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03-19-2007, 05:35 PM
Mexican Gangs Take Over
L.A. As Cops Back Down
From Don Stacey

On National Public Radio last month (February)....a spokesman for the Los Angeles PD, stated that the 90,000 cops of the LAPD have been "overwhelmed" by street gangs in the area now numbering somewhere between 150,000 to 200,000 in strength. And these gangs, ages 10 to 40, are armed...some with automatic weapons. The Negro gangs (BLOODS, CRIPS, etc.) have been replaced by the Mexican mestizo outfits like M-13.

In Long Beach, near the Los Angeles harbor, there is a struggle going on between the newly emerging Asian gangs and the mestizo's for control of the area. Thomas Chittum predicts that this street gang war is the beginning of what he calls "civil war 2" and the total disintegration of the USA.

California is similar to Iraq......just waiting to rumble, as the population increases by leaps and bounds. CALIFORNIA population is presently about 40 million which will double in less than 20 years...

LAPD cops are quitting or retiring and moving to Idaho rather than stay in LA under these mad conditions. Sidewalks in some parts of downtown LA are filthy with human waste. Cops going there sometimes put on rubber overshoes or plastic bags to keep the crap off their shoes. Mostly, they just try to stay out of those areas. So, the gangs have the streets to themselves.

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Would you care to share with us the source of your "article"

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Here is an interesting article regarding gangs operating in the cities.


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