View Full Version : RE: National ID/Money Cards and Controlling Your Spending

04-17-2005, 12:41 PM
My neighbor and I dabble on the computer as most, and we enjoy reading blogs in regards to NWO agenda and the future in general.

Reading many of one's opinions/findings I find that many people do not realize that one of the "order"
of things will be to control your spending habits.

If you owe mortgage say, due in two weeks. You will not be able to buy that $600 sound system today, even though you have some bucks in the bank and now, deposited your paycheck to cover that purchase.
They will make sure you have enough in the bank to cover both.
Don't believe that???
They want you to prioritize!!!
All that you NEED will have to be paid up to date.
Let's face it, how many times one went and bought that outfit, vinyl floor, extra dvd's knowing full well the car payment is due in a few days.

So, just like I said in another thread, you'll find newspaper articles now announcing how we need to budget ourselves!

You will not be able to just say, "Oh well, I'll just tack on a late fee to that car payment".
If you need that car to get to work so that you can have your things, they'll make sure your payments on that car come first!