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07-12-2007, 08:50 AM
The Yes Men!!! Amazing funny warriors of Truth

The story follows Andy and Mike from their beginnings with GWBush.com (read the whole story of GWBush.com here http://www.rtmark.com/bush.html ), and on to their tasteless parody of the WTO's website http://www.gatt.org ). Some visitors donít notice the site is a fake, and send speaking invitations meant for the real WTO. Mike and Andy play along with the ruse and soon find themselves attending important functions as WTO representatives.

Delighted to speak for the organization they oppose, Andy and Mike don thrift-store suits and set out to shock their unwitting audiences with darkly comic satires on global free trade. Weirdly, the experts donít notice the joke and seem to agree with every terrible idea the two can come up with.

Exhausted by their failed attempts to shock, Mike and Andy take a whole new approach for one final lecture.

The Yes Men is directed by Dan Olman, Sarah Price, and Chris Smith, whose previous credits include the 1999 Sundance Winner ďAmerican Movie.Ē It is being released by United Artists on September 24.


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