View Full Version : Top Mafia Figure, Tony Gambino, Implicates Vatican And Bush in Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder

10-05-2007, 02:39 PM
Top Mafia Figure, Tony Gambino, Implicates Vatican And Bush in Prior Knowledge And Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder


10-05-2007, 10:23 PM
Poetry: In my mind the NWO does'nt exist tonight.


Don't Forget The Works of Charles Bukowski: Read a Poem For the Hell of It!!

And in the end, be honest, have a beer on Bukowski, because who really the hell really gives a shit! I know most Americans don't!! And some say God does...good for you!!!

By Greg Szymanski
June 29, 2007

(While taking a week off and camping in the Rockies, what a crock of shit America has become. It's all fear, bullshit and a three fingered Mickey Mouse without a soul, leading the masses to hell in a Disney hand basket. But why not try and think just for the hell of it while taking a break from these NWO bastards...)

In the end, there is little left but your own thoughts whether right or wrong.

In the end, who the hell really cares or gives a shit.

In the end, peace means war and love is nothing more than a living hell after a few fleeting moments of happiness.

In the end, we laugh at how we tried to solve the world problems, knowing as our eyes close for the last time the blood is still flowing.

And with these thoughts let us wander into a world of lost poetry, a feature we are adding to the Arctic Beacon on our upcoming new poetry page, as it is better to say a few honest words then to drown in the prose of so many lying NWO bastard fools. And I am so sick of doing radio, talking to nobody, I might bark right now on the floor of the Rockies

However, today, as we plod along like the total fuck ups Americans have become, we present the lost poetry from years past of writer Charles Bukowski. It's not the same old New World Order prose bullshit, but at least it's honest and more importantly something different in these days of Vatican inspired hell.

By Charles Bukowski

from: Love is A Mad Dog From Hell
I don't know how many bottles of beer
I have consumed while waiting for things
to get better
I dont know how much wine and whisky
and beer
mostly beer
I have consumed after
splits with women-
waiting for the phone to ring
waiting for the sound of footsteps,
and the phone to ring
waiting for the sounds of footsteps,
and the phone never rings
until much later
and the footsteps never arrive
until much later
when my stomach is coming up
out of my mouth
they arrive as fresh as spring flowers:
"what the hell have you done to yourself?
it will be 3 days before you can fuck me!"

the female is durable
she lives seven and one half years longer
than the male, and she drinks very little beer
because she knows its bad for the figure.

while we are going mad
they are out
dancing and laughing
with horney cowboys.

well, there's beer
sacks and sacks of empty beer bottles
and when you pick one up
the bottle fall through the wet bottom
of the paper sack
spilling gray wet ash
and stale beer,
or the sacks fall over at 4 a.m.
in the morning
making the only sound in your life.

rivers and seas of beer
the radio singing love songs
as the phone remains silent
and the walls stand
straight up and down
and beer is all there is.

from: Love is A Dog From Hell

drunk and writing poems
at 3 a.m.

what counts now
is one more
tight pussy

before the light
tilts out

drunk and writing poems
at 3:15 a.m.

some people tell me that I'm

what am I doing alone
drunk and writing poems at
3:18 a.m.?

I'm as crazy as I ever was
they don't understand
that I haven't stopped hanging out of 4th floor
windows by my heels-
I still do
right now
sitting here

writing this down
I am hanging by my heels
floors up:
68, 72, 101,
the feeling is the
unheroic and

sitting here
drunk and writing poems
at 3:24 a.m.

from: Love is a Mad Dog from Hell

another bed
another women

more curtains
another bathroom
another kitchen

other eyes
other hair
feet and toes.

everybodys looking.
the eternal search.

you stay in bed
she gets dressed for work
and you wonder what happened
to the last one
and the one after that...
it's all so comfortable-
this love making
this sleeping together
the gentle kindness...

after she leaves you get up and use her

it's all so intimate and strange.
you go back to bed and
sleep another hour.

when you leave its with sadness
but you'll se her again
whether it works or not.
you drive down to the shore and sit
in your car. it's almost noon.

