter is old but Oz military are renowned for impeccable standards.

Helicopter went into hover, lost engine power and then nose dived into ground bursting into flames.

2 survivors were pulled from back of chopper.

Perhaps it was, what it was, an unfortunate crash.

My antenna are buzzing.