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06-19-2007, 03:58 PM
FED looses control on US interest rates and crisis reaches China and EU

GEAB N16 is available! Global systemic crisis / Summer 2007 : Fed looses control on US interest rates and crisis reaches China and EU
Public announcement GEAB N16 (Special Summer 2007 issue - 23 pages!)

This second quarter's fundamental event about to shove most players' anticipations over the coming months, is certainly the final and simultaneous failure of the two key-strategies defined by US leaders, i.e.:

. in the economic, financial and monetary fields, the Fed' policy initiated a year ago when M3 publishing was abandoned and aimed at substituting a financial and stock bubble to the bursting housing bubble in order to maintain US growth (and capital attractiveness) has now patently failed, thus entailing a historical loss of the Fed's control on US interest rates (for the first time since 1918, except in times of war or social/economic depression)

. in the military, strategic and diplomatic fields, the stability plan for Iraq is a complete failure taking place in the framework of Washington's growing political paralysis (which LEAP/E2020 plans to describe in GEAB N17 - on subscription).

Spring 2007 indeed appears as the tipping point of the global systemic crisis: the US economy went into recession, US interest rates were restored, the bond market is in crisis, the subprime crisis begins to hit large US financial institutions such as Bear Stearns (1), Goldman Sachs (2) and Freddie Mac (3), the US housing crisis is speeding up (4), the paralysis of Washington's political power grows (5), the isolation of the US on the international arena increases, the security plan for Iraq proves to be a complete failure, the US is powerless against Iran, the relaunch of the Israelo-Arab peace process aborts, trade tensions between China and the US rise, a growing number of countries (Kuwait, Syria,) flee from the US dollar, etc

However, according to LEAP/E2020 researchers, it is undeniably this Fed's and White House's (Pentagon's) double simultaneous failure which affects most the unfolding of the global systemic crisis for the months to come, as it precipitates China and the EU into the vacuum thus created and thrusts the US into recessflation .

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