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07-26-2007, 08:15 AM

Channeled by Michele Mayama on July 14, 2007

Transcription and Structural Editing by Chris LaFontaine:
{participant responses} [editor’s comments]

I bring you blessings of Light from Source, blessings of
Love from myself, and blessings of Grace from all assembled. Hello. {hello}
It is my great joy and pleasure to be able to be with you in a way that you
can understand me, using the voice of this one who has graciously allowed
those of us requesting an audience with you to do so. We are grateful for

I would like to speak tonight about a larger picture than
others have spoken of [in this series of channelings] because that is my
role in the whole story. There are those who have come, you have listened to
their stories, and perhaps you have been aware of their stories as they have
woven into the history of humanity. Their gifts have been brought into
awareness and consciousness, and each of you carries a kind of relevance and relationship with them. [reference to previous channeled visitors we are
familiar with:

Mary Magdalene, Da Vinci, Buddha, Thomas Jefferson, Jesus,

I, and others like myself are less relational, and yet our part is also woven intimately into your experience.

I'm one of the archangels. You have already heard from Michael, and perhaps in due time others will show up. Each of us has a different focus, and the way we participate is unique. Yet, each of us has a larger perspective or focus within the waves of creation. My particular focus has been waves of light that are part of what emanate from Source to unfold the wisdom, the light, the plan, the intention within creation.

Waves of light do not just interpenetrate earth, but they
interpenetrate the entire universe. However, waves of light as they
penetrate earth carry with them soul light. Over the great story of earth
there have been incarnating waves of light, and you are among them.
Therefore, you might say that I am in charge of that which populates the
earth in various ages, the sense of what comes in to be created. If you look
back into your story as humanity, there are waves of light. You can trace
them, for usually they are marked by a creative spark or a revolution. It's
either create, or destroy what is in the way of the next wave.

If you look back, depending on the different places in the
earth, different waves with different codes and different information of
souls came into this great planetary earth mother, Gaia Terra. We respect
her greatly. We work with her. I work specifically with her, because each of
your souls that come into this planetary body needs enough preparation to
descend into matter and then incarnate your great spirit, or your light. I
would be the overseer of preparation for your experience here.

Most of you in this space [speaking to those in the room]
came during a time when it was the advancing of the next wave of light. Many
of you perhaps felt that you were born into families that did not understand
you, who could not see you, hear you or support you. You were the wave of
light that entered to bring about the great transforming of consciousness,
somewhat like a revolution within consciousness but without a war. Still, it
was no less a shift. You were prepared before you came, each of you. Some of
you spent a long time in the other dimensions with those guides, teachers,
and masters who chose to assist you before you entered.

You each specifically chose patterns of consciousness
within the old structures of duality to bring with you from past lives…that
you had also created…in order to bring forward what you would transform. You
cannot be a victim of your own creation. We have stood with you and assisted
you to draw the consciousness out of your stories. None of you came without
preparation. You may have come with a little bit of hesitation, perhaps even
a little wonderment about how it would go, but none of you were unprepared.
I am very thorough in that matter.

Some of you began preparing for this lifetime 5, 6, 10, 12
lifetimes ago. Some of you chose to get on board for the last one, or the
one before, it doesn't matter. The wave of light that you are now has been
informed and is informing this time as the revolution and transformation of
consciousness through you.

You came to bring in the wave or current of duality,
density, or pain you might call it. You were born into a family that carried
that pattern, and that is why you were born into those families. Perhaps you
had some karmic stories that gave you a little bit of a head start, but you
chose these experiences. These experiences informed you in an early time in
your life, so they imprinted. And you brought them into your adult life,
where your consciousness continued to open to more awareness.

You are the seekers of your age. You have read volumes.
You have sought through teachers or guides those things that you already
have a sense of, and need to have language or articulation and consciousness
for. You are putting it together. Then, you turned around with love and
embraced your own pain. This capacity to love was also a part of your
preparation and your choice. You embraced your own woundedness, and you
embraced your familial and ancestral patterns. You embraced what other
generations before you could only experience and solidify.

Your embrace began to unravel, dissolve, and set free
pathways within the fullness of your collective consciousness. It is
continuing. Yes, there is more to do, but every single pathway that has been
touched by love and awareness, by prepared souls of this current wave that
you represent, every single pathway is in the process of dissolving. Whether
it is victimization, whether it is a sense of inferiority or superiority,
whether it is a kind of lack or greed, or whatever, it does not matter. You
have embraced them all. Not just you sitting here, but the whole of you.

