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04-17-2005, 02:39 PM
"People tell me they donít believe in conspiracy; I tell them, look- I have the minutes of the meetings! what more do you want?" Greg Palast

In 1971 Congressman John R. Rarick tried to bring to light to the House of Representatives the activities of The Bilderbergers - An elite international group compromised of high government officials, international financiers, business men and opinion makers. He was concerned with their role in the manipulation of United States policy to the detriment of the Republic. He stated that it was significant that every U.S. participant, without exception was a member of The Council of Foreign Relations.
He was concerned with the press blackout over these meetings, and he submitted a report of "the minutes" of Bilderberg meetings he had acquired by some Insiders.
In this report they state;

1- The "Internationally" minded individuals who controlled the commanding heights of the national economy and the executive branch of the government aimed at the creation of a New World Order under the guidance of American leadership and the slogans of the United Nations.

2-The attempt would be made to make the entire world safe for American investment and influence. Under this grand strategy the United States, in a sense would become the England of the nineteenth century in the twentieth century without a direct colonial system.

3- The "Internationalists" control the Executive Branch.

4- Instrumental in the development of the new American policy toward the world was the Council on Foreign Relations, which helped "educate" Presidents and businessmen into the virtues of Pax America. Coupled with the the Council on Foreign Relations was the entire umbrella of Eastern banking and financial interests which had major investments overseas and in another era had no moral qualms of building pre-World War II Germany.

5- The report illustrates the development of an organization structure which coordinates the effort of both the American and the European power elite. An interlocking system would permit the new transnational groupings to communicate in private to manipulate the formal political structures on both sides of the Atlantic.

6- All the Americans on the steering committee are members or officers of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in <a href="new%20york" onmouseover="window.status='New York'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">New York</a> City, an organization that has a more than symbiotic relation with the Rockefeller-Standard Oil Empire.

7- The Bilderberg meetings have invited many German members of banking and industrial combines that were collaborators before and during the war with the Nazis.

8- With the creation of the CIA in 1947, a significant number of OSS staff made a lateral move into CIA who then formed a core group within the CIA. Their ideology was one of corporate liberal internationalism.

9- The University as a strategic institution within American society provides both the technical manpower and the ideological justification of warfare-welfare state capitalism. Since the legal and political power of the university system clearly rests in the hands of the ruling class it follows that as an institution the university's primary function is to serve the interest of wealth and power rather than free inquiry. It is the handful of elite universities that supply the academic mercenaries.

Of course the academic mercenaries of Yale's Skull and Bones are well represented in this report; Averell Harriman (The Order 1913), Robert A. Lovett (The Order 1918), McGeorge Bundy (The Order 1940), and Henry J. Heinz II (The Order 1931) among others. The Bilderberg steering committee is an association directed at unifying the agenda, this Congressional warning was given in 1971, it was ignored it is now 2005....