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"The Pentagons New Map" - YouTube Video - Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6okH9nxIyNM)

Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOzLo8X6HSk)

Thomas Barnett DETAILS the role of the U.S military in ENFORCING the new RULE SETS that will define the final stage of "Globalization" or the "New World Order".

More often than not you will find the Global Elite will quite happily tell you EXACTLY what they are going to do because as a matter of fact they have to speak to each other.

Here, Barnett is OVERT, in telling you what this war in the M.E is all about and it is NOT oil. It is about taking out opponents of "Globalization" (Islam) and making the M.E safe for Israel.

Barnett explains in this 2 part extract how Globalization has progressed in 2 previous stages. He explains how 2 world wars produced new "RULE SETS" that paved the way for the next movement into the next "phase" of the operation to bring on One World Government.

We see here Barnett explaining PERFECTLY the concept of PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLOUTION.

Barnett explains that we are in the final phase of the new RULE SETS program that will usher in the new economic order and along with it the political and intellectual order with it.

I would like to thank Thomas Barnett from the bottom of my heart for explaining in detail what we are to expect.

The next time someone laughs at you talking about the "New World Order"...simply point out Thomas Barnett and his lecture and book "The Pentagons New Map".

Download in it's entirety at Google Video.

A MUST watch. In fact watch it over and over until you can quote it verbatim.

I will post more extracts later as time allows.

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The U.S. is in Iraq in order to fulfill the Masonic/Zionist/Satanic end times prophecy of World Government, the only problem is Homosexualizing and Bastardizing the arabs into "western style democracy" has proved to be dificult because strict conservative sharia law of the Koran has tens of millions of adherents to that belief system against the NWO. Most of the "radical islamist" know that there is a VAST CONSPIRACY being perpetrated on them by the Khazaric Jews of the world, they've known this for thousands of years. Many historical documents from over hundreds, (perhaps thousands) of years prove this. You can continue to beleive some "Illuminatti Rubbish" but the facts say Khazaric and elements of Sephardic JEWS have been the "unseen hand" manipulating governments for millennia in order to make Jerusalem the world capital with the AntiChrist reigning supreme.

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Total world-wide control and oh of course money - money - money and oil. The Goverment {Bush etc. } are really hand-holding friends. Maybe to also decrease world population. The more young inoccent soliders die and the more long term older soilders men and women die,not to mention inoccent men women and children of iraq die down plummets the population. There are many reason and its not for our safety against some make-believe terrorists. Even though there are people of other countries who do not like us I do not believe they have it in for us. The Goverment just wants us to live in fear.