That unraveling has been productive in the sense that the
next wave of light is now beginning to inform the collective story. This
next wave has been coming in for the last several years or more. They are
teenagers, young ones, some who were the more advanced guard of that wave,
and some yet to come.

This group is growing rapidly, and they are bringing in
awareness of those capacities of what will bring your bodies into a
vibrational harmony within the new template for Light and Creation. Their
bodies vibrate differently than your bodies. Their consciousness has more
specific pathways already set up to bring through what is necessary in the
next time: information, ideas, inspiration, and inventions. They are very
intelligent, very precise, and they have little patience with the old

Your job was to be the revolution that preceded the
creators that are now embodying. Perhaps they are your grandchildren or
children. Some of them you know, and some of them you will come to know. The
majority of them are too young to vote, yet. This next election will perhaps
be yours to deal with, you who are the transformers. However, by 2012, there
will be a significant number of these ones of voting age in the United
States and around the world. Because of their impatience with the old
structures, they will begin to set forth their own candidates and their own
platforms for creation. It will be up to those of you who are here with them
to recognize what you made room for, what you fought for, what you worked
hard for, and to give them your support and to join them in the creation
that they perhaps will inspire.

Many of you are still very excited about healing,
transforming, and assisting others to do so. That is your part. There is
much yet to transform, as you know. Within each individual, those pathways
are clarifying, dissolving, and now opening so that each of you can
incarnate and bring forward into your own life more of your own great
spirit, and some of your creator spirit. You become conscious creators.
Perhaps some of you will find that you just get started at the end of this
life, and you have a kind of excitement for what you could create. You will
bring it forward into another experience in the next wave of light, joining
the creators.

Some of you will find that your job, particularly over the
past 5,000 years or so, has wearied you. You may decide to wait, or perhaps
to join a different dimension of light for your experience of creation. And
some of you will yet live a long time and will see the wonders of the next
age begin to come into form, and that will give you great joy.

If you look back, you will see that there were waves of
informing souls. Some of them brought in awareness, and some of them
destroyed and transformed. As you sit now, you can observe those waves of
energy, light, and consciousness that crystallized. They, and those that
represent them are also in a process of transformation, whether it be in
churches, governments, systems, or cultures. This transformation is
happening wherever waves of informing light descended into matter and
forgot, after a period of time, how to evolve and how to continue, thereby
requiring another wave of light to come in and disrupt them. That density
within matter was so seductive within consciousness and so crystallizing,
and is now shifting.

This New Field that has been referred to over and over is
a new template, a matrix or pattern for creation.

It vibrates differently, and it is impossible to
crystallize it. It cannot crystallize. It is an evolving, organic, fluid
Living Light. As the waves of light incarnate, beginning with this new
generation, they will not stop their evolution of awareness. They will not
crystallize around beliefs, systems, or a way to be, a way to do it. You
will understand them, for you have dissolved, and are continuing to do so,
the crystallized consciousness, beliefs and structures you took on as your
part. Your physical bodies, however, have some of both. Some of you continue
to heal, to shift, to dissolve those structure within your DNA, within your
physical bodies, that still carry a kind of memory of crystallized
consciousness. Continue to find those ways that support you. And some of you
will grow weary of that particular experience, and you will take with you
your bodies into the next experience and evolve a fluid form to play in and
create through.

The current generation, some of you call them Indigos,
some of you call them the new children…it does not matter; they don't care.
They, too, have been prepared. They, too, have had adequate or more than
adequate preparation before incarnating. Most of them decided not to lose
consciousness, to not move into the density but to move into the fluidity of
the new matrix. Some of them were born earlier before the fullness of this
template was in place. They tuned to the new matrix before it was fully
married within the matter, and they, too, are now moving deeper into their
own bodies. They may be in their 20's or their teens. It may be you.

These ones operate differently. They do not have a
crystallized matrix within their nature. They do not desire to hold anything
as truth, as if it is the one and only. When they speak, they speak in ways
that open. They open the doors, they open your consciousness, and they ask
questions. They also can point out those places that are not fluid. They
point them out as children, therefore sometimes they are not considered
polite. Polite is an old story to them. Some of them are very direct, some
of them are very impatient, and some of them don't speak the language of the
old story, at all. Some of them have a language that is so unique that it
takes a listening presence to understand them. And when you understand them,
then you realize the great gift that they are and you become a support for

Each of you here is moving out of the old story, your
personal story you took on on behalf of consciousness. As you do so you
align with a current within the creation that is coming. Each of you is
specific in terms of how you line up, what gets you excited, what you say
'yes' to. You also line up with a group of the young ones that have come in.
Over the next two to four years, or perhaps up to 2012, you will find
yourselves aligning more and more with those that are young. They will come
to you, or you will find them, and you will begin to sense those that need
the support that you can provide because of your way of vibrating with them
in their current of creation and the one that is opening within you.

