View Full Version : "Suicide" Of Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations

04-10-2005, 06:26 AM
Does anyone know anything more about this?

From <a href="http://www.alamo-girl.com/0361.htm">DOWNSIDE LEGACY AT TWO DEGREES OF PRESIDENT CLINTON
Revised 1/8/01</a>

"Another rumor floating around was that Boorda, and others, intended on arresting Clinton for treason, then they in turn would be arrested and placed on trial, and as a consequence Clinton's treason would be exposed at their trial. ... Some of those rumored to have been involved with Boorda were Retired Admiral Engen [died in a "lite"/sailplane crash] and William Colby {the supposed canoeing accident}. ……Others supposedly connected to Boorda and Colby were military honchos who went down in a crash near Alexander City, Alabama the day before the OKC bombing, and still others went down in a plane crash near Huntsville, AL; I do not have the cause of death of supposedly yet another--methinks I'm recollecting correctly in stating the name "McCloud," the commander of the military district of Alaska. 6/20/00 Freeper metalbird1"

04-10-2005, 12:41 PM
Well, from the info you provided, it doesn't sound like a suicide does it? I smell the dark hand of government in this yet again. If you read the propagandamatrix article, "OKC a Decade Later", theres more related info in their. I think. :-P