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10-19-2007, 02:29 AM
The current turmoil and conflict unleashed on the planet by the United States and Britain is only the beginning of the climax of a struggle between cosmic influences of which most people are completely unaware. Today, America and Britain embody atrophied and degraded Piscean energies. The Anglo-Americans, as the standard bearers of bankrupt Western materialism, are trying to reorganise the world, imposing their imbalanced, egoistic approach to life on all societies. Yet their latest brutal and insane actions, witnessed in the tragic invasion of Iraq, are part of a frantic effort to prolong their collapsing system. Despite all their apparent power and wealth, Anglo-American universalism is in a state of rapid decline leading to death.

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10-19-2007, 11:19 AM
Excellent quote from telluride http://www.libertyforum.org

I have dabbled in astrology for most of my life - and one of the most challenging aspects is understanding the transition from Piscean to Aquarian.

Most people understand the sign Pisces to be godlike - empathetic, spiritual - and highly emotional.

That's true - but now debased as the author says.... we see a debased Piscean age as religions - competing for supremacy rather than enlightenment.

The tough part about understanding Aquarian energies is how ruthless that sign really is.... Aquarius means justice for ALL - plants, animals, air, water and man....

there is no anthropocentric outcome -- quite the opposite.

Man is the big loser when Aquarian energies adjust the environment to favor the many over the few.

We, unfortunately are the FEW.

Aquarian energies are unsympathetic - indifferent really - to the emotional needs of man.

Aquarius serves a higher master -- bringing AIRY enlightenment to the excesses of a misguided, watery, Piscean age.

WE, as a species, just won't matter in the larger scheme of things.

This is the hardest part for people to understand -- Aquarius isn't about love and peace for mankind... but love and peace for the planet -- apart from what man has wrought for every other life form because of our misguided Piscean excesses since the birth of Christ.

Very very interesting look at just what the Aquarian Age really is.

It's cold, calculating and steely in its observance of THE LAW

And that is disaster for the dominant species.