Your allies will not be the generation above you. Your
allies will be the generations that are coming. And you will be their
allies, perhaps even more than you know. You have opened the portals and
opened the way for them to come. They are the creators. They carry the new
template, the new program, the new inventions for life to come into a new
experience where the way to be together is transformed from within and then
into a world-wide experience.

Your leaders within the next to 10-20 years will be
younger than you. Your leaders will be young, clear, and fluid. And they
will be inspired and inspiring. They will not want fame and fortune,
although they will create whatever they need in order to fully create their
experience. Master creators, they are. They will teach you some of what they
have brought in, and you too will find yourselves mastering and creating
more than you have during the entire spectrum of the old story of earth,
particularly the last 5,000 to 10,000 years.

So, my part has been to lay out a larger story, to place
you in it, and to begin to see how in these next years there is a great
unfolding awaiting. The revolution, the shift of the old has not yet
completed. You see the crystallization of the old matrix everywhere around
you, and many fighting to hold on to those structures as if that is what is
real and is what gives them life. How it unfolds is for you to experience.
And yet, the more you align with what is coming, and the creators within
your midst, you will sail through the next years as if you are untouchable
by those structures that are decaying and self-destructing.

Each of you is now practicing, referencing, from out of
that old story that you were born into, took on and were prepared to
transform and change from within, not with weaponry but with love. You are
the great lovers, by the way. It took a tremendous amount of love to take on
this part and this wave of light. You are a great wave of love. That is your
signature, regardless of what other qualities you have brought, that is your
core. The next ones coming, they are coming to create and to express, and
they carry that quality.

Love is in their core as well, but they are 'bluer' you
would say. They have strong throat chakras and incredibly clear translators
all hooked up to come into form. That is their gift, just as yours is love.

The generation incarnating at this time is a very large
wave, necessary because they have a very large job ahead of them. Those who are yet to come in the latter part of the century will bring in the next
wave of light, and they are already getting prepared. Isn't it wonderful?
Isn't it wonderful to be able to see past, present, and future as if there
is no need to reference yourself as bound in any of it.

I am grateful. You have done your jobs well, and you are
continuing. I bless you, as do all those who have gathered here [in spirit]
and continue to support you. You have needed great support. You have more
guides per capita than any other generation [group laughter]. You needed
them, yes? Transforming what has been rigid, crystallized, unmovable and
painful, while embodied as conscious human beings, has been a great
undertaking and not an easy one. Many of you thought of giving up, perhaps
more than once. Yet, those who are supporting you have continued to gift
you, to support you, and to assist you. Perhaps in this moment you could
offer a little gratitude to those that have not been visible to you, but who
have stepped in over and over to support you in different settings,
situations, circumstances and emotional upset. Open your loving, beautiful
hearts and let your gratitude for that support be met and received by those
who love you dearly.

[pause for personal reflection]

The wave that you are is now moving into the New Field.
Some are sooner and some are later, but it does not matter. You are in the
motion of that at this time. The structure you used to transform the old
will gradually dissipate as you undertake an alignment with your great
spirit. Some of you will bring in your creator beings to participate for a
time in the creative wave that is now building. Some of you will decide
you've had enough and you will step into the next dimension. Perhaps from
that dimension you will witness and appreciate your own gift to the larger
process, the larger plan of Source within Life. You will each receive all
that you desire, whether you decide to do so in this life…some of that
fulfillment will come….or in the other dimension. You are learning to
receive before you leave this dimension, moving beyond the work of
transformation into the capacity to take in and then weave with. Whether it
is personal fulfillment or collective fulfillment does not matter. Whatever
your alignment is, you will feel some of that before you leave, or after in
the next dimension. That is a promise. You can relax.

So, do you understand the story I have told? [yes] You
understand your part and place within it ? [yes] I would like you now to
send out within your own heart and soul…because it is soul alignment…that which is your individual vibrations into the new creation. As transformers, you have been linked to the old. Your reference has been there, because you had to look at it over and over in order to transform it. Well, you did, and you have. Link now to the creative current within the New Field that aligns with you; your soul, your nature, your being, your way, your self, your
fulfillment. You will begin to align with others, young ones. Some of them
may be older, some in their teens, some in their young childhoods, and some
of them yet to be born. But you will start aligning now as you open to this
linkage, your creator being vibrating into this new creative wave of light
that is incarnating.