-another bed, other ears, other
ear rings, other mouths, other slippers, other

colors, doors, phone numbers.

you were once strong enough to live alone.
for a man nearing sixty you should be more

you start the car and shift,
thinking, I'll phone Jeanie when I get in,
I haven't seen her since Friday.

from: War All the Time

what are you doing with all those paper
napkins in your car?
we dont have napkins like
how come your car radio is
always turned to some
rock and roll station? do you drive around with
young thing?

dripping tangerine
juice on the floor.
whenever you go into
the kitchen
this towel gets
wet and dirty,
why is that?

when you let my
bathwater run
you never
clean the
tub first.

why don't you
put your toothbrush
in the rack?

you should always
dry your razor

I think
you hate
my cat.

Martha says
you were
sitting with her
and you
had your
pants off.

you shouldn't wear
$100 shoes in
the garden

and you don't keep
of what you
plant out there


you must always
set the cat's bowl back
the same place.

bake fish
in a frying

I never saw
harder on the
brakes of their
than you.

let's go
to a

listen what's
wrong with you?
you act

from The Last Night Of The Earth Poems

you may not believe it
but there are people
who go through life with
very little
friction of distress.
they dress well, sleep well.
they are contented with
their family
they are undisturbed
and often feel
very good.
and when they die
it is an easy death, usually in their

you may not believe
but such people do

but i am not one of
oh no, I am not one of them,
I am not even near
to being
one of
but they
are there

and I am

from: You Get So Alone At Times that It Just Makes Sense

Alabam was a sneak and a thief and he came to my
room when I was drunk and
each time I got up he would shove me back

you prick, I tole him, you know I can take you!

he just shoved me down

I finally caught him a good one, right over the
and he backed off and
it was a couple of days later
I got even: I fucked his

then I went down and knocked on his

well, Alabam, I fucked your women and now I'm going to
kick you all the way to

the poor guy started crying, he put his hands over his
face and just cried

I stood there and watched

then i left him there, i went back to
my room.

we were all alkies and none of us had jobs, all we had
was each other.

even then, my so-called women was in some bar or
somewhere, i hadn't seen her in a couple of

I had a bootle of port

i uncorked it and took it down to Alabam's

said, how about a drink,

he looked up, stood up, went for two glasses.

from: You Get So Alone At Times that It Just MAkes Sense

in junior high the two prettiest girls were
Irene and Louise,
they were sisters;
Irene was a year older, a little taller
but it was difficult to choose between
they were not only pretty but they were
astonishingly beautiful
so beautiful
that the boys stayed away from them;
they were terrified of Irene and
who weren't aloof at all;
even friendlier than most
who seemed to dress a bit
differently than the other girls;
they always wore high heels'
silk stockings,
new outfits
each day;
one afternoon
my buddy, Baldy, and i followed them
home from school;
you see, we were kind of
the bad guys on the grounds
so it was
more or less
it was soomething:
walking along ten or twelve feet behind them;
we didnt say anything
we just followed
their voultuous swaying,
the balance of the

we liked it so much that we
followed them home from school

when they'd go into their house
we'd stand outside on the sidewalk
smoking cigarettes and talking.

"someday". I told Baldy.
"they are going to invite us inside their
house and they are going to
fuck us."

"you really think so?"


50 years later
I can tell you
they never did
-never mind all the stories we
told the guys;
yes, it's a dream that
keepds you going
then and

from Dangling In the Tournefortia

in the drunk driver's class
assigned there by division 63
we are given tiny yellow pencils
to take a test
to see if we have been listening
to the instructor.
questions like: the minimum sentence for a
2nd drunk driving conviction is:
a) 48 days
b) 6 months
c) 90 days
there are 9 others questions.
after the instructor leaves the room
the students begin asking the questions:
"hey, how about question 5? that's a
tough one!"
"did he talk about that?"
"I think its 48 days."
"are you sure?"
"no, but that's what I'm putting
one women circles all 3 answers
on all questions
even though we've been told to
select only one.

on our break I go down and
drink a can of beer
outside a liquor store.
I watch a black hooker
on her evening stroll.
a car pulls up.
she walks over and they
the door opens.
she gets in and
they drive off.

back in class
the students have gotten
to know each other.
they are a not-very-interesting
bunch of drunks.
I visualize them sitting in a
and i remember why
I started drinking

the class begins again.
it is discovered that I am
the only one to have gotten
100 percent on the test.

I slouch back in my chair
with my dark shades on.
I am the class

P.S. I left my dogs to guard the motor home and I walked 5 miles to find a damn computer to write this in some lonely bar where I had to spend $10 for computer time. In my mind, the NWO doesn't exist tonight and I may just write poems for the rest of my life as I am so tired of talking to myself on the radio.