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07-18-2007, 05:27 PM

08-06-2007, 12:06 PM
I fully support my military seeing as i have friends in the armed forces.

08-06-2007, 11:51 PM
BAGHDAD -- "Six days ago, I was in an armed convoy driving through the McCain-safe streets of Baghdad when a non-existent rocket, made right here and not in Tehran, blasted into a truck carrying fifteen GIs. We had to stop, could not turn around because there were vehicles behind us, frantically trying to flee in all directions, and so I saw what were the shredded remains of all fifteen soldiers littering the street and smoldering. Not the sort of thing to look at, or smell, after breakfast or before lunch. There was not a word of this in our media at home and the official casualty lists, posted on the net didn't mention any of them. There are fifteen that never got reported. Fellow in the next building from me does the casualty reports for transmitting back to the States and he says they publish the names of one in ten. This has been a very bad month with over 300 known dead! That doesn't cover those with faces missing or legs up on a local roof, feeding the birds. This place has become a living hell, what with occasional snipers shooting our men inside the "really safe" Green Zone, setting off bombs in the "heavily guarded" Iraqi government compound and blowing up the hand puppet legislators at lunch, mortar rounds from the "defeated insurgents'" slamming down at all times of the day and night, and so on.

This crazy Bush 'surge 'is not working because we have had to withdraw all our troops from outlying provinces and they have been replaced with local religious crazies who shoot anything that moves. The insurgents have virtually destroyed the power grids so Baghdad gets electric power a few hours a day (at the very best); the water supply has been "interfered with" so the locals get shit-infested water from the river but we, who are Bringing Bush Democracy to the benighted heathens have our own generators and our own water, carefully filtered of shit and body parts, so we can cheerfully, and proudly, show the world how better the locals are off with our brand of vicious tyranny as opposed to Saddam's. They ought to bring Bush and Cheney over here, strip them buck naked and use them as decoys and then we'd see a rapid withdrawal for certain! And hear loud cheers as the GIs would be struggling with the locals to pick up presidential and vice presidential body parts as souvenirs."


Don't you just know that all the dead soldiers died smiling, knowing that so many people back homr "support the troops" from their air conditioned homes, apartments and SUVs.

Operating with 3 layers of clothing including body armor, a 40-60 pound backpack and a rifle in 130 degree heat is a lead pipe cinch, just knowing that the folks back home "support the troops."

None of the War Party gives a damn, Bush, Cheney, Guliani, Romney, Clinton, Obama, that the troops are dropping like flies from the heat as well as snipers, car bombs and road-side bombs. Their big campaign contributors in the military industrial complex are getting filthy rich while the troops' families have to go on welfare.

Go ahead, do the "feel good" thing, slap an "I Support the Troops" sticker on your vehicle, you self-deluding, chicken shit s.o.b.s.

REALLY support the troops, BRING THEM HOME NOW!

08-07-2007, 01:39 PM
As with 99% of my posts, they are there to be read by those who visit forums to see what is being posted. I am well aware that you have a son who is a marine in Iraq, therefore my comments were not for you. I'm assuming you KNOW what those men and women who represent the "boots on the ground" are going through, but how many others in our society of warmongers do???

The whole idea of "supporting the troops" is a psyops for "sit down and shut up about the war or you are unpatriotic and hate America's soldiers." Tell me you didn't already know that, you of all people?

I make no apologies for my post, it was meant to slap silly (figuratively) those who blithely go about their lives with no thought or understanding of what is going on with their fellow human beings half a world away and buy, out of hand, the bullshit about "staying the course" so that Iraqis can enjoy the blessing of glorious democracy, which they neither want nor asked for and is a LIE of the greatest magnitude.

Fine, well and good, follow the link and send Care packages and write letters, but do it on the way to your Senator's or Congressman's office to DEMAND that they get off their bought-and-sold-out asses and bring the troops home NOW.

Surely you will agree, it is virtually impossible to open a package or read a letter if the lid has just been sealed and a flag draped over your very own aluminum shipping container for the trip home.

If you cannot appreciate that my post is in total support of the troops in a more comprehensive way without contradicting your humanitarian position, well, that will just have to be your problem, but ask yourself this - how many people, both Americans and Iraqis (men, women and children) have died in the time it has taken us to make these posts?

I, for one, have a real problem with that so I chose a heading under which to post that might be seen by those passing through, looking to feel good about their little yellow bumper stickers and who consider THAT doing their part to "support the troops." Take it for what it's worth or leave it alone.

10-15-2007, 12:43 AM
We should support our troops in the sense that we wish them to be safe and hopefully back home with their families soon.

The real sad thing about the troops, is many, not all, but many joined for one reason....to get their college education paid for.

And this fact can be seen all over the place, from the ads on tv, to the places where recuitment officers go to recuit...ever notice that they seem to go to the poorer area of cities to do their recruiting? Never see them in the rich neighbourhoods.


Volumnius Flush
12-21-2008, 10:16 PM
I am sorry but some of the biggest assholes I ever met were military. I can't support them. They are rude.

I had this one military guy I was talking to, I asked him for some change for some cigarettes and he told me no. Anyway I walked off to go get some more money, and then I got bored so I walked back to talk to the guy, and the second he saw me walking his direction he got up and took off running the other way!