You are lucky, because most incarnational waves do not
overlap as much as this one of the transformers with the creators that are
coming in. It has been an agreement within this culmination time that two
waves were needed very close together, and somewhat overlapped, in order to
accomplish what was needed.

Therefore, you are a generation that has received a gift
that previous waves of light have not had, and which future waves may also
not have. The gift is the overlap, where you get to experience the one wave,
and while still embodied shift your awareness and frequencies to ride
another wave. Line up now, for you are being supported by the young ones who
are in the new wave. They are choosing those of you that resonate with them.
You will begin to meet them, if you have not already. You will begin to feel
as if you are drawn to work with them, to support them, to advocate for
them, to teach them, to guide them, to speak on their behalf, and to make
openings for them.

Your attention will start to draw away from the
generations previous and the crystallized consciousness in the field around
you, and you will look towards the new wave of light. And you will partner
with them, more and more. Feel how your heart, your love, your capacity for
love joins their capacity for creation. It is a good partnership. It is a
very strong partnership, and it is worthy of all that you could ever have
hoped to experience in this incarnated life. You will feel joy beyond your
capacity to yet imagine as the heart of your hearts links with the wave of
light that is bringing in the awareness for the new time.

Most of you incarnated to be witness and support, and to
ride two waves. The first one a hard one, and the second one a wave of joy.
Know that whatever are your choices and experiences, if you continue to
transform and assist others to do so you will feel great support, and the
capacity of love will continue to inform you in ways that the transformation
will be easier and easier. Those that come to you will hear you, see you,
and respond much more easily than in those early years. Those of you who are
turning the corner and want to ride the wave into creation, feel what is
your alignment, where is your joy, and watch to see who shows up to hold you
hand and to lead you, to participate and to co-create with you. And to ask
you for help.

Can you now feel within your own nature the capacity for
both love and creation? [yes] As you do so, does the wave that you are
starting to align with feel as if it is lifting the weight of the old story
from you? Yes, allow it to do so. You do not need to carry that which was
programmed into your nature for the job you undertook. That can transform.
That was your job, and it is then done, finished and no longer even needs to
be a memory.

One more thing. Those in spirit gathered with you here
tonight, the preparers you might say, continue to be a source of reference
for those who have needed one. Instead of incarnating into physical forms to
be the creators, they are stepping into the New Field of Living Light as a
wave of light or vibration that strengthens this template. The core support
for the new creation becomes so present that those young ones carrying the
blueprints for the new age vibrate light into conscious creation.

This is happening now, and over this next time. They are
coming in, now. What is happening with you, however, is that you are feeling
an intensity of vibration that is quickening those processes of deleting or
dissolving the crystallized experience within your own mental field,
emotional body, energy body, or physical body. You may be feeling as if you
are quivering or shaking a bit inside as the intensity now steps up even
further. So, care for yourselves, allow yourselves to reference the wave of
light in the New Field so it can continue to inform you and assist you to
more quickly dissolve whatever cannot resonate with this vibration that is
calling your soul into integration.

Have any of you experienced this intensity, this
vibrational pressure? [yes] I don't know how long it will take for this wave
of infusing light to finish, and I don't know how long each of you may move
through that process of shifting your own frequencies at various levels over
this next time. But, I do know that in the next couple of months you will
feel this intensity increase. Then, as you vibrate into alignment and
congruency, you will feel a greater freedom, peace, serenity, and delight,
and be even more able to incarnate your creator into this next wave.

So, ride the wave. Do whatever you need to do to support
yourselves. Do not give your energies away, particularly to those who have
not yet transformed their own awareness or consciousness, and who are
struggling to attach or stay attached to what is dying. You've already been
told this many times. Align with what has joy, open your great beautiful
loving hearts. You are the generation of love. The wave of love that has
interpenetrated consciousness and creation has come through you, the great
lovers of the universe.

Know that you can vibrate that love more clearly and
purely, and add to it those vibrations of delight, of joy, of creativity and
inspiration that belong to you. Know that.

I am very proud of you. As that one that set the course to
prepare you, as well as the ones coming in now, I am proud of you. You have
done well. Perhaps even more than we anticipated, and yet there is more to
come. It has been my great joy and pleasure to be able to be with you. I,
and those that are here with you, are now infusing the field that you are
also within, with the light that we are. Open your hearts, for that is the
easiest way for you to vibrate, to heal, to come to wholeness, and to
integrate your great spirits.

Whenever in doubt, choose love.

Blessings of light, of love, of grace, and of the new wave
of creation.