View Full Version : Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise teaches how to comunicate with Angels

07-26-2007, 06:53 AM
Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise teaches how to comunicate with Angels

Wow! Kings and Queens officially confirming the realm of angels...

Norway princess 'talks to angels'

The princess describes angels as a resource in people's lives
Norway's Princess Martha Louise says she has psychic powers and can teach people to communicate with angels.

The 35-year-old daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja made the announcement on a website promoting her plans for a new alternative therapy centre.

She says she realised as a child that she could read people's inner feelings, while her experiences with horses had helped her make contact with angels.

Princess Martha Louise is fourth in line to the Norwegian throne.

The royal palace says it has no official link to the princess' planned alternative therapy centre, the AFP news agency reports.

The princess, who trained as a physical therapist, says on the website for her Astarte Education centre that she has "always been interested in alternative forms of treatment".

Students at her centre, she says, will learn how to "create miracles" in their lives and harness the powers of their angels, which she describes as "forces that surround us and who are a resource and help in all aspects of our lives".

"It was while I was taking care of the horses that I got in contact with the angels," she says.

"I have lately understood the value of this important gift and I wish to share it with other people, maybe with you."

A three-year programme at her centre costs 24,000 Norwegian crowns ($4,150; 3,000 euros; £2,000) per year.



07-29-2007, 09:11 AM

sorry, but my gut reaction is. it is b.s.

kinda like tears from the statues of the virgin mary

satan and the fallen angels can appear as beings of light and take many forms, how will people know the difference?

I'd stay away from that nonsense, it sounds like a setup.