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10-20-2007, 08:19 PM

Iran has claimed that they can fire out 11,000 missiles in the first minute of a conflict as reported in CBS news...

PDf copy of the above article :

We have done an a hypothetical but plausible analysis of how the US may counter this. It is based upon anecdotal research and paints a very scary picture.

That the US may consider the usage of Nuetron Bombs in order to keep the Iranian missile crews from remaining alive long enough to fire their missile systems.

That the US is strongly suspect of testing a TLAM Block V Tomahawk Cruise missile on Baghdad in 2003 LOADED WITH A NUETRON DEVICE - which liquified 2000 Iraqis who were trying to mount a counter-strike on 3/7 Calvary back in the initial stages of the invasion.

That the US may employ super secret - Grasers or Gamma Ray Lasers, for which we have posted the patent for it as recorded in the US patent office roughly around 1990 for just such a device by LLNL (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories).

We would anticipate that George Bush will probably have to convert at least 1 or two carriers into 'Political Currency' by allowing them to be sunk in order to hopefully stay the hand of the world community allowing punitive and lethal nuclear strikes by B-2 Stealth Bombers launched from Diego Garcia Island.

This Will precipitate the release of many bio-weapons engineered by BOTH the US, China and Russia against each other, while pretending to want to employ a peaceful solution - if at all..

We would suspect Billions are going to die. George Bush can be remembered for a millenia as killing more people than Hitler...

Check out our hypothetical scenario

Naturally this post will draw its usual cluster of ill-informed debunkers. For their posts I will just pre-post a counter - ITS HYPOTHETICAL OKAY, BUT BASED ON REAL RESEARCH. Expect the usual two-headed reptillian at the controls while wearing a tin-foil hat nonsense, or the usual America doesn't even have nuclear devices or nuetron bombs (we post a picture of an actual nuetron bomb test done by the Chinese and show how its different from a standard Hydrogen bomb test.

10-20-2007, 08:34 PM
Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba,etc...


The U.S. may very well get it's tail kicked.