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04-11-2005, 08:51 AM
This is a 12 meg WMV file detailing the assassination of Diana and Co.

If you still beleive they died in an accident after this then i guess there's no convincing you. Or maybe you just could'nt care less about a couple of Elite layabouts.

It seems the driver had strong MI6 and Mossad connections and was asked to drive specifically down this route where he was 'flashed' with a high powered strobe.

Russian hit men like this method.

Not that it was a Russian job...probably subcontracted out by MI6...you probably know more than me...I personally could'nt care less...but then I hate royalty...


I sent this to Paul Watson (Propaganda Matrix) some time ago. You still cant download it from his site so here it is.

P.S...just watched a bit again...man, how do they get away with it?

It took the ambulance 1.5 hours!!!! To drive 3 miles with her in it.

They say they were trying to stabilise her? Excuse me? I used to work in Emergency Departments and know paramedics/ambo's...this is UTTER TWADDLE!

Stabilise means wack a I.V line in, heart monitor, stem bleeding, maintain airway and go like the clackers to the nearest Emergency room...apparently they do it differently in Paris?

Her official cause of death was internal bleeding from a torn pulmonary vein...in which case my above scenario is standard.

The bigger the lie...the more people will beleive it.

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