View Full Version : NOBLE RESOLVE drill in Oregon starts Aug 20th - 10kt Nuke simulation! Same on 9/11 in NY and 7/7

08-19-2007, 09:29 AM
NOBLE RESOLVE drill in Oregon starts Aug 20th - 10kt Nuke simulation! Same on 9/11 in NY and 7/7 in London


Is this live or is it Memorex?

"Drill" has equalled "real" several times now in recent past....


08-19-2007, 10:07 AM
that is incredible.

08-19-2007, 03:16 PM
10 Kilo Nuke Detonation (maersk Seacan) Washington

Is a false flag terrorist event scheduled for Aug 20-24, 2007 in either Washington DC, or Portland Oregon timed to coincide with the execution of Operation Noble Resolve 07-2?

Why is the authors of the Noble Resolve website telling the public it is only a computer simulation but it is involving Maersk Lines (A sea can container and shipping company)??

Why are they telling the public it has nothing to do with a nuclear detonation, but their own website at :
talks about a 10 kiloton nuclear detonation?

Read a Ghost Trooper members own investigation into the event at :


Why does the study of such an event as conducted by Harvard also deal with a '10 kiloton nuclear weapon' Why is there such a fixation on that size of detonation by two alternative studies see :


Why do they convienantly show a toxic cloud coming from a shipping yard in Portland in the harvard study, while at the same time that USJFCOM is detailing how they need a shipping container company (Maersk Lines) in order to conduct their exercise??

Some possible signs of a event will be :

- Unusual security around a shipping facility in the Portland AND/OR Washingon area - right up and until before the event occurs. We have to realize that whomever is going to do this is going to ensure that they always have a 'Plan B' in case one warhead does not detonate a backup 'false flag' will then be executed. Just look at the above pdf, the backup could be Washington. Possibly both are slated for detonation if the public is too out of line, and not playing along with the 'War on the Muslims'

- A Secured Container being unusually guarded and brought into (or near) the port facility before the event. We also must realize that whomever is going to attack the US is going to protect the warhead and will not allow it to simply be shipped to the US on a Chinese Carrier. As much as they want to bring about martial law they would not want their plan to backfire with someone stealing the warhead and using it against them.

- Disappearance of select and high ranking members of the government from the Portland Area / Washington Area prior to the event,

- Unusual market activity prior to the event (we are already seeing that with Cental Bank infusions into the Stock Market)

- Quiet buildup of military units throughout the US with civil containment plans (we are already seeing that read about it here :

- The shipping container will not just be placed anywhere in the two cities, it must be made to look like it was detonated from inside a shipping yard. That way the 'cover story' of it being shipped into the US on a Chinese Carrier will be palatable and absorbed by the public. Because it originated from the shipping yard 'Al-CIAda' must have shipped it to us!

- Wall to wall coverage, with total praise of troops as they begin the first 'training steps' towards martial law, with 'told you so' speeches by the neo-cons, and Bush unilaterally acting to bring in a 'plan of security for our future' and the world in silence as they proceed to eventually build a convienant case 'blaiming Iran.' Expect agent plants to give nice speeches from inside their 'wonderful treatment at the FEMA facility...'

- Controlled collapse of the stock market with a sudden 'tightening' of the credit, causing foreclosures...

- A evaporation of resistance to the war by those who still do not know that 911 was a inside job... and the calling for Nuclear Option against Iran and anyone with a turban background

- Censorship and shutdown of thousands of websites and the complete diminishment of free speech. Detainment of anyone with a contradicting view (no matter what it is or about). The complete failure of free speech ...

- Disappearance of people ensues / suspension of civil rights / right to trial / etc/

- Mass unemployment / Forced national identification / Chipping of the population

- Americans never see an ounce of true liberty again, Only those who are Pro-Control State will be allowed to wave the flag / waive their rights!

- Adoption of the Chinese communist model with a 'hard times democracy label'

Full free article : www.anomalicresearch.com

08-19-2007, 03:25 PM
That's strange, none of the other so called "conspiracy forums" have much info on this, I wonder why?

08-19-2007, 05:03 PM
"Starting tommorrow" I can't begin to tell you people what the significance of August 20 is, Masonic/NWO history is incredible to say the least, no one would believe me.

Born in Blood


09-05-2007, 10:38 PM
I am using behavior analysis in attempting to determine how someone would behave in staging a planned false flag terrorist event..?

Pretend you are going are a false flag terrorist for a minute - do you think the perpetrators would be 'sloppy' with their warhead and not secure it? Probably not would they, it would be reasonable to expect them to use some good security to ensure their evil plan is pulled off.

Don't you find it unusual that a Maersk Line Sea Can company is involved in the exercise. I do, What would a 'terrorist cell' no matter who their working for Islam or CIA use to bring a dirty nuke or device into the city.

Do note much of the posting is Questions... There not statements, and they are simply educated guesses. Googling or connecting the dots...